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North Carolina has several major sports business journals published in our state. They range from journals related to recruiting at one end to the most comprehensive sports business journal published in America, "Smith & Street's Sports Business Journal," which is published in Charlotte, NC. Likewise, there are regional business journals which have carried various feature stories related to sports business in North Carolina. The purpose of this section of the newsletter is to introduce our readers to them, critically evaluate them and promote them. For our first issue, we have chosen the journal called "The ACC Sports Journal."

The ACC Area Sports Journal

North Carolina is blessed with many unique sports publications, which fill a niche and in many cases, have become the definitive national source for sports information. This is the case with The ACC Area Sports Journal, which began as the "Poop Sheet" in 1977. It focuses on inside information about sports and recruiting at all the major Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) schools and includes information about East Carolina University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, The University of South Carolina and other schools of interest. The ACC Area Sports Journal is published in Chapel Hill with Dennis Wuycik as the publisher and David Glenn as the editor. Early editors were Art Chansky and Thad Mumau, who worked with the original "Poop Sheet." The journal publishes twenty-one issues per year, plus two major supplements, and there are twenty-four pages in each issue. The cost of the journal is $45 per year, and $80 for two years, (see subscription address below). The journal covers basketball and football primarily, and has grown to be one of, if not the leading source in the United States on recruiting in basketball and football. It is fair to say that Brick Oettinger is one of the earliest and most knowledgeable sources concerning recruits, their level of ability, and the college in which they will enroll. He has gained a national reputation for accuracy, predictability and reliable recommendations on recruits.

Not only are colleges and universities covered, but articles also focus on all summer camps and tournaments related to basketball, and the journal covers all AAU events. It accepts advertising and also features a number of writers who are on the inside with the recruiting information and knowledgeable about future recruits and their destination. However, The ACC Area Sports Journal is not the only major publication that the company produces. "The Prep Stars Recruiter's Handbook" is published four times a year and it reaches a national and indeed, an international audience. The cost of this handbook is $25, and it is a superb publication. Any coach at a major college or university who is not a subscriber to this publication has an incomplete sports library.

The company also produces a website: www.prepstars.com, which costs $39.95 per year and is updated on a daily basis (five days a week). It is this writer's belief that between the website and the handbook, along with a noted recruiting guru from Hickory who will be featured in a later newsletter, that North Carolina has become the world's number one recruiting source for information about basketball and football players.

It is a pleasure to have this sports venture and publication in North Carolina. Not only does it add to our local and state economy, it brings homage and recognition to the writers, editors and the state. They identified a need and a niche in sports publications almost twenty-five years ago and have filled these needs with high quality publications. Way to go editors, writers and readers!

The ACC Area Sports Journal
PO Box 4323
Chapel Hill, NC 27515-4323
Local: 919-967-7789
Web: www.prepstars.com

Note: These reviews compiled by Dr. Ron Hyatt. See disclaimer on front page.