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Border Crossings

This cluster examines the challenges and consequences of crossing boundaries. When we construct such categories as nation, race, religion, sex, and class, we assume the existence of fixed borders that include certain identities and exclude others. In many cases, at many times, these boundaries are transgressed. The cluster explores how individuals and societies have responded to challenges to their boundaries.


Course Title Gen Ed
HIST 202 Borders and Crossings (core course) HS
AMST 258 Captivity and American Cultural Definition LA, NA, US
ANTH 380 Anthropological Perspectives on Cultural Diversity GL, SS
ASIA/FREN 451 Orientalist Fantasies and Discourses on the Other GL, NA, LA
GEOG 464 Europe Today: Transnationalism, Globalisms, and the Geographies of Pan-Europe NA
HIST 278 The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade BN, GL, HS
HIST/WMST 375 History of Gender in America HS, NA, US
MUSC 258 Musical Movements: Migration, Exile, and Diaspora SS

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012: No course offerings (as of 2/16/2012)
  • Spring 2012: HIST 278; MUSC 258
  • Fall 2011: No course offerings
  • Spring 2011: HIST 278
  • Fall 2010: AMST 258