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Alumni Spotlight:
Julian W. Selig, Jr., M.D. '59

Student Program Feature – Your Dollars in Action

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Dear UNC Medical Alumni—

In this time of giving thanks, I want to use this opportunity to relay our thanks — from the UNC School of Medicine faculty, staff and administration to you, our alumni. I am excited to bring you the latest issue of the Medical Alumni e-Newsletter and hope you have found each issue to be informative and enjoyable.

In our effort to continually improve the Medical Alumni Association, we have put together a brief five-question survey and I ask you to please complete this survey. It should only take a few minutes to complete — your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

Please to access the survey online.

Again, I thank you for your continued support of our UNC School of Medicine. I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.

Warmest Carolina wishes,

James R. Harper, M.D. '60

Alumni Spotlight: Julian W. Selig, Jr., M.D. '59

Seligs Building Loyalty: a story shared by Christina Drostin, MS4 and Loyalty Fund Scholar at the UNC School of Medicine

Receiving an Alumni Loyalty Fund Scholarship from Dr. Julian and Mrs. Betsey Selig has become much more than a typical scholarship experience for me. The reason for that is part of a story that began years ago. At the time, Dr. Selig was talking with his son, Wood, about his plans to leave money to UNC's Medical Alumni Association in his will with the idea that the money would one day fund a scholarship for medical students. Wood, who works with alumni at Western Kentucky University, suggested to his father that he create the scholarship now instead, while he is alive, so that he may personally know the medical students who receive his scholarship. His daughter Susan likewise encouraged him to do it this way. That was the start of the wonderful friendship I now have with Julian and Betsey Selig.

The next part of the story is that the Seligs established the Selig Family Loyalty Fund Scholarship with a unique request. They wanted to encourage young adults in eastern North Carolina to attend medical school. The scholarship that now bears their name is awarded to students from the eastern counties of our state, where they were both born and now reside. Thanks to that connection, we have had many opportunities to visit and get to know one another. Now, when my wife and I return to the Outer Banks to visit friends, the Seligs are a regular part of those visits. In fact, recently we were able to meet Julian and Betsey's children and grandchildren.

The Seligs have become akin to family. I did not have any close relatives or family friends who were physicians as I was growing up. The Seligs have filled that role for me. They understand the rigors of medical school and have provided support and confidence as I continue to move through the process. Yet they have also shown how to balance a commitment to medicine with other important aspects of life, such as family and personal happiness. Julian and I e-mail each other regularly, and I update him on what class or rotation I am taking. In exchange, he entertains me with stories of life as a medical student in the 1950s. I received scholarships as an undergraduate and, while I remain thankful for the financial support, I never had the sort of personal connection that this Loyalty Fund Scholarship has provided. In fact, this special experience with the Seligs has inspired my wife and me to plan to establish a similar scholarship at UNC in the future. Although next year will be my final year of training at UNC's School of Medicine and the last year I receive the Selig Family Loyalty Fund Scholarship, I am grateful to know there will be many more years of friendship with the Selig family.

Student Program Feature – Your Dollars in Action

Currently there are more than 40 recognized student organizations in the UNC School of Medicine. Each year many of these organizations submit proposals to the Medical Alumni Office, either directly or through the Whitehead Medical Society, requesting Loyalty Fund support for specific projects deemed to be important to the academic experience. Funding is provided for student activities in a range from $200 to $6,000.

These student programs leave their mark on the students and the domestic and global community. Here is an example of your dollars in action:

IMPACT (Improving Meals and Physical Activity in Children and Teens) is a school-based program designed to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors in 4th grade students by harnessing the power of peer influence and mentoring, empowering students to make healthy decisions and having fun. The ten-lesson IMPACT curriculum is presented to a small group of fourth grade students as a part of their health and nutrition class. The classes consist of UNC medical students leading an interactive hands-on lesson with the 4th grade students about a wide variety of topics such as choosing healthy snacks, reading nutrition labels, and learning about various food and physical activities from around the world. impactTo make the class interactive and more fun for the students, medical students use a variety of educational products, posters and even examples of healthy foods by letting the kids sample fruits and vegetables. The funding that IMPACT receives from the Medical Alumni Association allows for the purchase of these products and teaching tools so that they can create a more hands-on and enjoyable learning environment for the kids. The medical students greatly enjoy the opportunity to work with the kids and impart their own knowledge about the importance of nutrition and physical activity.

impact Dr. Martin Kohlmeier, faculty advisor of IMPACT, says: “The nutrition information probably benefits the teachers as much as the students, to the extent that it sets up opportunities for further nutrition-related activities. For the children setting a framework of healthy nutrition and get them to think about the issues is more important than learning facts. They are very perceptive and respond with great seriousness to the attention of you, as admired role models.”

Fall Event Recaps
Fall Alumni Weekend, October 2-3, 2009
Alumni gathered in Chapel Hill for a weekend of fun. Friday night’s banquet honored the extraordinary leadership of alumnus John W. Foust, M.D. '55. John served as national chair of The Loyalty Fund for 20 years, building a wonderful foundation of giving. James D. “Jim” Hundley, M.D. '67 has assumed the role of national chair.

John W. Foust, M.D. '55 and his family

Alumni enjoy re-connecting at reception before the banquet

Carolina Family Loyalty Fund scholars at banquet with UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp and scholarship donor, Lucius Blanchard, Jr., M.D. '68

On Saturday, alumni brought friends and family to our tailgate at the base of the Bell Tower in the heart of Tar Heel Town.

White Coat/Family Day, September 26, 2009
The Medical Alumni Association welcomes the School of Medicine Class of 2013.

Spring Alumni Weekend
April 23-24, 2010

NEW CHANGES! Graduates from classes ending in -0 and -5 will be celebrating their reunions this spring. We'll enjoy dinner and fun on the front lawn of the Carolina Inn under a tent with a dance floor and a DJ.

Don't forget the student-run golf tournament at Finley Golf Course Saturday morning! More details to come. There will be discounts if you register online. Hope to see you in April!

Dean’s Reception, Greensboro
April 19, 2010

Please plan to join William L. Roper, MD, MPH, Dean of the School of Medicine, and fellow alumni in Greensboro at the Proximity Hotel on Monday, April 19th. Details and reservation information will be available soon.

Alumni Socials Jan.–May 2010
The Medical Alumni Association will be hosting alumni socials in several locations after the new year — Asheville, Atlanta, Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh, Wilmington, and Winston-Salem.

We hope you will be able to join us for the chance to connect with other UNC medical alumni in your town. Keep an eye out for more info via email and on our web site.

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