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Defining Difference/Creating Dialogue

This course cluster examines the ways in which people divide themselves (and often, their lands) into exclusive groupings. It explores what happens once boundaries have been drawn, as groups further define themselves and the "other," and as new boundaries become (or remain) blurred. Among the questions this cluster explores are, How much biological continuity is there among groups? Why do some societies define themselves by race (the United States), and others, by religion (Ireland, the Ottoman empire)? How does a new state impart a collective identity, and what does it do with those inside the borders who do not "belong"? What happens when some in the group live outside the borders? How do people who challenge gender roles create belonging?


Course Title Gen Ed
HIST 202 Borders and Crossings (core course) HS
AFAM 269 Black Nationalistm in the United States --
ASIA/HIST 538 The Middle East and the West --
BIOL 427 Human Diversity and Population Genetics --
FREN 377 The Evolution of Frenchness since WWII NA
LING/SLAV 306 Language and Nationalism CI, GL
POLI/PWAD 469 Conflict and Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia GL, SS
PWAD/RELI 481 Religion, Fundamentalism, and Nationalism BN, GL, SS

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012 (as of 2/16/2012): BIOL 427; PWAD 469
  • Spring 2012: No courses
  • Fall 2011: FREN 377 (taught in French)
  • Spring 2011: No courses
  • Fall 2010: BIOL 427; POLI/PWAD 469