Bibliography: The Poetry of Rumi

Rumi books available from

1. Scholarly translations and studies of Rumi

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2. Poetic translations and versions Barks, Coleman. Delicious laughter: rambunctious teaching stories from the Mathnawi of Jelaluddin Rumi. Maypop, 1990

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Helminski, Camille Adams; Helminski, Kabir. Jewels of remembrance: a daybook of spiritual guidance, containing 365 selections from the wisdom of . . Rumi. Threshold Books

Helminski, Edmund. The ruins of the heart: selected lyric poetry of Jelaluddin Rumi. Threshold Books

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Homaee, Mahdokht Banoo, trans. Sirr-i dilbaran dar hadis-i digaran = Lover's secret told in the talk of others : stories of the Masnavi of Maulana Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi Rumi (Book 1 and 2) with notes and a brief biography of Maulana (Persian and English). Selected and summarized. Boston 1998. Softbound, $20 including postage (Pars Mass Media, 22 Geraldine Dr., Norwood, MA 02062; Tel & Fax (781)-769-5190)

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