Donate to TAM

Donations to TAM come in many forms. For instance, we're very grateful to those who:

  • host TAM students during fall-break site visits in DC;
  • let us know about job and internship opportunities relevant to our students and graduates;
  • spread the word about our offerings and communicate with prospective applicants;
  • communicate with the TAM Office with concerns, questions, and updates;
  • give talks in our Friday lecture series.

TAM also welcomes financial donations. Our gift account is called "Friends of the TransAtlantic Masters Program." Checks can be made out to this account. Please add "designation code #5669" into the subject line of the check.

Checks can be made out to "Friends of TAM" and mailed directly to:

TransAtlantic Masters (TAM)
301 Pittsboro Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

For online (credit card) giving, please visit the UNC Development Office's "Make a Gift" page. Please click on the "Search Funds" box on the right and enter our designation code: 5669.  Enter the amount you are able to give and click "Add to cart." You will then be led through the final donation steps.

Thank you for supporting TAM!

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