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Human Rights

The courses in the human rights cluster encourage you to understand

  • The philosophical and historical origins of the concept of human rights
  • The evolution of the international human rights regime in the post-1945 period
  • The ways in which "human right" has been used as a core frame by social movements and organizations−environmental, democratic, indigenous, labor, women, queer, etc.−on a national, regional, and international scale
  • The responses of individuals, states, regions, and institutions to the international human rights regime
  • The growing debate on diverse approaches to human rights in different cultural, religious, and historical contexts.


Course Title Gen Ed
GLBL 560 Human Rights, Ethics, and Global Issues (core course) GL
AFAM 422 Human Rights and Democracy in African Diaspora Communities GL, SS
AFRI 416 Human Rights and Social Justice Movements in Africa SS
ENST 225 Water Resource Management and Human Rights --
PHIL 282 Human Rights: Philosophical Interrogations PH
SOCI 490 Human Rights EE
WMST 610 Feminism, Sexuality, and Human Rights GL, SS

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012 (as of 2/16/2012): GLBL 560; AFAM 422; ENST 225
  • Spring 2012: AFAM 422; AFRI 416; WMST 610
  • Fall 2011: INTS 560
  • Spring 2011: AFAM 422
  • Fall 2010: AFRI 416, INTS 560, WMST 610