Sarah Shields, Co-Director
Sarah Shields is one of our non-Western historians in the History Department at UNC-CH.  She gets to teach the entire field of Islamic Civilization (from before Islam to tomorrow), and a variety of courses on the history of the Middle East.  By training she is an Ottomanist, specializing in the Arab provinces of the great empire.  Her book on Ottoman Iraq, Mosul before Iraq, will be published this year by the State University of New York Press.  Her next project moves forward in time to study the development of national identities in the interwar Middle East.

Sarah has been on the PHE Steering Committee for four years.  This year she is standing in for Lloyd Kramer, who is in Montpellier with the UNC Study Abroad Program.  Her interest in history teaching dates back to High School, where she developed her own curriculum to avoid the one the school offered.  She has served on the History Departmentís Committee on Teaching for five years, and this spring will try her hand at a graduate course helping teachers-to-be navigate new techniques and technologies.  She is a frequent public speaker on topics related to the Muslim World and the Middle East, and loves consulting with secondary school teachers and talking with secondary school classes.  You can see her website, which includes information on her courses, at the following URL:
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