Wednesday, August 14, 2013
10:30 AM –12:05 PM Toy Lounge



10:30 AM – Welcome and Announcements

Nick Siedentop, Curriculum Director
The Student Services Managers Meetings (SSM) are held on the second Wednesday of every August, December, and April.   Recently, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Curricula, Erika Lindemann, sent out a memo with important dates and reminders for chairs, directors of undergraduate study, and scheduling officers.  Nick Siedentop emphasized the information regarding the learning contracts and the course & curriculum submission deadline of October 15.  Staff can find this memo, along with the SSM meeting minutes and other useful information on the Office of Undergraduate Curricula website ( within the “For Reference” section.  The Office of Undergraduate Curricula is also exploring the idea of putting together a student services managers’ listserv.  More details to follow as they become available.  

Exploring Campus Resources for Students: The Learning Center

Theresa Maitland, ADHD/LD Specialist & Certified Professional Coactive Coach
Theresa Maitland distributed the Learning Center’s calendar of activities and gave an overview of the Learning Center’s mission and website ( The Learning Center’s mission is to help students prepare for the academic rigor of the research university setting, and ultimately, to help them achieve their full academic potential.

State Employees Association of North Carolina

Steve Lawson, Lead Member Action Coordinator
Steve Lawson provided an update on recent North Carolina General Assembly activities and legislation. 

ConnectCarolina, Scheduling, and Registration

Roberta Norwood, Associate University Registrar for Registration and Scheduling
Heather Duncan, Assistant Registrar for Registration Services
Chris Partridge, Assistant Registrar for Classroom Scheduling
Krystal Johnston, Registration Services Specialist

Additional Announcements and Trivia Contest

Nick Siedentop, Curriculum Director
Per an earlier request, Nick handed out plan codes organized by academic unit (also posted on Office of Undergraduate Curricula website).  As the meeting wrapped up, those present were asked to take part in a trivia contest.  The trivia questions and winner are attached as an addendum document.

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 PM.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 11, 2013.


Student Services Managers Meeting: August 14, 2013
Trivia Questions

Category 1: Connect Carolina

  1. Which field in CRAS do you use to indicate pre-, co-requisite enforcement?
    (Answer: Details field)
  2. What is the magic associated class number for recitations or labs that can go with any lecture?
    (Answer: 9999)
  3. What is the earliest time you can schedule a 75 minute class that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays?
    (Answer: 3:30pm)

Category 2: Policies

  1. (T/F) You can offer a special topics course up to 3 times before submitting a request for a permanent catalog number?
    (Answer: False, you can offer the topics course only twice)
  2. What is the deadline for submitting undergraduate curriculum changes?
    (Answer: October 15)
  3. What is the deadline for registering a student for an Independent Study?
    Bonus: What is the date for Fall 2013?
    (Answer:  Last day of “late registration” [the end of the first week of classes])
    (Bonus Answer: Monday, August 26)
  4. Fill in the blanks. Faculty Council passed Resolution 2012-11 regarding course syllabi.  It states “A syllabus must be provided to students no later than __________________and shall be retained by the respective department or educational unit of the University for a period of at least _____________years.
    (Answers: first day of class; 4 years)
  5. What is the last day for schools/departments to add a student to a course? Bonus: last day for schools/departments to drop a student from a course? Double Bonus: census date?
    Answer: Tuesday 9/3/2013
    Bonus Answer: same, Tuesday 9/3/2013   Double Bonus Answer: same, Tuesday 9/3/13

Category 3: Potpourri

  1. Before coming to UNC-Chapel Hill, where did Chancellor-elect Carol Folt work?
    (Answer: Dartmouth)
  2. Which UNC professional school did Provost Dean move from?
    (Answer: Kenan-Flagler Business School)
  3. Who are we playing at the first home football game?
    (Answer: Middle Tennessee State)
  4. What does the acronym OBI stand for?
    Answer: Oracle Business Intelligence
  5. What does Ad Astra stand for?
    Answer: “to the stars” and is drawn from a longer phrase from Virgil “sic itur ad astra” which means something like “therefore you will go to the stars”….you reach the stars through adversity.

TRIVIA WINNERS: Mary Leigh Creeden, Lori Harris, and Valerie Bernhardt