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Worlds Apart Kiehl, William P.  12/2011
While America Sleeps Kagan, Donald; Kagan,  03/2001
When is a War Not a War? Keister, Todd 01/2008
Waiting for Rain: Journal of a Former Peace Corps Volunteer's Return to Niger Kelley, Tom 03/2008
United Nations and the Corporate Agenda, The Korten, David C. 10/1997
U.S.-EU Cooperation on Counter Terrorism Kerber, Frank 06/2007
The state of the State Deparment is concerning but not dire Kiehl, William P. 12/2017
The Mystery of the Hidden Files Krhounek, Kimberly 01/2006
The Go Home Option Keeley, Robert V. 01/2007
The Covert Confederacy Abroad Kickler, Troy 05/2006
The Clash of Cognitions: The United States, China, and Strategic Thinking Kerbel, Josh 02/2009
Testing American Foreign Policy: Indecision is Our Fatal Flaw Kohn, Richard H. 04/1999
Terrorism: How it is Unlike the Cold War Kenney, Nicholas Allen 01/2003
Ten Principles of Operational Diplomacy: a proposed framework Kreutzer, Paul 06/2014
Tell Me, Miss Krijgsman, Elizabeth 04/2018
TISS Conference Report: Bridging Gaps In the Study of Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy Kohn, Richard H.; TISS 04/1998
State's Adjunct 'Accidental Diplomats': Foreign Service Spouses. Book: Hughes' The Accidental Diplomat: Dilemmas of the Trailing Spouse Killen, Linda 02/2000
Russia Against Napoleon Kursch, Donald 05/2011
Riding Off into Sunset Kiehl, William P.  04/2018
Religion and Public Diplomacy Kovacs, Peter  03/2014
Reflections on Vietnam Keiswetter, Allen 01/2017
Public Opinion and International Intervention Kotok, Alan 11/2012
Public Diplomacy with a high powered take-off Kennedy, George  11/2013
Pragmatism Vs. Populism in South America Kellberg, Joen 10/2006
Practice of Public Diplomacy Kiehl, William P.  06/2011
On the Road to Kabul King, Gordon 07/2002
On foreign threats and 'the calm before the storm' Kiehl, William P. 12/2017
Normalizing Relations with Cuba Kline, Michael 01/2009
Needed: A Unitary Diplomatic Service of the United States of America Kinney, Stephanie  01/2009
My Life as a Russian Diplomat in Africa Kokorev, Vladimir 10/2010
Moment of Truth: Ch 17 of Cotton Fields to Summits Kennedy, George  12/2017
Letter of Resignation Kiesling , John Brady 04/2003
Latest on State Department Reform Kinney, Stephanie S. 12/2000
James W. Gerard: His Image of Imperial Germany, 1913-1918 Kampmark, Binoy 04/2003
In Memoriam: William A. Bader Kiehl, William P. 05/2016
In Memoriam Reginald Bartholomew Kursch, Donald 03/2013
Humpty Dumpty Redux: Saving Public Diplomacy Kiehl, William P. 03/2008
From Women at War to Foreign Affairs Scholar Kurtz, Ann White 06/2006
Foreign Affairs for the 21st Century Kiehl, William P. 02/2010
Foreign Affairs Oral History Program, The Kennedy, Charles Stuart 12/1996
Foreign Affairs Oral History Program Kennedy, Stuart 01/1998
False Dissenters: Manhattan Project Scientists and  Kirstein, Peter N. 03/2001
Economic Reforms in Cuba? Kline, Michael 10/2010
Divided Nation, United Military: The Burmese Government as Junta Par Excellence  Koo, Matthew  04/2015
Developing Diplomats for 2010: If Not Now, When? Kinney, Stephanie S. 08/2000
Crisis in Ukraine Kiehl, William P. 02/2014
Covert Action and U.S. Foreign Policy Knott, Stephen 01/2007
Counterterrorism and the Itegration of Islam in Europe Klausen, Jytte 07/2006
Consular Affairs and Diplomacy Kunsman, June 05/2011
Civilian Control of the Military Kohn, Richard H. 03/1997
Can Humpty Dumpty Be Saved? Kiehl, William P. 11/2003
Books of Interest September 2016 Kiehl, William P. 09/2016
Books of Interest September 2015 Kiehl, William P. 09/2015
Books of Interest October 2015 Kiehl, William P. 10/2015
Books of Interest June 2016 Kiehl, William P. 06/2015
Books of Interest October 2015 Kiehl, William P. 11/2015
Books of Interest January 2016 Kiehl, William P. 01/2016
Biographical Sketches, American Diplomacy Staff and Board Fritz, Carl R.; Kohn, Richard H.; Mattox, Henry E.; Moon, Richard Bartlett; Williams, J. Edgar 04/1997
Banker as Diplomat: Thomas W. Lamont in Post-World War I Japan Kilgroe, Louisa E. 06/1999
Balancing Moral Comitments and National Interests Kurtzer, Daniel 06/2012
Arabists, The: WASP Missionaries to Arabia. Book: Kaplan's The Arabists: The Romance of an American Elite Kolodner, Michael 04/2000
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service: The politics of diplomacy Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service: The life of a diplomat Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service: The conduct of diplomacy Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service: The Secretary of State Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service: Public diplomacy Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service: Diplomatic security Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service: Diplomacy as a career Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Americas Other Army: Inside the Foreign Service: Consular Affairs Kralev, Nicholas 06/2004
Africans without a privilege: Is the Maghreb the Black Swan of US diplomacy? Bousaria & Kabir  10/2013
A US Citizen by Surprise Kunsman, June 01/2017
A Retrospective in Humility: Lessons for Young Development Professionals Knight, Elizabeth 10/2017

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