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Supplemental Education

(Hours vary)

Students who pursue a bachelor of arts degree (or a bachelor of science with a major in psychology) also must satisfy a Supplemental Education requirement. The intent of this requirement is to broaden a student's perspective on the major by examining its relationship to work in at least one other field. Students may fulfill the Supplemental Education requirement in three ways:

  • By completing a second major or a minor; or
  • By completing three courses (9 hours) above 199 that are outside the home department or curriculum of the first major. These three courses cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of the first major or be cross-listed with courses that a student has used to satisfy major requirements. Courses being used to fulfill Foundations or Approaches requirements cannot be used to fulfill the Supplemental General Education requirement; or
  • By completing a concentration outside a professional school as part of the degree requirements for graduating from the school.