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Joining the Foreign Service

Over the years, some of our contirubutors have shared the story of how they joined the Foreign Service, and their early assignments.

Tell Me, Miss… by Elizabeth Krijgsman

Just Part of the Job by J. Edgar Williams

The Token Hillbilly by J. R. Bullington

Then, Now, and In-between by Renee Earle

The Fateful Voyage of the Albatross by Roy M. Melbourne

More stories from early foreign service experiences

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Diplomats Who Are Authors

BookCoverfrom Peace Works by Rick Barton

The doctor wanted to save lives, but not this way. Only in his mid-30s, the Syrian's sensitive face bore the fatigue, sadness, and worries of war. He saw little reason for hope. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he spoke of his inability to take care of the children. "I cannot even find the simplest medicine. Illnesses that I could once treat within minutes are now a chronic problem."

Winds of Change
Chapter 6 of The Atlanticists:
A Story of American Diplomacy

by Ken Weisbrode

…by the time he was "drafted" to the presidency, Dwight Eisenhower was far more surefooted than Harry Truman ever could have hoped to be in 1945. He was also a good deal more devious. In crafting his so-called hidden hand presidency, Eisenhower almost always let others take the credit, and the blame, for the administration's actions. The histrionic Dulles was practically typecast for the part of foreign policy guru; yet there is little sign that he ever let himself forget who was in charge. This put the State Department in an odd position. The bureaus were consulted far less than they had been under Acheson; often they claimed to be embarrassed by Dulles's speeches and his obsequiousness toward members of Congress. Their interactions with the hatchet men of the front office—hired to appease Senator McCarthy and his backers—were unpleasant, to put it mildly. Yet with regard to Europe, the advent of Dulles did not present an altogether unhappy prospect.

2017 Into the Dark Soil from She Receives the Night
by Robert Earle

2017 Warm Beer and Green Wine from Behind the 7th Veil
by Barry Fulton

2017 Two Pumps for the Body Man, Chapter 11
by B.A.

2015 Chapter 17: At Sea
by Bruce Byers

2014 After Apple Picking/
by Robert Earle

2014 Cacao cum Cocoa
by Mark Wentling

2014 The American Mission
by Matthew Palmer

2014 Flame
by Barry Fulton

2013 Cosa Buena
by Robert Earle

2013 Farishta
by Patricia McArdle

2013 Savarona
by J. Patrick

2013 The Ambassador to Everland
by Howard Cincottta

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Eyewitness: Foreign Service Stories

James and the Moscow Goons
by Peter Bridges

Of course the KGB was not supposed to touch foreign diplomats, given our diplomatic immunity. Still they did so, on occasion. Two of our military attachés visited Odessa and woke up in their hotel room late in the morning, realizing that they had been gassed and their belongings had been ransacked. Sometime after I left Moscow we opened a consulate general in what was then Leningrad. Early one morning our consul general went out on his usual run, and was joined by two hefty fellow runners who jogged alongside him for a bit and then knocked him into a wall, fracturing his shoulder. The consul general was Jewish. This was the KGB's delicate way of warning us to stop looking into the plight of Soviet Jews.

Tell Me, Miss…
by Elizabeth Krijgsman

…I sulked for a while. Then I realized that becoming a Foreign Service Officer might have even more of what I was looking for in a career: I would travel less, but I would live in beautiful foreign capitals. I would be important and respected. The pay would be better. There would be better opportunities for advancement. I would have a diplomatic passport, and a car with diplomatic plates.

From the National Archives
"We Found Ourselves Living in the Midst of a Battlefield"
The Experiences of the U.S. Consulate General in Warsaw on the Outbreak of World War II September 1939
by David A. Langbart

…Commencing with September 1st, the city was subjected to daily bombings from the air. At first these were confined to bridges, railway freight yards, factories and similar objectives. Later, however, various parts of the city were subjected to air attacks and it was difficult to determine exactly what objectives were being sought. The air raiding became steadily more intense and the raids were so numerous that all count was lost of them. On some days there were as many as nine raids, some seemingly made by 60 or 70 planes. On the roof of the chancery were painted two large American flags and a large bunting flag was also placed there and, whether for this or some other reason only one air bomb fell close to it, and this fortunately did not explode. One air bomb also fell in the garden of the Ambassador's residence, but this likewise did not explode. Commencing about September 9th, the city was subjected to a much more nerve-wracking and serious danger in the form of shelling by field guns of varying sizes. Several shells exploded in the rooms of the Consulate General, doing very serious damage, and the building was struck in many other places. The building immediately south of the chancery, and which physically touched it, was directly struck by five shells, fragments of which hit the chancery in many places and the concussion of which shattered all of the glass in the front part of the chancery building.

Cold War Humor, 1953 by David Langbart

What Goes Up Must Come Down: Dealing With the International Aspects of the Demise of SKYLAB, Part I by David Langbart


Foreign Service Accounts from the Oral History Archives (ADST.ORG)
In this issue, we present another installment of U.S. international development stories.

The Economic Cooperation Act, better known as the Marshall Plan, was signed into law on April 3, 1948, 70 years ago. The act resulted from close cooperation between the Democratic Truman Administration and the Republican-led Congress. Under the Marshall Plan, between 1948 and 1951, the United States provided $13.3 billion ($150 billion in 2017 dollars) in assistance to 16 European countries. Follow the accounts of U.S. diplomats Jacob J. Kaplan, Thomas Wilson, Herman Kleine, William Parks, John Gunther Dean, and Everett Bellows, who worked to carry it out.

John Gunther Dean: "We Were Building a New World."


Carol A Peasley
Peasley recounts USAID's early work in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union to build a market economy and new civil society, including with Vladimir Putin, Yegor Gaidar, and Mikhail Khodorkovsky.
Interview covers: Moving with a military family; University of California, Santa Barbara; Sussex University in Britain; Nepal; Latin America; Thailand; Africa; Russia; interagency cooperation; women in the Foreign Service
"… he (Ambassador James Collins after Vladimir Putin's first inauguration in 2000) also added that no one knew how Russia’s political transition would turn out, but he was confident that Russia could never be closed down and isolated as it had been during the Soviet period. Russian people had already been exposed to much to the rest of the world; it could never be closed down again. I try to remember that when I look at the Russia of today."



William Stacey Rhodes
Interview covers: Occidental College, Johns Hopkins, long-term training: Terry Sanford School Duke University, Central America, Haiti, Morocco, Nepal, South Africa, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Peace Corps
"Finally, to get into the morality—or even 'metaphysics'—of it all, for just a final minute; Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday was yesterday. He gave many great speeches, but in one he says—if I can paraphrase it—something like, "The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice." But he and others have pointed out that it doesn't bend by itself. …It only bends from people who go out 'into the arena', and actually fight for what they believe is right. People have to bend it! We have had the chance to do that in our own American way, and to help those in poorer and tougher places to make great strides for themselves and their countrymen."

Julius E. Coles
Interview covers: Morehead College, Princeton, Peace Corps, Vietnam, Morocco, Liberia, Nepal, Swaziland, Senegal, Howard University Ralph Bunche Center, Africare
"Yes I think there is what they call donor fatigue in some countries, in some parts of the world. I think given the problems and the magnitude of the problems in the African continent, [and that is] to say that you have donor fatigue is to give up on 800 million people. I don't think the world can do that."


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Hard Times for the Africa Bureau 1974-1976   Easum, Donals 7/2010
Pre-Foreign Service Life   Williams, J. Edgar 6/2010
The Foreign Service In Crisis Mode, and Undergoing Reform   Cotter, Michael W. 5/2010
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Secret Mission   Lesser, Larry 3/2010
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State Department Town Hall Meeting on Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review   transcript 7/2009
Diplomatic DX: A Foreign Service Officer's Ham Radio Memoir   Bullington, J.R. 7/2009
Secretary Clinton at Foreign Affairs Day   Transcript 5/2009
Living with Terrorism in Buenos Aires, 1970-75   Williams, J. Edgar 4/2009
AFSA Meeting with Secretary Clinton   AFSA 4/2009
Maris Girgis ant the Copts of Egypt   Sommers, William 4/2009
Island Hoppin OAP's   Bergesen, Bobbie 3/2009
Boy from Mizda   Russell, Kirsten 3/2009
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Old Bombay and the Mumbai Massacres   Byers, Bruce 1/2009
Kremlin-Watching in Togo   Morris, Kelly J. 8/2008
Three Kings and Two Queens   Williams, J. Edgar 8/2008
Experiences of Tuy-Cam in Hue   Bullington, J.R. 7/2008
Memorable Figures Encountered Along the Way   Mattox, Henry E. 7/2008
Then, Now, and In-between   Earle, Renee 5/2008
Sixty Years of Studying Malaya/Malaysia   Palmer, Ronald D. 3/2008
Waiting for Rain: Journal of a Former Peace Corps Volunteer's Return to Niger   Kelley, Tom 3/2008
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Destination: Cambodia   Jue, Stanton 3/2006
How I Became Interested in a Career in Diplomacy: It Was Willy Nilly   Riedel, Bobbie Bergesen 3/2006
Jeddah and the 1991 Gulf War   O'Barr-Breedlove, Ann Gaylia 3/2006
Letter from Niger: February 2006   Bullington, J. R. 2/2006
The Mystery of the Hidden Files   Krhounek, Kimberly 1/2006
One's Duty to Earn One's Rights   Ernst, Roger 1/2006
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One Man's Foreign Service Career   McCusker, Paul D. 10/2005
Behind the Rhetoric   Rhynhold, Jonathan 10/2005
Just Part of the Job   Williams, J. Edgar 10/2005
Torrential Rainstorms in Sri Lanka, 1957   Fritz, Carl R. 10/2005
We'll Always Have Paris   Mattox, Henry E. 10/2005
From Toy Soldiers to Vietnam   Strasser, Daniel 8/2005
From Toy Soldiers to Vietnam   Strasser, Daniel 8/2005
Joining: Anthropology or the Foreign Service   Coon, Carlton S. 8/2005
Joining: From Soldier to Diplomat   Iossi, Martin 8/2005
Joining: India Called and I Tried to Answer   Schoonover, Richard 8/2005
Joining: It All Started with the Peace Corps   Schoonover, Brenda Brown 8/2005
Joining:Doing as Little Mischief as Possible   Brown, John 8/2005
Plus Ca Change   Cotter, Michael W. 8/2005
Letter from Niger: September 2005   Bullington, J. R. 8/2005
Joining: Out of Science   Jones, David T. 8/2005
Joining: Promise Fulfilled   Palmer, Ronald D. 8/2005
Joining: Real hardship Post   Williams, J. Edgar 8/2005
Joining: Token Hillbilly   Bullington, J. R. 8/2005
Joining: Unrecognized Revolution   Harper, Edward 8/2005
Letter from Niger: June 2005   Bullington, J. R. 6/2005
Joining the Foreign Service   Areitti, Michael 5/2005
Joining the Foreign Service   Bloch, Daivd 5/2005
Joining the Foreign Service   Harrop, William C. 5/2005
Joining the Foreign Service   Hornblow, Michael 5/2005
Joining the Foreign Service   Mattox, Henry E. 5/2005
Joining the Foreign Service   Melbourne, Roy M. 5/2005
Embalming History   Angell. James B. 5/2005
Lost in Traffic   Barry, David F. 5/2005
George Kennan: A Personal Appreciation   Iossi, Milton 4/2005
Letter from Niger: March 2005   Bullington, J. R. 3/2005
Diplomat's Progress   Assoc. Ed. 1/2005
Letters from the Front   Crow, Trampes P. 7/2004
Letters from the Front   Varhola, Christopher 6/2004
Letters from the Front   Crow, Trampers C. 6/2004
Haiti and the Mystery of Voodoo   Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2004
AID Education Efforts in East Africa, 1963-66: A Personal Memoir   Fritz, Carl R. 4/2004
Letter from Niger: April 2004   Bullington, J. R. 4/2004
American Deterrence in the Taiwan Straits   Lavere, Rick 3/2004
Frontstadt Berlin: Travel Notes From the Cold War   Heichler, Lucian 2/2004
Huaraz   Teal, Christopher 1/2004
Letter from Niger: January 2004   Bullington, J. R. 1/2004
The Flood in Lisbon   Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2003
My Dependent Wife   Heichler, Lucian 12/2003
Living with Terror   Rubenstein, Irwin 11/2003
Letter from Niger, May 2003   Bullington, J. R. 10/2003
Yes, An Interesting Life   Rubenstein, Estelle 9/2003
A Peaceful Sunday in Guanajuato   St. John, John J. 8/2003
La diplomacia en las crises   Sanz, Luis Santiago 8/2003
Letter from Niger, May 2003   Bullington, J. R. 6/2003
Crises and Evacuations: A Curious Definition of Hardship   Connor, Julie Gianelloni 4/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Adversity Brings People Together   Chidester, Judy 4/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Evacuating Nha Trang   Adamson, David 4/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Evacuation from Sanaa, Yemen   Stewart, Bill 4/2003
Crises and Evacuations: It's a Small World   Anderson, Pam 4/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Personal Stories   Various 4/2003
Crises and Evacuations: Starting Off with a Bang   Seals, Kyla J. 4/2003
Crises and Evacuations: We're Number One   Flam, Eli 4/2003
Letter from Niger, February 2003   Bullington, J. R. 4/2003
Return to Vienna   Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2003
Via delle Montagne Rocciose   Heichler, Lucian 4/2003
A Witch of a Cook   Tabler-Stone, Melinda 1/2003
A Worm's Eye View of the High and Mighty   Dale, William N. 1/2003
Assignment Guatemala, 1968: An Early Encounter With Terrorism   Ruge, Helga 1/2003
Vignettes from a Tour in Albania   Weech, William 1/2003
Little Red Schoolhouse   Reuckert, Evelyn D. 12/2002
Letter from Niger: November 2002   Bullington, J.R. 12/2002
Marriage 1961 Style   Nixon, Jack L. 10/2002
We Once Lived in Russia   Matthewman, Robin 10/2002
Letter from an Unbalanced Woman   Nixon, Jack L. 10/2002
But What Do You Do?   Brown, John L. 9/2002
Letter from Niger: August 2002   Bullington, J.R. 8/2002
The American Bald Eagle   Heichler, Lucian 8/2002
The Imperfect Butler   Bergesen, Bobbie 8/2002
Bulgaria and the 1990 Gulf War Coalition   Handley, John M. 7/2002
Letter From Niger: June 2002   Bullington, J.R. 7/2002
On the Road to Kabul   King, Gordon 7/2002
The Brujas of Saipan   Bergesen, Bobbie 6/2002
The Riot: A Family Story   Benson, Pamela Cohelan 6/2002
Letter From Niger -- April 2002   Bullington, J. R. 4/2002
Babalu At Churi Dang   Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2002
Into Africa   Heichler, Lucian 3/2002
Serving in Zaire, 1982-1986   Lezin, Arthur S. 3/2002
Letter   Bullington, J. R. 2/2002
On the Bangledesh Rocket   Bergesen, Bobbie 2/2002
Mission to Mozambique   Arenales, Alfonso 2/2002
A Return to the Kremlin   Sommerlatte, Karl 1/2002
A Riot for Dinner   Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2001
Letter From Niger -- The War on Terrorism: The View From the Niger Front   Bullington, J. R. 12/2001
September 2001 Letter from Niger   Bullington, J. R. 10/2001
The Arm in the Right Uniform   Bergesen, Bobbie 8/2001
French with a Few Tears (Reprint)   Underhill, Francis 8/2001
Bullington on the Niger River: AIDS and Volunteer Mariage   Bullington, J. R. 8/2001
Unwitting Cannibals   Dale, William N. 7/2001
Letter from Niger: Fourth Installment   Bullington, J. R. 6/2001
Devil's Diplomat in Mid-West America, The   Sherman, Rick 3/2001
Letter from Niger: Christmas in Niamey   Bullington, J. R. 3/2001
Michael Jordan in North Korea, Revisited   Schmiel, Gene 3/2001
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Unpleasant and Unpromising Captain Q, The   Sherman, Edric Rick 8/2000
Welcome to the Real Foreign Service   Cotter, Michael W. 8/2000
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Secretary of State Kissinger and CSCE Negotiations: A Personal View   Stefan, Charles G. 4/2000
Doing the Wrong Thing for the Right Reason   Peck, Edward L. 2/2000
Istanbul Blues   Carlino, Ruby 2/2000
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Many Faces of Christmas   Underhill, Francis 6/1999
Spouses Underground Newsletter   Spouses Underground Newsletter 6/1999
Trip Back in Time, A   Midura, Kelly 6/1999
Humor in the Foreign Service: Not Necessarilry an Oxymoron   Schmiel, Gene 4/1999
Overland by Jeep to Kabul (... Long years ago)   Fritz, Carl R. 4/1999
Present at the Footnote: Excitement Around Here Last Week   Mattox, Henry E. 4/1999
Surviving Double Jeopardy   Huskey, James 4/1999
Ambassador Lodge Corrects the Record   Williams, J. Edgar 2/1999
Riding Free, Into and Out of Haiti: Foreign Service fiction   Nixon, Jack L. 2/1999
Five-can Casserole: Foreign Service recipe for social emergencies   Chidester, Judy 9/1998
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Columbus Discovers America   Williams, Ed 7/1998
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Sans Titre   Nixon, Jack L. 1/1998
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1972 Dubious Achievement Awards for Embassy Port-au-Prince   Nixon, Jack L. 4/1997
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My Time Isn't Always Your Time   Underhill, Francis 4/1997
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End of the Story, The   Williams, Ed 9/1996

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