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"Somewhere in France, Somewhere in Germany" Abrahamson, James L. 2/2012
"Humanistic Political Realism:" Power Politics' Via Media Abrahamson, James L. 12/2003
Coming War With Iraq Abrahamson, James L. 1/2003
Global Terrorism and the Future of Iraq Abrahamson, James L. 9/2003
Iraq After Two Years Abrahamson, James L. 4/2005
Facing the Islamist Challenge Abrahamson, James L. 11/2005
Reinstituting the Draft: Antiwar Activism in Disguise Abrahamson, James L. 4/2003
"Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Bombs" Abrahamson, James L. and O'Meara, Andrew Jr 8/2005
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Abrahamson, James L. 11/2011
Veterans Day Abrahamson, James L.  11/2010
Will the West-and the United States-Go the Distance? Abrahamson, James L.  6/2007
"Problems, Problems, and the Real Problem" Abrahamson, James L  8/2006
"Obama, Netanyahu And the Middle East" Abrahamson, James L. 6/2011
"When Selecting a Diplomatic Strategy, First Know Your Enemy" Abrahamson, James L.  2/2010
Free Should be the Four-Letter Word for Iraq's Future Abrahamson, James L. 5/2004
Comment On: The New Hemispheric Agenda and the Role of Regional and International Organizations Abrahamson, James L. 11/2009
Comment On: How Somali Pirates Could Take Obama Hostage Abrahamson, James L. 6/2009
The Sandia Pioneers Abrahamson, James L. 7/2002
American Empire of Openness: Bacevich's American Empire Abrahamson, James L. 12/2002
Israel's Stragetic Clarity in Syria Abrahamson, James  5/2013
The War of All the People Abrahamson, James L.  12/2012
What Military Officers Need to Know About Civil-Military Relations Abrahamson, James  8/2013
In Europe: A Growing Case for Banning Hezbollah Abrahamson, James  5/2013
Remembering General Ulysses S. Grant Abrahamson, James  7/2013
Death By A Thousand Cuts Abrahamson, James L. 10/2012
Keys to Global Success Abrahamson, James L. 11/2005
The Great Experiment Abrahamson, James  6/2008
Western Media Misunderstanding Egypt Abrahamson, James  8/2013
Rainbow: War Plans that Worked Abrahamson, James L. 5/2005
In Europe: A Growing Case for Banning Hezbollah Abrahamson, James  5/2013
Poison Gas in World War I Abrahamson, James  10/2013
Canada's Midterm Blues: The Harper Government Hits Rocks Abrahamson, James  9/2013
The Iranian Rapprochement Fantasy Abrahamson, James  12/2013
The Hegemonic Demands of Pax Americana Abrahamson, James L. 5/2004
Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad Abrahamson, James L. 9/2008
Interpreting the New Iran Deal Abrahamson, James  12/2013
The Grand Jihad Abrahamson, James L.  9/2010
Islamist or Nationalist: Who is Egypt's Mysterious New Pharaoh? Abrahamson, James  11/2013
Last Days of Europe Abrahamson, James L. 10/2007
America: the Hapless Hegemon? Abrahamson, James L. 4/2003
Other War: Winning and Losing in Afghanistan Abrahamson, James L. 11/2009

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