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   The Curriculum does not have its own faculty.  It is administered by the chair, and draws on the expertise of a wide and growing body of faculty in various disciplines across the college.  Those faculty with signficant and continuing interests in the Curriculum receive adjunct appointments, and are listed here.  In addition, the chair is advised by a rotating committee of faculty, also listed here.  In addition, some courses are occasionally taught by professionals from the intelligence and diplomatic community.
Faculty & Staff:
Wayne Lee

Chair of Curriculum
Professor of History

Jackie W. Gorman
Programs Administrator  962-3093

Advisory Committee:
Navin Bapat

Asst. Professor, Political Science Department
Bernard R. Boxill
Professor,  Philosophy Department
Peter Coclanis

Professor of History
Associate Provost for International Affairs & Director
Cori Dauber
Associate Professor, Communication Studies  962-4938
Paul Holst

Professor, Aerospace Studies
Douglas MacLean
Professor, Philosophy Department
Tim McKeown
Prof. Political Science  962-0399
Daniel Spano
XO, Naval Science  962-3670
Patricia SullivanAssistant Professor, Public Policy962-0666
Jonathan Weiler

Global Studies
Doug Wright
Professor, Naval Science  962-2299
Megan Stallings

Professor, Military Science  962-5546
Adjunct Faculty:
Christopher Armitage

Professor, English

Navin Bapat

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Joe Caddell
Lecturer, History, PWAD

Cori Dauber

Associate Professor, Comm. Studies
Joseph Glatthaar

Professor, History

Karen Hagemann

Professor, History

Klaus Larres (beginning Jan 2012)
Professor, History

Roger Lotchin

Professor, History

Fred Naiden

Associate Professor, History

David Schanzer

Professor of the Practice, Public Policy, Duke

Patricia Sullivan

Assistant Professor, Public Policy

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