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Profile of Sport Authors

North Carolina has a large number of outstanding sport authors. By sport authors, I mean writers who have published in the field as researchers, professional publications, or for the general public. For example, Lee Pace who lives in North Carolina is a noted writer about golf in North Carolina, especially Pinehurst. Dr. Bill Mallon is an orthopedist who has written extensively on the Olympics and has published an interesting book on golf called, “The Golf Doctor.” Barry Jacobs, a resident of Hillsborough, NC and an Orange County commissioner, has written about sports, as has Dr. Dick Coop, in the School of Education at UNC-Chapel Hill. Art Chansky, with Village Sports, and Thad Mumau are two other authors who merit further exposure. William Hallberg, from East Carolina University, is a noted golf author, and Dr. Herb Appenzeller and Dr. Bill Freeman at Campbell University have published on the professional side of sports and physical activity. Jim Sumner is another fine sport historian and no sport teacher in the state should be without his book on the history of sport in North Carolina. He also loves baseball. Likewise, we are blessed with a number of outdoor writers, and we plan to pay homage to them. Strictly due to randomness, we have selected Bill Mallon to feature first.

Bill Mallon, MD

Bill Mallon is uniquely qualified to be an author in sport literature. He is an orthopedic surgeon and he played five years on the PGA tour after he finished his undergraduate studies at Duke University. He is a specialist in sports injuries and sports medicine and a prolific writer on the Olympic games. Dr. Mallon blends his love of golf with the publication of a fine book, The Golf Doctor, published in 1996. He keeps current with golf by being the author of the “Ask the Doctor” column in Golf Digest magazine. It is a close call between Bill's love of and publication in the sport of golf and the Olympics. Versatile or multi-talented are words that come to mind when reading his books. His books on the history of the Olympic games are outstanding, but the two I liked best are the Historical Dictionary of the Olympic Movement, and Quest for Gold: The Encyclopedia of American Olympians. It is great that we have a man of medicine, literature and fitness role model all combined into one person. We heartedly recommend Dr. Mallon's books to you and we applaud his contributions to sport literature in North Carolina, in the nation and indeed, on the international level. Way to go Bill!

Copies of the titles of Bill's books can be located at www.amazon.com and other online book distributors.

Note: It was my privilege to appear with Dr. Mallon on a seminar on the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, hosted by the North Carolina Museum of History and Jim Sumner, a noted North Carolina sports historian.