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Food Cultures

The food cultures cluster examines from several disciplinary perspectives a topic that we encounter every day but that also has shaped world history and culture for centuries. Long the subject of cultural studies, the processes associated with food−production, regulation, representation, identity, and consumption−have been central to such topics as agriculture, animal sciences, civil rights, decorative arts, economy, geography, horticulture, hunger, malnutrition, obesity, pottery, poverty, property, reform, segregation, slavery, sustenance, terroir, trade, weather, and wealth. Depending on your major, you can take the core course in either the humanities (AMST 375) or the social and behavioral sciences (GEOG 232).


Course Title Gen Ed
AMST/FOLK 375 Cooking Up a Storm: Food in American Culture
(core course)
No Place like Home: Material Culture of the American South VP, NA
GEOG 232 Agriculture, Food, and Society (core course) SS
ANTH 252 Prehistoric Foodways HS, WB
CMPL 255 The Feast in Philosophy, Film, and Fiction VP
ENST 330 Principles of Sustainability --
GEOG 434 Cultural Ecology of Agriculture, Urbanization, and Disease GL
HNRS 352 Is There Dinner? Toward Understanding an Endangered Species SS

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012: HNRS 352 (as of 2/16/2012)
  • Spring 2012: AMST/FOLK 488; ENST 330; GEOG 434; HNRS 352
  • Fall 2011: AMST 375, 390; ENST 330; HNRS 352
  • Spring 2011: AMST 375; ENST 330; HNRS 352
  • Fall 2010: AMST 390; HNRS 352