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Maltreatment Documentation

PDF Files
MMCS Modified Maltreatment Classification System - includes description of the coding schemes.

CPS Case Narrative Record Review - includes procedures for establishing and evaluating inter-rater reliability.

Review of Maltreatment Narrative Codebook (RMNC - Version C) - provides the information necessary for coding maltreatment data.

RMNC Narrative Form - form used in maltreatment coding.
Maltreatment Reliability - includes reliability statistics that were conducted on the RNA/MB data for allegations, findings, and conclusion codes.


Barnett, D., Manly, J.T. & Cicchetti, D. (1993). Defining Child Maltreatment: The interface between policy and research. In: D. Cicchetti and S.L. Toth (Eds.), Advances in Applied Developmental Psychology: Child Abuse, Child Development and Social Policy. Norwood, NJ: Ablex Publishing Corp., Chapter 2, pp. 7-73.

English, D. J., Bangdiwala, S. I., & Runyan, D. K. (2005). The Dimensions of Maltreatment:  Introduction, Child Abuse and Neglect, 29, 441-460.

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