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This cluster will introduce you to the theory of evolution, basic evolutionary mechanisms, and continuing applications of evolutionary theory in science today. It will also enable you to confront and analyze intelligently differing points of view about evolution−both its science-specific meanings and its broader resonance in cultural and political debate. Students who complete the cluster will have a deeper, wider, and more informed appreciation of the powerful impact that the theory of evolution has had on human knowledge since the nineteenth century.

Because discussion of evolution requires familiarity with basic biological principles, the cluster includes two tracks−one for biology majors, with an appropriate core course for those with an advanced understanding of biology, and another for nonbiology majors, with a core course broader in nature but designed for nonspecialists as an introduction to evolutionary science.


Course Title Gen Ed
BIOL 201 Ecology and Evolution (core course for biology majors) PL, QI
BIOL 213 or
GEOL 159 and GEOL 159L
Evolution and Life or
Prehistoric Life (core course for non-biology majors)
BIOL 276 Evolution of Vertebrate Life PL
BIOL 277 Vertebrate Field Zoology PL
HIST 516 Historical Time HS, NA
LING 333 Human Language and Animal Communication Systems QI, SS
PHIL 352 Philosophy of Biology PL
PSYC 602 Evolutionary Psychology --
RELI 421 Religion and Science PH

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012 (as of 2/16/2012): GEOL 159 only; BIOL 276
  • Spring 2012: BIOL 201, 276; GEOL 159 only; PSYC 602
  • Fall 2011: BIOL 201 (core course for biology majors), 213, 276; GEOL 159 and 159L (core course for nonbiology majors); PHIL 352, PSYC 602
  • Spring 2011: BIOL 201, 276; GEOL 159, 159L; HIST 516; LING 333; PSYC 602
  • Fall 2010: BIOL 201, 276, 277; GEOL 159 and 159L; PSYC 602