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Global Environmental Change

This cluster engages you in a study of the rapid changes occurring in our earth's environment. Courses cover the causes, consequences, and in some cases mitigation of environmental and climate changes from a variety of perspectives, using examples from terrestrial, marine, and atmospheric environments. The core course (MASC 310) presents a natural sciences/social sciences perspective on global warming and other large-scale environmental trends (present, past, and future). We strongly recommend taking MASC 310 prior to or concurrently with other courses in the cluster. The courses in this cluster are intended to be accessible to third- and fourth-year undergraduates; no special expertise in the natural sciences is required.


Course Title Gen Ed
MASC 310 Our Changing Planet: Science, Social Impacts, Solutions
(core course)
ANTH 312 From the Equator to the Poles: Case Studies in Global Environmental Change GL, SS
ANTH/ENST 460 Historical Ecology GL, HS
ENST/PHIL 368 Environmental Ethics GL, PH
ENST/PLCY 480 Environmental Decision Making NA, SS
GEOG 414 Climate Change --
MASC 314 Earth Systems in a Changing World --
MASC 432 Major World Rivers and Global Change: From Mountains to the Sea --

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012 (as of 2/16/2012): PHIL 368; MASC 314
  • Spring 2012: MASC 310; GEOG 414; ENST/PHIL 368
  • Fall 2011: MASC 432
  • Spring 2011: GEOG 414; MASC 310, 314
  • Fall 2010: ANTH 312, 460