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How to Save Trump's State Department   Neumann, Ronald E. 12/2017
On foreign threats and 'the calm before the storm'   Kiehl, William P. 12/2017
The Voice of America and Public Diplomacy   Tuch, Hans N. 12/2017
The state of the State Deparment is concerning but not dire   Kiehl, William P. 12/2017
Afghanistan is not Our Longest War   Jones, David T. 10/2017
Confusing Signals   Rugh, William A. 10/2017
Relocating the US Embassy in Israel: A cost benefit analysis for Trump administration
  Hodgkins 10/2017
Winning in Afghanistan   Smith, Haviland 10/2017
Donald Trump, Humanitarian? Stranger Things Have Happened   Renouard, Joe 6/2017
Possible Future of Drone Warfare   Scarborough 6/2017
Why Diplomacy   Neumann, Ronald E. 6/2017
Let's Not Get Distracted by Shiny Objects   Murnane, John R. 3/2017
The National Security Debate and Classical Geopolitics   Sempa, Francis P. 1/2017
Obesity in Foreign Affairs   Bridges, Peter 4/2016
Russian Hybrid War Reaches the UN   Christy, Tatiana 3/2016
The Necessity of a World Leader   Garner, Godfrey 1/2016
Is There an Interim Solution for Syria That Would be Accepted by All?   Avital, David and Engberg, Marc 10/2015
Saakashvili as Odessa governor   Shlapentokh, Dmitry V. 10/2015
Non-intervention Policies Contribute to Refugee Crisis   Garner, Godfrey 9/2015
Shame On Both Sides of the Atlantic : Leave None Behind   Hutson, Thomas 9/2015
Considering Pakistan   Garner, Godfrey 6/2015
Foreign Service Masochism   Marks, Edward 6/2015
United Kingdom on todays international stage   Mathieu, Kenneth 6/2015
Revolution: the peak births theory   Chalard, Laurent 5/2015
Give the New Afghan Government a Chance   Garner, Godfrey 4/2015
Venezuela's Crisis   Duddy, Patrick 4/2015
PERILOUS TIMES: Planning for the Unspeakable   Hutson, Thomas R. 3/2015
Do We Really Want Turkey as a NATO Ally?   Schindler, Sol 1/2015
Winners and Losers   Schindler, Sol 9/2014
Follow-up to April '14 article on run-up to Afghan Presidential Elections   Garner, Godfrey 6/2014
Winning the War for Peace   Lee, Jen-shih 6/2014
Israeli Law   Schindle , Sol 5/2014
A Policy for Ukraine   Schindler, Sol 4/2014
The Battle for Control of the Middle East   Jones, Curtis F. 4/2014
World War III? Ask The Economist   Landis, Benjamin L. 4/2014
Gasland   Smith, Keith C. 2/2014
Mid-East Peace   Schindler, Sol 2/2014
Used and Abandoned in Afghanistan   Garner, Godfrey 2/2014
Robert Gates Memoir and its Impact on America's Policy in Afghanistan   Garner, Godfrey 1/2014
The Anachronism of Empire   Jones, Curtis F. 1/2014
Paranoia: American Foreign Policy Since 1948 and How to Overcome It   Landis, Benjamin L. 11/2013
The Case for the Palestinians and a Way Forward   Ben-Or, Ruth 11/2013
The Current Middle-East   Schindler, Sol 11/2013
What can be learned in three years of on-the-job training   Marks, Edward 11/2013
Syria's Turmoil: What's Next for the U.S.?   Brown, John 10/2013
A Permanent American Presence in Afghanistan   Garner, Godfrey 9/2013
The Syrian Dilemma   Schindler, Sol 9/2013
The United States 'War on Terror' Has Been Overtaken by Events   Dorschner, Jon P. 9/2013
US Policy for Egypt   Holliday, Sam C. 9/2013
When is a 'Coup' not a Coup?   Jones, Curtis F. 9/2013
What should we learn from the bombing in Boston?   Holliday, Sam C. 5/2013
Ego Gratification   Schindler, Sol 4/2013
Anti-Americanism: Who's to Blame   Jones, Curtis F. 2/2013
High Time to End Our Diplomatic Spoils System   Bridges, Peter 2/2013
Unfinished Morass   Schindler, Sol 2/2013
Syria and our Foreign Policy   Schindler, Sol 10/2012
Not (Y)our Father's Russia   Jones, David T. 5/2012
A Call to Action on Public Diplomacy   Jacobs, Morris E. 3/2012
The Iraqi War; Swimming against the tide of opinion   al Momen, Samah 1/2012
Is It the End of the End?   Jones, David T. 10/2011
A Regional Solution to the Syrian Uprising   Vira, Varun 9/2011
Launching American Diplomacy   Mattox, Henry E. 9/2011
My Picks: A Top 10 List   Chikes, Csaba 9/2011
Does History Take Sides? The Problem of Evoking the Past to Justify Policy   Santos, Michael W. 6/2011
Obama, Netanyahu And the Middle East   Abrahamson, James L. 6/2011
Perils in U. S. Mediation of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: What History Has Taught Us   Tenembaum, Yoav J. 6/2011
Don't Leave Counter-Terrorism to the Military   Smith, Haviland 5/2011
A Role Reversal from a Military-First Approach   Lyons, Joseph 5/2011
New World Order   Holliday, Sam C. 5/2011
Lost Libertarian Moment   Cincotta, Howard 5/2011
Corruption and Lack of Transparency in the Energy Sector   Smith, Keith C. 4/2011
Idealist vs. Realist Foreign Policy   Smith, Haviland 4/2011
How to Handle a Nuclear Iran: Lessons from the Soviet Union?   Sarihan, Ali 4/2011
Secretary Clinton at Mid Term   Jones, David T. 3/2011
Egypt's Facebook Revolution   Radwan, Abeer Bassiony 2/2011
Limits of Diplomacy   Byers, Bruce 2/2011
The War through Pakistani Eyes   Iqbal, Imrana and Charles Pierson 2/2011
Assessing the Reporting Cable Fiasco   Homan, Tom 1/2011
Congress and Foreign Affairs   Harter, John J. 1/2011
Veterans Day   Abrahamson, James L. 11/2010
A National Defense Policy for the Twenty-First Century   Landis, Benjamin L. 10/2010
Foundations Can Play a Role in International Peace and Security   Haynes 10/2010
AFSA Election 2009   Jones, David T. 10/2010
A New Public Diplomacy Initiative   Jue, Stanton 9/2010
Afghanistan: An American Tragedy   Landis, Benjamin L. 9/2010
Preconditions for Success in Afghanistan   Smith, Haviland 9/2010
Public Diplomacy and the Case of 'Flotillas'   Radwan, Abeer Bassiony Arafa Ali 9/2010
Next Generation Department of State   Marks, Edward 3/2010
When Selecting a Diplomatic Strategy, First Know Your Enemy   Abrahamson, James L. 2/2010
Foreign Affairs for the 21st Century   Kiehl, William P. 2/2010
History's Lessons on Afghanistan   Arnold, Anthony 12/2009
I have lost confidence   Hoh, Matthew P. 11/2009
What's in a Name?   Schindler, Sol 11/2009
Guatemala and the Drug Cartels   Brands, Hal 9/2009
Importance of Maintaining Diplomatic Relations   Holmes, H. Allen 9/2009
Enabling Public Diplomacy Field Officers to Do Their Jobs   Rugh, William A. 9/2009
End Political Appointments to Embassies   Berlind, Alan D. 7/2009
Hanged as a Sheep   Jones, David T. 7/2009
Lead From the Front, Not From the Polls   Ciovacco, Carl J. 6/2009
Feckless Posturing   Jones, David T. 4/2009
Fighting for Peace in the Middle East   White, Andrew P.B. 4/2009
Chas Freeman and the Perils of Articulate Partisanship   Jones, David T. 3/2009
Smith-Mundt: Censorship American Style?   Garland, Gregory L. 3/2009
Middle East Realities   Jones, David T. 1/2009
Normalizing Relations with Cuba   Kline, Michael 1/2009
Foreign Service Volunteers Fill Iraq/Afghanistan Positions   Editor 11/2008
War Powers: Critical Questions of Clarity   Bullington, J.R. 11/2008
The U.S. Diplomatic Resource Gap   Editor 10/2008
Expand and Reinvigorate Peace Corps   Bullington, J.R. 8/2008
Fundraising Drive for Children of Fallen Diplomats   FEEA 7/2008
Condi's Valedictory: A Review and Commentary   Bullington, J.R. 6/2008
Taking the King's Shilling   Jones, David T. 2/2008
Our New Section: The Spoken Word   Bullington, J.R. 1/2008
The Rigors of Foreign Service   Cotter, Michael W. 1/2008
Bad Times in Burma   Bullington, J.R. 1/2008
In Memoriam: Dick Schoonover   Editor 1/2008
Looming Threats - Then and Now   Mattox, Henry E. 1/2008
Looming Threats- Then and Now   Mattox, Henry E. 1/2008
Mobilizing American Soft Power for Twenty-First Century Conflict   Bullington, J.R. 1/2008
Iraq, the Foreign Service, and Duty   Bullington, J.R. 10/2007
Musicians and Diplomats Contrasted   Mattox, Henry E. 9/2007
Message from the New Editor   Bullington, J.R. 7/2007
Hail and Farewell   Mattox, Henry E. 7/2007
Will the West-and the United States-Go the Distance?   Abrahamson, James L. 6/2007
Foreign Service Oral History Now Online   ADST 6/2007
Guest Editorial on Iraq Policy   Spiers, Ronald I. 4/2007
Saddam as Pan-Africanist?   Mattox, Henry E. 1/2007
Iraq: Cut and Walk?   Mattox, Henry E. 12/2006
Change of the Guard: New Book Review Editor   Mattox, Henry E. 8/2006
Problems, Problems, and the Real Problem   Abrahamson, James L 8/2006
Between Iraq and a Hard Place   Mattox, Henry E. 7/2006
Next Up--Osama?   Mattox, Henry E. 6/2006
On Nepal and Democracy   Mattox, Henry E. 5/2006
Does Inflexibility Equate to Strength?   Mattox, Henry E. 3/2006
Other Regions and Topics, Other Problems   Mattox, Henry E. 12/2005
A Passing Tribute   Mattox, Henry E. 10/2005
First Things First   Mattox, Henry E. 7/2005
Comment on the Origins of the Species   Jones, David T. 6/2005
The Origins of the Species   Mattox, Henry E. 6/2005
To Be Or Not to Be: A United States of Europe?   Mattox, Henry E. 6/2005
Kennan: The Passing of a Legend   Mattox, Henry E. 3/2005
Democracy as a Possible Two-Edged Sword   Mattox, Henry E. 3/2005
Swatting Flies with a Hammer   Mattox, Henry E. 2/2005
Like Father, Like Son   Mattox, Henry E. 6/2004
Free Should be the Four-Letter Word for Iraq's Future   Abrahamson, James L. 5/2004
Iraq is a Four Letter Word   Mattox, Henry E. 4/2004
Best Nightmare on Earth   Mattox, Henry E. 3/2004
Changing the Story   Mattox, Henry E. 2/2004
A Statement of Policy on Nonpartisanship   Mattox, Henry E. 2/2004
2003: The Victors and the Vanquished   Hornblow, Michael 1/2004
Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen...   Mattox, Henry E. 12/2003
A Curse of Iraq?   Mattox, Henry E. 11/2003
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Tonkin Gulf   Cotter, Michael W. 8/2003
Chaos and the Threat to World Peace   Mattox, Henry E. 8/2003
Special Editor's Message   Mattox, Henry E. 8/2003
Good News   Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
The Domino Theory Revisted   Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
Two Years of Achievements   Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
Crusaders and Sacrificial Others: the George W. Bush Administration   Harrop, William C. 4/2003
General Sherman Indubitably Was Right   Mattox, Henry E. 4/2003
How to Save the UN-a Personal Statement   Mattox, Henry E. 4/2003
Soldier — and American Freedom   Editor 12/2002
The Drought Has Ended- We Hope   Editor 10/2002
Vive la Difference   Editor 9/2002
Pride in Our Corp of Board Members   Editor 7/2002
Redundancy Squared   Editor 5/2002
Plus ca change   Editor 4/2002
Statement of Editorial Procedures   Editor 4/2002
Back to the Future In the Middle East   Editor 4/2002
Why They Hate America   Editor 2/2002
A Clash of Civilizations -- Real? Potential?   Mattox, Henry E. 1/2002
Damned if You Do -- And if You Don't   Mattox, Henry E. 12/2001
Back to the Policy Drawing Board   Mattox, Henry E. 9/2001
Reform Efforts Continue From Many, One   Editor 9/2001
A Rose by Any Other...   Mattox, Henry E. 8/2001
Humanitarian Intervention: Special Report on Two Scholarly Conferences   Mattox, Henry E. 7/2001
Real Reform Needed, Not Wristonization   Mattox, Henry E. 6/2001
Powell May Reverse Hard Times at the State Department   Goodwin, Brent Stuart 4/2001
Change, the only constant   Mattox, Henry E. 3/2001
Diplomatic Readiness   Mattox, Henry E. 12/2000
One Example of Natural Allies   Mattox, Henry E. 8/2000
Two if by Sea   Mattox, Henry E. 4/2000
Best and the Rest, The   Mattox, Henry E. 2/2000
Francis Trelease Underhill, Jr.   Mattox, Henry E. 9/1999
Sand and Sediment   Mattox, Henry E. 9/1999
If This be Victory   Mattox, Henry E. 6/1999
New Department-and A New Face, A   Mattox, Henry E. 4/1999
Testing American Foreign Policy: Editor's Introduction   Mattox, Henry E. 4/1999
In which he identifies by name and position the journal's parent organization Board of Directors, with special reference to additions since the journal's founding in 1996   Mattox, Henry E. 2/1999
Us Against Them on Terrorism   Jones, Curtis F. 9/1998
Like WCPE, We Launch a Campaign to Improve Our Signal   Crigler, Frank 7/1998
Our Timely Presentations on Matters Controversial   Mattox, Henry E. 7/1998
Dr. Strangelove, I Presume?   Mattox, Henry E. 4/1998
Present at the Footnote   Mattox, Henry E. 1/1998
We Begin to Get Serious   Crigler, Frank 1/1998
American Diplomacy: Ambassadors, Senators, and the System   Mattox, Henry E. 10/1997
Signs of Intelligent Life Out There! (Lycos Top 5%)   Crigler, Frank 10/1997
Biographical Sketches, American Diplomacy Staff and Board   Fritz, Carl R.; Kohn, Richard H.; Mattox, Henry E.; Moon, Richard Bartlett; Williams, J. Edgar 4/1997
On the Study of War   Mattox, Henry E. 4/1997
Bio Sketches   Melbourne, Roy M.; Jones, Curtis F.; Dale, William N.; Mattox, Robert W.; Crigler, T. Frank; 3/1997
Call for Papers (In a Manner of Speaking), A   Mattox, Henry E. 3/1997
In This Issue: Some Serious Stuff   Mattox, Henry E. 12/1996
Launching a Journal: The Editor's Gratitude   Mattox, Henry E. 12/1996
Editor's Lament, An   Mattox, Henry E. 9/1996
What American Diplomacy will offer its readers   Journal 9/1996

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