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Renaissance Literature, Art, and Music

This cluster bridges and integrates courses in the humanities and fine arts. You will learn about the Renaissance as a movement, with key unifying themes, aesthetic concerns, stylistic characteristics, and philosophical issues. These features can be identified, studied, and linked across the literature, art, and music of the period. You will gain insight not only into the characteristics and significance of the Renaissance, but also into the benefits and problems of studying culture and the history of ideas in "periods."


Course Title Gen Ed
CMPL 454 Literature of the Continental Renaissance (core course) NA, WB
ART 270 Early Renaissance Art in Italy NA, VP, WB
ART 271 High Renaissance Art in Italy NA, VP, WB
CMPL 365 Global Authors: Cervantes LA, WB
ENGL 225 Shakespeare LA, NA, WB
ENGL 227 English Literature of the Earlier Renaissance LA, NA, WB
MUSC 251 History of Western Music to 1650 VP, WB
MUSC 390H Ovid and [Renaissance] Music CI, VP

Course Availability

Please consult ConnectCarolina for the most current information

  • Fall 2012 (as of 2/16/2012): ART 270; ENGL 225, 227
  • Spring 2012: ART 271; ENGL 225, 227; MUSC 251
  • Fall 2011: ART 270, ENGL 225, 227, MUSC 390H
  • Spring 2011: ART 271, CMPL 454, ENGL 225, MUSC 251, 390H
  • Fall 2010: ART 270, ENGL 225, 227, MUSC 390H