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Publication Guidelines

Required Information in Admissions/Recruitment Publications
Statement on Equal Educational Opportunity
Policy on Nondiscrimination
Printing Cost Statement
Additional Requirements for the University Record
Photo and Text Review
State Depository Library System
Procedures for Title Change Notification
Pricing of Documents for Resale
Bulk Mailing for Catalogs
Annual Review of Mailing Lists for Public Documents

Universities are diverse cultures, publishing for a variety of audiences. Our publications are tailored to specific audiences. These audiences range from elementary school children, to applicants for admission, to the general public, and to scholars around the world.

This guide frequently uses the term "public document(s)." For purposes of complying with state regulations, public documents are defined in North Carolina G.S. 143-169.2 as follows:

any annual, biennial, regular, or special report or publication of which at least two hundred (200) copies are printed by a state agency with state-appropriated funds, but not including communications within the University or University correspondence.

University-wide newsletters, brochures, annual reports, course catalogs, marketing and recruitment materials, school magazines, and any regular or special publications are considered publications or public documents if they meet the definition above.

The University excludes from these guidelines at least the following: scholarly publications, Faculty Council reports, board reports, publications of the Institute of Government, press releases, training manuals, and audiovisual communications.

Required Information in
Admissions/Recruitment Publications

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Statement on Equal Educational Opportunity

Precise wording can be found at the UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs website:

Policy on Nondiscrimination

Precise wording can be found at the UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs website:

Printing Cost Statement

State law requires that all publications (whether for admissions/recruitment or other) printed by a state agency and intended for distribution without charge outside the University include a statement noting number of copies printed and cost. The State Attorney General has interpreted that the law applies to public documents "printed at State expense," that is, "published with State Appropriated funds." The University may be subject to penalty as outlined in North Carolina General Statute 143-170.1, which states "(a3) If an agency fails to comply with this section, then the agency?s printing budget for the fiscal year following the violation shall be reduced by ten percent (10%).

The statement should include:

Total cost of printing. (The actual or best available estimate of printing costs when the publication goes to press. These costs should include "labor, materials, and other identifiable design, typesetting, and binding costs." The costs of developing and editing the publication - e.g., the author's and editor's time - are excluded.)

The required wording of this statement is:

______ copies of this public document were designed and printed at a cost of $_____, or $_____ per copy.

(Example: 5,000 copies of this public document were designed and printed at a cost of $15,000, or $3.00 per copy.)

Additional Requirements
for the University Record

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The following list of links must be placed in all catalogs comprising the University Record:

Important University Web Addresses
University Administrative Officers:
University History:
University Mission Statement:
University Policies:

Policies include the following:

Residence Status for Tuition Purposes
Military Tuition Benefit
North Carolina Teachers Tuition Benefit
Tuition Waiver for Family Members of Deceased or Disabled Emergency Workers
Proration of Tuition
UNC Campus Scholarships Programs -- Undergraduates
UNC Campus Scholarships Programs -- Doctoral and Law
Students' Education Records at the Office of the President, The University of North Carolina: Annual Notification of Rights
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Emergency Disciplinary Action
Fireworks, Firearms, and Other Weapons
Immunization Requirement
Policy on Illegal Drugs
Alcoholic Beverages
Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act
Student Right-to-Know Act

The University of North Carolina System

Sixteen Constituent Institutions:
http://www.unc.edu/gradrecord/front/ uncsixteen.html
Office of the President, including General Administration Officers: http://www.northcarolina.edu

Photo and Text Review

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Proposed text and all photographs for each institutional viewbook and catalog must be submitted for review by the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs before being sent to a printer. This requirement applies to separate catalogs published for schools and colleges (but not divisions, departments, or programs) within the University.

University and state guidelines indicate each school catalog should include the University's mission statement, a listing of the University's top administrators, a standard appendix of the University's regulations, a list of UNC system administration, and UNC system history. Text versions may be replaced by a list of URLs for websites that include the required information (see above).

If photographs of students are used in a publication, they "must portray the multiracial character of the institution." They should also feature a mix of male and female students. Photographs for catalogs or the institutional viewbook must be submitted together and, if possible, with a page layout that shows photo locations in context. Click here for the University's standard release form. If minors (under age eighteen) appear in photos, parents/guardians must sign a minor release form.

Publications Services staff will present your proposed text and photographs to the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs for review.


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State Depository Library System

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and other state agencies are required by law to deposit with the State Publications Clearinghouse copies of their publications that are produced with state funds and distributed to the public. These copies are placed in depository libraries across the state where they are made available to the public.

UNC-Chapel Hill departments that produce such publications are required to send ten copies of each new state-funded publication along with the following information: (a) the total number of copies printed, (b) whether it is published on a one-time basis, or annually, quarterly, etc., to:

Publications Services
State Library Materials
UNC-Chapel Hill
CB# 6200

For a copy of the Publications Transmittal form that departments must send to the above address, click here. (Note: You must have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view this form. Get the Reader here.)

Each UNC-Chapel Hill administrative division has designated a contact person who is responsible for forwarding divisional publications to the Publications Coordinator. Questions about the program should be directed to Publications Services, 962-3761.

Ten copies of all publications covered by these guidelines are to be sent within two weeks of publication to the Office of Publications Services in the Division of University Relations. In turn, these copies are sent to the North Carolina State Publications Clearinghouse of the Division of State Library, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. Publications Services is charged with the responsibility of providing the Publications Clearinghouse with ten copies of publications submitted and covered by the Attorney General's definition of "public document."

Internal distribution of University publications is on an as-needed basis, with the distribution list being appropriate to the particular publication.

Procedures for Title Change Notification

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Within the scope of publications covered by these guidelines, notification must be made of any publication that has been discontinued or whose title has changed in a serial publication.

The unit or department responsible for such a publication must notify Publications Services when such a condition exists. Publications Services will notify the Publications Clearinghouse by memorandum of the change. It is important to communicate the information in a timely manner, either when a title is changed or when the decision is made to discontinue a publication covered by these guidelines.

Pricing of Documents for Resale

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Publications covered by these guidelines generally are not for sale or resale. However, if the situation presents itself wherein a sale price must be determined for a covered publication, the unit, department, or school is to consult with the associate vice chancellor for University Relations, who has been designated by the chancellor to establish/approve prices for these covered publications to be sold at cost or for profit. The associate vice chancellor will convey an opinion based upon consultation with University legal counsel.

Bulk Mailing for Catalogs

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Weight per catalog and the number of catalogs determine postal classification.

Classifications are as follows:

Permit Classification Weight per catalog No. Required
Bulk, nonprofit Less than one lb. 200
Bound Printed Matter One lb. or more 300

UNC-Chapel Hill Printing Services prepares catalogs for bulk mailings and will bill the appropriate account.

Annual Review of Mailing Lists
for Public Documents

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North Carolina law requires that all University mailing lists for public documents annually be revised, corrected, and updated. The chancellor is required to certify this to the Director of the Budget on July 1 of every year, based on information from all campus offices.

Reviewing, updating, and correction of mailing lists is the responsibility of deans and division heads who delegate this within their units. To certify the annual review, offices should use a form distributed by Publications Services to deans, directors, and department heads in the early summer each year.