What is PHE?

The Project for Historical Education is a collaboration between the UNC School of Education and History Department. A flourishing program in UNC’s History Department during the 1990s, PHE's activities ceased after 2002 due to funding problems. In the fall of 2006, the PHE was revived with the help of new financial support and a new collaborative plan that includes both the School of Education and the History Department. The PHE is now once again organizing programs for public school teachers on new approaches to historical research and pedagogy, stressing the importance of dialogue and conversation among UNC faculty, public school teachers, and future teachers. The goal is to strengthen and support historical education in North Carolina.

Our goal is to foster a high degree of interactive learning, and our seminars usually include a lecture, small-group work, and plenary discussions. We average around 40-45 participants, each of whom receives a packet of materials, including primary documents, short articles, bibliographies, and maps, that he or she may use for further study or with students in their classrooms. Participants may also obtain teacher recertification credit for each seminar they attend.

PHE has also published a book of essays on historical education in the United States, Learning History in America:  Schools, Cultures and Politics, edited by Lloyd Kramer, Donald Reid, and William L. Barney (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1994).

For more information on PHE, and other projects like it, see this article by Leon Fink in the American Historical Association's Perspectives magazine: After National Standards: What Next for History in the Schools? by Leon Fink


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