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This section of the Web site provides additional resources relating to the undergraduate curriculum, both past and present, and serves as our information site for student services staff members.

criteria for General Education requirements

The Criteria for General Education Requirements is intended to assist members of the Curriculum Committee and the Administrative Boards of the General College and the College of Arts and Sciences as they review and approve proposed courses for the General Education curriculum. The criteria are also meant to help faculty in departments, curricula, and schools understand the standards by which their faculty colleagues will judge course proposals.

Independent Study Learning Contracts

Students pursuing independent study courses, including a research course or a directed readings course, must complete a learning contract and have it approved before the first day of classes. Departments and curricula in the College of Arts and Sciences are responsible for having a system to approve learning contracts for undergraduate students.

Independent Study Policy (UPM 30) (Learning contracts included)

Independent Study Task Force: Final Report (Spring 2012)

Fall Semester Due Dates

The memo below contains several reminders and due dates for the fall 2013 semester. It was distributed to chairs, directors of undergraduate study, and scheduling officers on August 8, 2013.

Memo from Associate Dean for Undergraduate Curricula


The ENGL 101/102 requirement will be replaced by ENGL 105 for all students matriculating in fall 2012. For more information, please read the memo that was sent to chairs, directors of undergraduate study, and scheduling officers on June 6, 2012.

ENGL 105 memo

University Policy Memorandums (UPM)

University Policy Memorandums (UPM) worth noting:

Standard Course Numbering System (UPM 4)

Standard Section Numbering Guide (PDF)

Examination System (UPM 8)
Authorized Courses (UPM 11)
Authorized Degrees (UPM 13)
The Grading System (UPM 24)
Definition of Credit Hour (UPM 29), effective February 2012
Burch Field Research Seminars and Honors Study Abroad (UPM 26)
Independent Study Policy (UPM 30)