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The Sufi Literature Archive



Sharib Press
Moon Over Medina: A Sufi Bookstore
Parvardigar Press
Mazda Publishers

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi(maintained by a descendant of Rumi)
Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi
A Tribute to Rumi
Mevlevi Order Of America (a Sufi group that is related to the "Whirling Dervish" tradition)
Dar-al-Masnavi (a site devoted to the study of Rumi's masterwork, the Masnavi, and his other writings)
Shahram Shiva (a modern interpreter of Rumi's poetry)
Freydoon Rassouli: Paintings on Poetry of Rumi
RUMI poet of the heart: A New Documentary Film
Rumi's Rubaiyat (poetic quatrains) translated by Zara Houshmand

Sufi Groups

Ni`matullahí-Sáfí Alí Sháhí Súfí Order
List of Sufi-related resources on the Internet
Welcome to
Women and Sufism, by Camille Adams Helminski
Islam, Sufism and the Sufi Tradition of Chishti Qadhiri
Winged Heart
The Sufi Study Circle of the University of Toronto
The Chishti Habibi Soofie Islamic Order
Nizamuddin Tomb
Baba Farid
Welcome to the Sheikh Abd al Qadir Jilani Home Page
Islamic Sufi Orders on the World Wide Web

Resources in Arabic and Persian

Maaber Magazine -- special issue on Ibn `Arabi
al-Tasawwuf al-Islami