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Memory Studies

Memory studies is a dynamic field of interdisciplinary inquiry. You will learn about memory from different disciplinary and theoretical perspectives and situations. Some of the central issues include the methodological practices of oral history and autobiography; the psychology and performance of memory in traumatic recall, political witness, and legal testimony; the contested politics of commemoration and the material culture of memorials; and the dynamic ways that social remembering and forgetting relate to historical bonds of local, regional, national, and transnational belonging. You may begin this cluster by taking either ANTH 331 or AMST 384 as the core course.


Course Title Gen Ed
ANTH 331 The Anthropology of Memory (core course) CI, SS
AMST 384 Myth and History in American Memory (core course) HS, NA, US
ANTH/ASIA 375 Memory, Massacres, and Monuments in South East Asia BN, GL
ART/GLBL 514 Monuments and Memory HS, NA
COMM 435 Memory Acts --
COMM 471 Rhetorics of Public Memory --
ENGL 447 Memory and Literature LA
FOLK/HIST 670 Introduction to Oral History CI, HS
HIST 514 Monuments and Memory HS, NA
PSYC 430 Human Memory PL

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012: No course offerings (as of 2/16/2012)
  • Spring 2012: AMST 384; ART/INTS 514; FOLK/HIST 670; HIST 514; PSYC 430
  • Fall 2011: ANTH 331, COMM 435, ENGL 447
  • Spring 2011: ANTH 331, FOLK/HIST 670
  • Fall 2010: PSYC 430