Applying to and funding TAM

New fellowship to consider

Many program applicants recognize TAM's affordability and marvel at our low tuition rates. On the other hand, cost-of-living estimates vary, and it will be more expensive to study in some European locations than in others. As a result many ask how they will be able to fund their TAM studies. US nationals who seek a UNC-CH MA degree are eligible to seek federal loans.  In recent years TAM students have also received DAAD, FLAS, Fulbright and Ford Foundation awards.

This year a new opportunity has presented itself; several TAM students will apply for the DACOR Bacon House Foundation Fellowship which could serve as a source of support in the second TAM year. See more information here on this opportunity through UNC.

Finally, TAM is able to make some small tuition-remission awards and provide international-student scholarships with money donated by TAM alumni.

Please contact TAM with any questions.

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