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Knowledge at the Crossroads: Religious and Scientific Cultures of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

This cluster examines the intersections and conflicts among religious and scientific beliefs, institutions, and practices from around 1300 until 1750. During this period of extraordinary intellectual ferment, writers and thinkers in various disciplines actively and variously reconfigured the relationship between faith and reason, between scripture and nature, and between religious belief and "scientific" knowledge. Courses in this cluster will expose you to the historical dimensions of questions and conflicts still current in academia and the culture at large: the origins of religious tolerance and pluralism; the potential for conflict (or reconciliation) between reason and faith and between secular and sacred authority. The cluster also offers you an excellent venue for improving your critical thinking and writing by exposing you to cultures and texts that persistently renegotiate competing knowledge claims and ways of knowing.


Course Title Gen Ed
ENGL 227 Literature of the Earlier Renaissance (core course) LA, NA, WB
ASTR 205 The Medieval Foundations of Modern Cosmology PL, WB
ENGL 229 Renaissance Women Writers LA, NA, WB
ENGL 325 Shakespeare and His Contemporaries LA, NA, WB
HIST/RELI 454 The Reformation --
MUSC 251 Studies in Music History to 1650 VP, WB
PHIL 220 Modern Philosophy: Descartes to Hume NA, PH, WB

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012 (as of 2/16/2012): ENGL 227; ASTR 205; PHIL 220
  • Spring 2012: ENGL 227; MUSC 251; PHIL 220
  • Fall 2011: ENGL 227; ASTR 205; PHIL 220
  • Spring 2011: ENGL 227; MUSC 251; PHIL 220
  • Fall 2010: ASTR 205; ENGL 227