Manhattan Project Scientists andthe Use of the Atomic Bomb
by Peter N. Kirstein

Prof. Kirstein, using primary sources with a new perspective, reaches conclusions counter to the usual interpretations on atomic scientists and their positions at the end of World War II on the first use of the Bomb.

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From the Editor: Change, the Only Constant
The editor explains a modification of "American Diplomacy," after four years as an electronic quarterly, to the status of an online publication, with its content varying on a planned, phased basis.

Commentary: Christmas in Niamey and Other Topics
Letter from Niger, No. 2. by J. R. Bullington
Amb. Bullington, now head of the U. S. Peace Corps in Niger, continues his series of reports from Niamey. To be continued in subsequent postings.

Life in the F. S.: Michael Jordan in North Korea (Revisited)
by Eugene D. Schmiel
Yes, you read the title right. The author, a retired senior U.S. diplomat, pulls it together in this, one of his many memoirs about days in the diplomatic service.

Commentary: An American's View of the U.S. Negotiating Style
John W. McDonald
Amb. McDonald takes the position, based on his long experience in the field, that American negotiatiors exhibit characteristics, both positive and negative, that define a distinct negotiating style.

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