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Launching a Journal: The Editor's Gratitude Mattox, Henry E. 12/1996
In This Issue: Some Serious Stuff Mattox, Henry E. 12/1996
U.S. Presidents, Military Service, and the Electorate Mattox, Henry E. 9/1996
Editor's Lament, An Mattox, Henry E. 9/1996
American Diplomatic Practice Redefined Melbourne, Roy M. 9/1996
Saigon Medical Care, 1959-1961 McIntyre, Donald, M.D. 10/1997
American Diplomacy: Ambassadors, Senators, and the System Mattox, Henry E. 10/1997
Case of the Typewriter, The Mattox, Henry E. 10/1997
New Russia, The: Thanksgiving 1996 Moon, Keith 3/1997
Japan at War: Kobe and the Exchange Melbourne, Roy 3/1997
Call for Papers (In a Manner of Speaking), A Mattox, Henry E. 3/1997
Bio Sketches Melbourne, Roy M.; Jones, Curtis F.; Dale, William N.; Mattox, Robert W.; Crigler, T. Frank; 3/1997
Money Crunch: Can We Afford Diplomacy: Are We Seeing the Twilight of Professional Diplomacy? Mattox, Henry E. 3/1997
Biographical Sketches, American Diplomacy Staff and Board Fritz, Carl R.; Kohn, Richard H.; Mattox, Henry E.; Moon, Richard Bartlett; Williams, J. Edgar 4/1997
On the Study of War Mattox, Henry E. 4/1997
Adventures in a Cairo souk Mattox, Shelley 4/1997
Present at the Footnote Mattox, Henry E. 1/1998
Vietnam Reconsidered Marks, Edward 1/1998
Trials of Concurrent Jurisdiction, The: The Case of Rwanda Morris, Madeline H. 1/1998
Cultural Characteristics & Foreign Affairs Melbourne, Roy 1/1998
Bijeljina, the Second Time Around Matheron, Richard 4/1998
Dr. Strangelove, I Presume? Mattox, Henry E. 4/1998
Our Timely Presentations on Matters Controversial Mattox, Henry E. 7/1998
Fulbright Interlude in Nigeria, A Mattox, Henry E. 7/1998
How to Link Democratic Governance with Economic Growth Mitchell, Robert J. 9/1998
On Professionalism Among American Ambassadors Mattox, Henry E. 2/1999
In which he identifies by name and position the journal's parent organization Board of Directors, with special reference to additions since the journal's founding in 1996  Mattox, Henry E. 2/1999
Venture in Scholarship: Anti-Americanisn at Ground Level: FSOs Remember the Cold War Caribbean McPherson, Alan 2/1999
Venture in Scholarship: Further Notes on Method Hunt, Michael; Mattox, Henry 2/1999
Venture in Scholarship: What Sort of Venture? Mattox, Henry E. 2/1999
Transitional Governance: A Return to the Trusteeship System? Marks, Edward 2/1999
Testing American Foreign Policy: Use Moral Example Instead of 'Spine' Mitchell, Nancy 4/1999
Present at the Footnote: Excitement Around Here Last Week Mattox, Henry E. 4/1999
Let Sleeping Tsars Lie: The Crurse of the Romanovs  Moon, Keith 4/1999
New Department-and A New Face, A Mattox, Henry E. 4/1999
Testing American Foreign Policy: Editor's Introduction Mattox, Henry E. 4/1999
Religion in Diplomatic History McDougall, Walter A. 6/1999
Trip Back in Time, A Midura, Kelly 6/1999
If This be Victory Mattox, Henry E. 6/1999
Francis Trelease Underhill, Jr. Mattox, Henry E. 9/1999
Sand and Sediment Mattox, Henry E. 9/1999
Kosovo Alternatives Matheron, Richard; Nasi, Andrea; Bullington, J. R. 9/1999
Where Are the Cubans in This War? Book: Perez, The War of 1898 Mitchell, Nancy 9/1999
Diplomatic Readiness Mattox, Henry E. 12/2000
America and the World at the Dawn of a New Century McDougall, Walter A. 2/2000
Boris Yeltsin Enters the History Books Moon, Keith 2/2000
Best and the Rest, The Mattox, Henry E. 2/2000
Unlikely Lady Planter, The. Book: Carr's Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda Matheron, Richard 2/2000
Political terrorism research interest at Duke Univ. Miller, Martin 2/2000
From Post-Cold War to Post-Westphalia Marks, Edward 2/2000
Presidential Military Service  Mitton, Bill 2/2000
Two if by Sea Mattox, Henry E. 4/2000
Warburg Conference: US in the Asian-Pacific: The A View from the Bottom of the Globe McLean, Denis 4/2000
One Example of Natural Allies Mattox, Henry E. 8/2000
Sam Huntington's View of the Cosmos MCFellowes 8/2000
Kaiser Bill and John Bull As Co-Hegemons. Book: Ferguson's The Pity of War Maurer, John H. 8/2000
Religion and Diplomatic History McDougall, Walter A. 10/2001
Art Imitating Life?, Book: Flash Point Mattox, Henry E. 11/2001
Damned if You Do -- And if You Don't Mattox, Henry E. 12/2001
The Changing Definition of Sovereignty Marks, Edward 12/2001
Change, the only constant Mattox, Henry E. 3/2001
American's View of the U.S. Negotiating Style, An McDonald, John W. 3/2001
US & The UN, The: The Reform Trap Marks, Edward 4/2001
New Publisher Enters On Duty Mattox, Henry E. 4/2001
Real Reform Needed, Not Wristonization Mattox, Henry E. 6/2001
Note from the Publisher Moon, Bart 7/2001
Humanitarian Intervention: Special Report on Two Scholarly Conferences Mattox, Henry E. 7/2001
Modalities and Practicalities of Reform to Address Humanitarian Intervention Murphy, Sean D. 7/2001
Stories Out of Africa! Marks, Edward 7/2001
A Rose by Any Other... Mattox, Henry E. 8/2001
Back to the Policy Drawing Board Mattox, Henry E. 9/2001
A Clash of Civilizations -- Real? Potential? Mattox, Henry E. 1/2002
We Once Lived in Russia Matthewman, Robin 10/2002
Response to: Israel An Insoluble Problem Bouwman, Marc; Bauer, M.; Murray, Bernadine; Sommerlatte, Karl 4/2002
The U.N.: Is it really a dangerous place? Marks, Edward 5/2002
National Cultures & Foreign Affairs: Personal Obserations on Their Importance Melbourne, Roy 1/2003
George W. Bush's Theological Diplomacy Mirra, Carl 10/2003
A Curse of Iraq? Mattox, Henry E. 11/2003
Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen... Mattox, Henry E. 12/2003
The Courage of Our Convictions Moskowitz, Ken 4/2003
General Sherman Indubitably Was Right Mattox, Henry E. 4/2003
How to Save the UN—a Personal Statement Mattox, Henry E. 4/2003
THE ISRAELI-PALESTINE CONFLICT: A Procedural Proposal for Resolution Martin, Barclay & Oxenfeldt, Alfred 4/2003
The Domino Theory Revisted Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
Two Years of Achievements Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
Good News Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
Chaos and the Threat to World Peace Mattox, Henry E. 8/2003
What the U.S. Needs to Promote in Iraq McDougall, Walter A. 8/2003
Special Editor’s Message Mattox, Henry E. 8/2003
The Nature of French Diplomacy: Reflections of American Diplomats Mak, Dayton S. 9/2003
We Need Your Suppport Moon, Bart 2/2004
A Statement of Policy on Nonpartisanship Mattox, Henry E. 2/2004
We Need Your Suppport Moon, Bart 2/2004
Changing the Story Mattox, Henry E. 2/2004
Best Nightmare on Earth Mattox, Henry E. 3/2004
Iraq is a Four Letter Word Mattox, Henry E. 4/2004
George Kennan, a Life in the Foreign Service Miscamble, Wilson D. 5/2004
Like Father, Like Son Mattox, Henry E. 6/2004
A Passing Tribute Mattox, Henry E. 10/2005
One Man's Foreign Service Career McCusker, Paul D.  10/2005
We'll Always Have Paris Mattox, Henry E. 10/2005
Other Regions and Topics, Other Problems Mattox, Henry E. 12/2005
Swatting Flies with a Hammer Mattox, Henry E. 2/2005
Kennan: The Passing of a Legend Mattox, Henry E. 3/2005
Rehabilitating Diem Through Dim Saigon Eyes Maye, Paul D. 3/2005
No Cold War, No Korean War Millet, Allen R. 3/2005
Democracy as a Possible Two-Edged Sword Mattox, Henry E. 3/2005
Joining the Foreign Service Melbourne, Roy M. 5/2005
The Origins of the Species Mattox, Henry E. 6/2005
To Be Or Not to Be: A United States of Europe? Mattox, Henry E. 6/2005
First Things First Mattox, Henry E. 7/2005
The End of Cheap Oil Once Again Munk, Bernard E. 10/2006
Iraq: Cut and Walk? Mattox, Henry 12/2006
Energy Independence is not Energy Security Munk, Bernard E. 3/2006
Does Inflexibility Equate to Strength? Mattox, Henry E. 3/2006
On Nepal and Democracy Mattox, Henry E. 5/2006
Dining with Great Uncle Fulano And Other Curious Events Moon, Bart 6/2006
Trip to Iraq and Kuwait April 2006 McCaffrey, Barry R. 6/2006
Next Up--Osama? Mattox, Henry E. 6/2006
Between Iraq and a Hard Place Mattox, Henry E.  7/2006
Change of the Guard: New Book Review Editor Mattox, Henry E. 8/2006
Dulles and the Suez Crisis of 1956. A fifty-year-look back  Matthews, John P.C. 9/2006
Saddam as Pan-Africanist? Mattox. Henry 1/2007
Summit Meetings of the Second World War Mayle, Paul D.  1/2007
Life is a Foreign Language Mattox, Henry 10/2007
Combating Islamic Terrorism in Europe Baker, Kristen; Mirchell, James; Tindall, Brian 11/2007
Termites in the Lampshades Moon, Calista 2/2007
War and the Military in American History McDougall, Walter A.  4/2007
Three Years Before the Mast Marks, Edward 4/2007
Visit to Iraq and Kuwait 9-16 March 2007 McCaffrey, Barry R. 4/2007
Boris Yeltsin Enters the History Books Moon, Bart 5/2007
Account of an Unlikely Return Mattox, Henry 5/2007
Hail and Farewell Mattox, Henry 7/2007
Musicians and Diplomats Contrasted  Mattox, Henry 9/2007
Reminiscences from Gaza 1981-1985  McAndrew, J. Thomas  9/2007
Looming Threats — Then and Now Mattox, Henry 1/2008
Looming Threats - Then and Now Mattox, Henry 1/2008
Adventures in Service with Peace Corps in Niger Mattox, Henry 1/2008
The Boys from Dolores Moon, Bart 1/2008
Security First: For a Muscular, Moral Foreign Policy Mattox, Henry  10/2008
Religion Law and Politics Coming Together in Iraq McFarlane, Robert 10/2008
Why the Colombia Free Trade Agreement is Right for Colombia and America McCarter, Clay 11/2008
Report from Iraq - November 2008 McCaffrey, Barry R. 11/2008
Adventures in Service with Peace Corps in Niger Mattox, Henry 2/2008
God and Politics: An Inside Perspective on Religious Peacemaking in Iraq Maki, Peter 3/2008
Retirement from Iraq--When? Mattox, Henry 3/2008
The American Ascendancy Mattox, Henry 6/2008
Memorable Figures Encountered Along the Way Mattox, Henry 7/2008
Kremlin-Watching in Togo Morris, Kelly J. 8/2008
Afghanistan: We Cannot Allow Ourselves to Fail McCaffrey, Barry R.  9/2008
The Last Crusade Marks, Edward  9/2008
War & Diplomacy: From World War I to the War on Terrorism Mattox, Henry 9/2008
Narco-Violence in Mexico: A Growing Threat to U.S. Security  McCaffrey, Barry R. 1/2009
Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us And What We Can Do About It Marks, Edward 11/2009
Auyantepui Moon, Bart 12/2009
AFRICOM: Problems and Possible Remedies Marks, Edward 2/2009
Rebellion of Ronald Reagan Merrit, Jeff 5/2009
Ideology and U.S. Foreign Policy Mattox, Henry 6/2009
Greatest Gift: New Zealand's Alliance with the United States McGibbon, Ian 7/2009
Comment On: End Political Appointments to Embassies Marks, Edward 9/2009
Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy Murphy, Dennis M.  2/2010
U.S. FOREIGN POLICY TOWARD ETHIOPIA AND SOMALIA 1974-1980 Mantzikos, Ioannis 2/2010
Future of U.S. Public Diplomacy McHale, Judith  3/2010
Great Negotiations: Agreements That Changed the Modern World Mattox, Henry E.  3/2010
Next Generation Department of State Marks, Edward  3/2010
Letter from Lubumbashi Marks, Edward 9/2010
Avenue Gabriel Moon, Bart  9/2010
Letter from Colombo 1986 Marks, Edward  9/2010
Divide and Perish Mattox, Henry E.  1/2011
Religion, Terror, and Error Morris, Greta N. 11/2011
Letter from Praia, 1978 Marks, Edward 2/2011
Letter from Praia, 1979 Marks, Edward 3/2011
Letter from Guinea-Bissau, 1978 Marks, Edward 4/2011
Letter from Guinea-Bissau, 1980 Marks, Edward 5/2011
Letter from Guinea-Bissau, 1979 Marks, Edward 5/2011
Launching American Diplomacy Mattox, Henry E.  9/2011
The Brcko Experience Murphy, Dennis M.  3/2012
Turkey's New Foreign Policy in the New World Muzalevsky 4/2012
Chocolate Nations Marks, Edward 6/2012
Imperial Designs Morris, Greta 10/2013
National Security: Terrorism and Violent Regime Change McNamara, Thomas E.  10/2013
The revisionist's apology: The current police chief of Norway apologizes for the arrest of the Jews in 1942 Murphree, Robert 11/2013
What can be learned in three years of on-the-job training Marks, Edward  11/2013
Leveraging American Security Policy in the Caribbean: Rafael Trujillo, the Axis Threat, and Jewish Refugees from Europe in the 1930’s Mottale, Morris 11/2013
Rebalancing National Security Policy After Afghanistan and Iraq McNamara, Thomas E.  11/2013
Farishta McArdle, Patricia  12/2013
For American Foreign Policy, No Good Options Marks, Wilkinson, Harrop  6/2013
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il Maurer , William 9/2013
Spies Marks, Edward  11/2014
Marxist Theoretical Debates in Europe during the Cold War Mottale, Morris 2/2014
Two Cheers for Striped Pants Marks, Edward 4/2014
American diplomacy in Tunisia in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Manai, Adel 4/2014
The United States and Latin America: Individuals and Institutions McNamara, Thomas 5/2014
The Islamic Republic of Iran: The Genesis of its Foreign Policy since 1979 Mottale, Morris 11/2015
Farishta Chapter 6 McArdle  12/2015
The State Department Boys Marks, Edward 3/2015
Strategic Challenges After The 9/11 Wars McNamara, Thomas  3/2015
The Trio of the Serious Marks, Edward and Cox, Robert 5/2015
D5 the Transformation of Digital Government Massoglia, Anna  5/2015
United Kingdom on today═s international stage Mathieu, Kenneth 6/2015
Foreign Service Masochism Marks, Edward 6/2015

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