Past Volumes

  1. The Aftermaths of the 9-11 Attacks
  2. The War in Iraq
  3. Forecasting the 2004 Election
  4. Expectations for a Second Bush Term
  5. Nuclear Stalemate with Iran
  6. Powerful Forces and New Leadership in the TransAtlantic Arena
  7. What TAM Students Think the 44th U.S. President Should Know
  8. The Global Financial Crisis: Views from Europe
  9. The Gulf Coast Oil Spill
  10. Crises in Europe

Issue XI: Summer Experiences

Fall 2012

  1. Introduction
    » Sarah Hutchison
  2. Internship with client services at iJET
    » Zack Dunnam
  3. Grant writer at NCSU and intern at NCDP
    » Claire Cassedy
  4. Political-economic internship at the US Embassy in Slovakia
    » Randall Denison
  5. Internship at San Diego Diplomacy Council
    » Gaby Horta