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Amendments to the Governance Structure of the Holy See and Canon Law during the European Migration Crisis Ujhazi, Lorand 12/2017
French with a Few Tears (Reprint) Underhill, Francis 08/2001
Many Faces of Christmas Underhill, Francis 06/1999
Rockefellers Come to Call, The: Close Calls on Protocol in Malaysia Underhill, Francis 09/1998
Where Does Violence Come From? Underhill, Francis 07/1998
Is War Obsolescent? Underhill, Francis 04/1998
Brassed Off at NDU Underhill, Francis 01/1998
My Time Isn't Always Your Time Underhill, Francis 04/1997
Advice to a Fledgling Diplomat Underhill, Francis 03/1997
French with a Few Tears Underhill, Francis 12/1996

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