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American Sheikhs Jones, Curtis 5/2012
The Middle East and the United States Jones, Curtis F. 1/2012
Retrospective on the Infernal Triangle, A: Lebanon, Syria, and Israel Jones, Curtis F. 2/2000
The Arabic Language: It's Place in the Middle East's Culture and Politics Jones, Curtis 8/2002
Brief Remarks on September 11th, 2001 Jones, Curtis F. 9/2001
The American Burden of Hegemony in the Middle East Jones, Curtis F. 12/2001
Lost in the Middle East Jones, Curtis F. 1/2006
Iraq: Musings on Accomplishing the Mission Jones, Curtis F. 1/2005
The Implications of an Independent Kurdish State Jones, Curtis F. 7/2004
Future of Palestine, The Jones, Curtis F. 9/1996
Arab-Israeli Conflict: National Politics vs. Geopolitical Reality Jones, Curtis F. 6/2001
The Middle East: What Do We Do Now? Jones, Curtis F. 3/2006
The Future of Isreal Briefly Considered Jones, Curtis F. 12/2006
The Middle East: Trying to Stop the Clock Jones, Curtis F. 7/1998
"The National Security Strategy" -- A Personal Reaction Jones, Curtis F. 4/2003
Guide for the Aspiring Imperialist Jones, Curtis 6/2013
Arab-Israili Conflict Jones, Curtis F. 7/2001
444 Days of "But Why Did They Seize Us?" Jones, Curtis F. 9/2003
Governing Syria After Asad Jones, Curtis F. 8/2000
The Other Side of Powell's Record Jones, Christopher M. 3/2006
Middle East: New Ambiance - New U.S. Policy? Jones, Curtis F. 12/2011
The American Trajectory Jones, Curtis 9/2012
Army Specialized Training Program, The: Gateway to the Foreign Service Jones, Curtis F. 1/1998
Terrorism: Its Cause and Cure Jones, Curtis F. 3/1997
When is a "Coup" not a Coup? Jones, Curtis 9/2013
The Battle for Control of the Middle East Jones, Curtis  4/2014
The Anachronism of Empire Jones, Curtis F.  1/2014
Bio Sketches Melbourne, Roy M.; Jones, Curtis F.; Dale, William N.; Mattox, Robert W.; Crigler, T. Frank; 3/1997
Us Against Them on Terrorism Jones, Curtis F. 9/1998
Anti-Americanism: Who's to Blame Jones, Curtis 2/2013
Sharon's Barricade Briefly Considered Jones, Curtis F. 10/2003
Peace Through Assimilation Jones, Curtis F. 4/2007
The Contemporary Middle East Jones, Curtis 6/2013
The Five Myths of Terrorism_ã”Including That It Works Jones, Curtis 8/2013
Brief Comments on James Bamford's Body of Secrets Jones, Curtis F. 8/2001
Terrorism: It's Cause and Cure (Reprint) Jones, Curtis F. 9/2001

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