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Medicine and Culture

Medicine stands in a peculiar relation to society. Often understood as its own culture, it is seemingly apart from but also intimately involved in our lives. This cluster encourages you to consider the interconnections, and the differences, of approaches to the field of medicine. Courses address topics as diverse as genomics and genocide, narrative and national health policy, eugenics and demography, trauma and witnessing, bioethics and technological irreversibility, individual responsibility and social obligation, the multispecies and the cyborg. Among the central questions these courses ask are, How does the field of medicine offer us new ways of understanding health and disease, life and death? How does modern medicine change who we are and imagine ourselves to be as individuals and as a society? As users and subjects of technology, are we on the verge of redefining the limits of the human?


Course Title Gen Ed
ENGL 268 Medicine, Literature, and Culture (core course) LA
ANTH 444 Medicine, Politics, and Justice --
ANTH/FOLK 470 Medicine and Anthropology SS
ANTH/FOLK 473 Anthropology of the Body and the Subject SS
CMPL 383 Literature and Medicine LA, NA
ENGL 266 Science and Literature LA
ENGL 390 Studies in Literary Topics: Representing Medicine LA
JOMC 560 Medical Journalism --

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012 (as of 2/16/2012): ANTH 470; ANTH/FOLK 473; ENGL 266; JOMC 560
  • Spring 2012: ANTH 444, ANTH/FOLK 470
  • Fall 2011: ENGL 266, 268, ANTH/FOLK 470, 473, ENGL 266, JOMC 560
  • Spring 2011: ANTH 444, ANTH/FOLK 470
  • Fall 2010: ANTH/FOLK 470, 473, ENGL 266, 268, JOMC 560