Wednesday, August 10, 2011
10:30 AM –12:00 PM Toy Lounge


Nick Siedentop, Curriculum Director, welcomed the group.

1. General Announcements

Deadline for Curriculum Changes and Proposals now October 15
Nick announced that the new deadline for curriculum proposals and changes will be October 15. Changing the date from September 15 will allow departments/units additional time to meet and plan. Items submitted by October 15 will be included in the 2012-2013 Undergraduate Bulletin. Likewise, new courses and course changes will need to be submitted by October 15 to be included in next year’s Bulletin.

Grade Roster Report
Graderoster reports are now available in ConnectCarolina through Reporting Tools. Student Services staff should all have access. This is a useful search tool to see which classes have outstanding grades. Nick will send instructions on how to do a query.

2. Online Course Evaluations
Lynn Williford, Assistant Provost, gave a status update on behalf of the Course Evaluation Advisory Committee. Departments/units will be receiving a survey asking for feedback regarding the on-line course evaluation process. The advisory committee seeks input from users on how to better streamline the system.

The committee has already identified several areas needing adjustment:

Department coordinators can download reports in Excel or PDF format to use the data for internal purposes. Faculty are notified by email and can view their evaluations.

Staff members were assured that the on-line form is optional. The Board of Governors requests that course evaluations be done, but there isn’t a required framework.

3. Scheduling and Registration Procedures

Upcoming Scheduling Dates
Karla Townley-Tilson, Classroom Scheduling Manager, discussed fall 2011, spring 2012 and fall 2012 scheduling. Fall 2011 classes will be rolled to fall 2012, but all reserved capacity dates will be 2011, so they will need to be adjusted to the 2012 calendar. Scheduling Office staff will continue to send out their timely memos. Karla demonstrated the course query viewer in Report Tools. Nick will send the PowerPoint.

Heather Duncan, Registration Services Supervisor, heard concerns from the group regarding purging the wait-list in ConnectCarolina, a procedure that existed even before ConnectCarolina. Heather and/or Nick will report back to the group regarding the history and rationale for purging the waitlist.

Heather presented the new enrollment request search tool: New SIS 159. She demonstrated how to reach the tool through ConnectCarolina and how to customize it to your own settings. Instructions will be sent to the group.

There was some concern about the new reporting tools being “public.” Heather said “public” refers to a select group of ConnectCarolina users; access is not unrestricted. It was noted that users must have access to the appropriate data tables to view results from a public report.

Heather showed the attendees where to locate University Policy Memorandums (formerly Registrar’s Policy Memorandums) on the Registrar’s web site. Navigation instructions will be sent.