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Message to honor the 15-Year anniversary of the TransAtlantic Masters Program

From Ronald P. Strauss, Executive Vice Provost and Chief International Officer

Winston House, London

June 14, 2013

Good evening, friends. Many of you have traveled a great distance to come together this evening, and I wish I could be there with you celebrating the 15th anniversary of the TransAtlantic Masters Program.

TAM15As I write this message from Chapel Hill, I imagine you in the international hub of London, enjoying your evening, surrounded by the elegance of Bedford Square at Winston House. You have traveled from across the UK, across Europe, and across the Atlantic to honor this special anniversary.

On behalf of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I would like to extend my deepest congratulations—and also my gratitude. The program you have developed and been a part of has allowed more than 250 students to gain the skills and cultural sophistication they needed to enter into the worlds of diplomacy, business, policy, teaching, research, and more, all with a strong and globally compelling education, and also with a deep understanding of the importance of cross-cultural ties and the value of partnership.

Winston HouseWithin our University, there has been a dedicated cast of characters to thank for making this program possible—from its very beginning, through the efforts of Gary Marks, former director and one of the founders of the Center for European Studies and the late Dr Ruth Mitchell Pitts, long time executive director of the Center, to the current leaders of John Stephens, Erica Edwards, and Sarah Hutchison. TAM would also not have been possible were it not for the committed efforts of our partners. Thus I extend a heartfelt Carolina thank-you to each of the participating universities: Bath University here in the UK, Charles University, Humbolt University, the Free University of Berlin, Sciences Po, the University of Siena, ¬†Carlos III University, VU University, the University Pompeu Fabra, and the University of Bremen. Their friendship and partnership has truly opened doors to many worlds of opportunity for our TAM students.

In addition to creating these opportunities for hundreds of students and alumni, TAM has become an exemplar for others who wish to create similar programs. In this way, your program has set a pioneering path at Carolina—and for this too, I offer my thanks. The TransAtlantic Masters Program is a gem on our campus, and tonight it is shining in London as well. It would not be sparkling on both sides of the Atlantic without the dedication of each of you.

I hope that as you celebrate together this evening, you are in the company of lifelong friends. From Chapel Hill, I wish you my best, my heartiest congratulations, and a very good night.

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