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Stars and Stripes High Over the Rising Sun. Book: Sarantakes' Keystone American Occupation of Okinawa and U.S. Japanese Relations Bacevich, Andrew J. 2/2002
The Convergence We Need? President Obama and U.S. Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean Baeza, Gonzalo Baeza and Langevin, Mark S. 3/2009
Cuban Missiles and Operation Dragon Rouge Baker , Robert 3/2017
The Edge of the Sahara Baker, Bob 6/2014
Yum Yums Across the Seas Baker, Bob 5/2015
Show Me Your Ear! The Berlin Wall Baker, Bob 11/2014
Darkest Nigeria Baker, Bob 5/2014
Darwin An Aussie Shangri-La Baker, Bob 1/2015
Max Kampelman: Arms Control in Sydney Baker, Bob 9/2015
1930s American Films at Embassy London Baker, Bob 10/2015
My last years in Africa Baker, Bob 2/2014
Bamako Space Show Baker, Bob 10/2014
London Christmas Staff Party Baker, Bob 12/2015
Early Days at London Embassy Baker, Bob 11/2015
Basketball In Mali  Baker, Bob 2/2015
First Foreign Service Post Abroad Baker, Bob 3/2014
Vienna Snow Baker, Bob 10/2014
Call Me Nino Baker, Bob  1/2016
Combating Islamic Terrorism in Europe Baker, Kristen; Mirchell, James; Tindall, Brian 11/2007
Two Hundred Years of American Painting: the Nuts and Bolts of mounting a Major Bicentennial Celebration in Germany Baker, Robert 10/2011
Helen Hayes' Grouch Bag Baker, Robert 3/2012
Angola Terrorist Report Baker, Robert 5/2016
Vaccinating Mali: Posters, Pamphlets, One Slave, One Vampire Bat Baker, Robert 4/2013
Pushing Cookies at the Coal Face Baker, Robert 2/2016
Getting Sick in Africa Baker, Robert 4/2016
The Junior Wells Chicago BLues Band in Bamako, Mali Baker, Robert 1/2013
Moon Rocks at Home Baker, Robert 1/2017
Uganda and triggered observations Baker, Robert 3/2016
Vienna Snow and Soviet Meltdown Baker, Robert 11/2016
Poor Albania After Communism Baker, Robert 10/2013
A Christmas Tale of Swans and Trains, of a President, Kings and Queens Baker, Robert 12/2011
Blackguards in Uganda Baker, Robert 10/2012
God Save the Queen Baker, Robert 5/2012
Basketball In Mali 'Red' Verderame Baker, Robert 9/2016
Repatriation from Wartime Japan  Baker, Robin 2/2000
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 5/2007
El Mercosur En Crisis Baldinelli, Elvio 8/2001
Integraci‚Ź_n Latinoamericana: ‚Ź_xitos y Retrocesos Baldinelli, Elvio 6/1999
El Mercosur Despues de la Devaluacion Baldinelli, Elvio 4/2002
For Argentina: An Offshore Central Bank? Baldinelli, Elvio 3/2002
Consecuencias de la reuni‚Ź_n de Presidentes de America Latina en la Ciudad de C‚Ź_rdoba Baldinelli, Elvio 8/2006
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 6/2007
Latinoamerica Gira a La Izquierda Baldinelli, Elvio 4/2005
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 5/2007
LA CRlSIS POLITÍCA DE LA ARGENTINA Baldinelli, Elvio 10/2003
The Political Crisis in Argentina Baldinelli, Elvio 10/2003
Left and the Right in Latin America Baldinelli, Elvio 4/2009
Argentina: the New Kirchner Government Baldinelli, Elvio 7/2003
La Crisis Politica y Economica in El Cono Sur de America Baldinelli, Elvio 9/2002
The Political and Economic Crisis in the Americas' Southern Cone Baldinelli, Elvio 9/2002
Argentenia and Austrailia: Two Divergent Paths from the Same Beginning Baldinelli, Elvio 10/2001
Con la Creacion de la CELAC se Confirma la Vocaon Latinamericana de Multiplicar Foros con Escaso Futuro Baldinelli, Elvio 6/2012
Consequences of the Meeting of Latin American Presidents in the City of Cordoba: Baldinelli, Elvio 8/2006
Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation Baldyga, Leonard J.  1/2010
Hot Books, Cold War Baldyga, Leonard J.  10/2013
Case Against Pinochet, The: Some Legal and Political Implications Barker, J. Craig 6/1999
About My Husband and the General, part two Barnes, Betsey 4/2015
About My Husband and the General, part one Barnes, Betsey 3/2015
Warburg Conference: India & Pakistan: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons Barnes, Harry G. Jr. 8/2000
Getting Inside Their Mind Barrass, Gordon S. 3/2009
Lost in Traffic Barry, David F. 5/2005
Understanding Democratic Transitions Basora, Adrian 10/2006
Debt and Corruption Bassey, Nnimmo 7/2005
Debt and Corruption Bassey, Nnimmo 7/2005
How My Peace Corps Experience Changed Me, Part 2 Bates, Ralph 9/2011
Turning Points in U.S. Foreign Policy Beckman, Peter 5/2011
Guerrilla Diplomacy: Rethinking International Relations Beckman, Peter R. 9/2009
Democracy's Impact on Civil Society in East Central Europe Beebe, S. D. 6/2002
A Line in the Sand Beecehy, David 4/2012
Margaret Thatcher The Authorized Biography Beechey, David 2/2014
Conflict for a Continent Beechey, David 12/2012
With Our Backs to the Wall Beechey, David 9/2011
Good and Evil in World War II Beechey, David 5/2011
Small Wars, Far Away Places Beechey, David  6/2013
Bush's Targeting of Iran is an Inept Foreign Policy Move Beeman, William O. 2/2002
World Court Ruling Means the Immunity Wears Off, but for Whom? Bekker, Pieter H. F.; Pell, Owen C. 4/2002
Diplomatic Sage of Monticello, The. Book: Kaplan's Thomas Jefferson: Westward the Course of Empire Belohlavek, John M. 9/1999
Neither War Nor Peace: Uncle Sam and the Little Corporal Belohlavek, John M.  5/2006
Reconciling the Arab Initiative with Israel's Core Requirements for Peace Ben-Meir, Alon 7/2008
COMMON STRATEGIC INTERESTS Balancing Support for Israel Against Other American Interests Ben-Meir, Alon 5/2010
National Sovereignty through Decentralization Ben-Meir, Alon 1/2008
A Nuclear Iran Is Not An Option: A New Negotiating Strategy Ben-Meir, Alon 2/2009
Obama's Peace Offensive Ben-Meir, Alon 9/2009
The Case for the Palestinians and a Way Forward Ben-Or, Ruth  11/2013
The Riot: A Family Story Benson, Pamela Cohelan 6/2002
Beyond the Basics: Holistic Humanitarian Assistance for Syrians Berends  3/2017
The Flood in Lisbon Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2003
Tr‚Ź_ia Horse, The Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2000
On the Bangledesh Rocket Bergesen, Bobbie 2/2002
The Arm in the Right Uniform Bergesen, Bobbie 8/2001
Return to Vienna Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2003
The Brujas of Saipan Bergesen, Bobbie 6/2002
Haiti & the Mystery of Voodoo Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2004
A Riot for Dinner Bergesen, Bobbie 12/2001
The Imperfect Butler Bergesen, Bobbie 8/2002
Island Hoppin OAP's Bergesen, Bobbie 3/2009
Babalu At Churi Dang Bergesen, Bobbie 4/2002
U.S. and the UN in World Affairs: Room Enough for Two?, The Berke, Jerrold 4/1997
Multilateralism and the UN: A Modest Proposal for University Training Berke, Jerrold L. 6/1999
Partners in Captial Crime Berlind, Alan 10/2012
A Critical Comment on Grant's Turkey: Support the Indispensable Ally Berlind, Alan D. 3/2002
Innocence Abroad Berlind, Alan D.  5/2006
W(h)ither State? Berlind, Alan D.  3/2006
End Political Appointments to Embassies Berlind, Alan D.  7/2009
NATO and the Environment Berlind, Alan D.  3/2009
The Last American Consul in Puerto Rico, Phillip C. Hanna Berry-Caban, Cristobal  10/2013
The Fun House Mirror and Moribund Public Diplomacy Bishop, Donald M. 5/2014
Religious Liberty, not Religious Tolerance Bishop, Donald M. 6/2015
Public Diplomacy:Time to Debate Change Bishop, Donald M. 2/2015
Assessing Idealistic Interventions, and Elements of a Successful Intervention Strategy Blair, Tony 4/2009
McCarthy and His Enemies, Revisited. Book: Herman's Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the Life and Legacy... Bland, Larry L. 8/2000
Joining the Foreign Service Bloch, Daivd 5/2005
From Progressive to Liberal Internationalism: Congressional Liberals and the Making of a Postwar Consensus Bloodworth, Jeff 10/2008
A Footnote to History: 1942 Bond, Niles W. 8/2002
Books of Interest  Books of Interest  4/2016
Books of Interest  Books of Interest  5/2016
Books of Interest  Books of Interest  1/2016
Books of Interest  Books of Interest  3/2016
Books of Interest  Books of Interest  11/2016
Books of Interest  Books of Interest  2/2016
Images of Revolution and Reality Borg, Parker 3/2011
US Relations with a Changing China Borich, Joseph 7/1998
Africans without a privilege: Is the Maghreb the Black Swan of US diplomacy? Bousaria & Kabir  10/2013
Response to: Israel An Insoluble Problem Bouwman, Marc; Bauer, M.; Murray, Bernadine; Sommerlatte, Karl 4/2002
Liberians Fear of Being Denied Refuge is a Real One Bowman, Melissa 8/2001
Senior Diplomats Address Letter to Secretary of State (& The Secretary's Reply) Boyatt, Thomas; Adair, Marshall P.; Powell, Colin 5/2001
What a Difference aDecade Makes Bradberry, Daivd A. 9/2006
Why I Turned That Page Bradberry, David 5/2006
Civilian and Military Intelligence: A Necessary Dichotomy Bradberry, David 5/2006
Saved, Paradoxically, By Being Shot At Bradberry, David A. 7/2006
After Iraq: Why Conceding Defeat Would Be Good for American Foreign Policy  Brands, Hal 8/2007
Shooting Up: Counter-Insurgency and the War on Drugs Brands, Hal 3/2010
U.S.-Latin American Relations: Quiet Successes and Future Challenges Brands, Hal  8/2008
Guatemala and the Drug Cartels Brands, Hal  9/2009
Exceptional Freedom Bratt, Hal 11/2005
Some Men Named William Hunter Bridges, Peter 10/2005
Donn Piatt: Diplomat and Gadfly Bridges, Peter 2/2007
Old Times on the Soviet Desk Bridges, Peter 1/2016
Georgia and America: Early Contacts Bridges, Peter 11/2011
Mr. Carr Goes to Prague Bridges, Peter 9/1998
High Time to End Our Diplomatic Spoils System Bridges, Peter 2/2013
Beginning a Diplomatic Career:: Embassy Panama, 1959-1961 Bridges, Peter 6/1999
Obesity in Foreign Affairs Bridges, Peter 4/2016
Safirka: Envoy to Somalia Bridges, Peter 4/1998
An Appreciation of Alvey Adee Bridges, Peter 12/2001
Runs, Hikes, and Cops in Bohemia Bridges, Peter  1/2017
Civil War in America, Unification in Italy, and a Developing Relationship Bridges, Peter  6/2013
How the Peace Corps Changed my Life Brooks, Rhoda 3/2011
Why Jimmy Carter has Access to North Korea Brown, Aaron  10/2010
The Elder Statesman: George H. W. Bush in Retrospect Brown, Aaron and Reimer, Mirco 6/2014
Southeast Asia: One year after the Outbreak of the Financial Crisis Brown, David G. 9/1999
A Political Advisor in Wartime Brown, Gordon 10/2016
The Purposes and Cross-Purposes of American Public Diplomacy Brown, John 8/2002
Options for Influence Brown, John 11/2008
What We Talk About When We Talk About Cultural Diplomacy Brown, John 3/2016
American Statecraft Brown, John 4/2014
Joining:Doing as Little Mischief as Possible Brown, John 8/2005
Why America Fights: Patriotism and War Propaganda from the Philippines to Iraq Brown, John 9/2009
Our Indian Wars are Not Over Yet: Ten Ways to Interpret the War on Terror as a Frontier Conflict Brown, John 1/2006
Empire of Ideas Brown, John 4/2013
Letter of Resignation Brown, John 4/2003
Islamic Extremism and the War of Ideas Brown, John 9/2010
Condoleezza Rice: Biographies by Bumiller and Mabry Brown, John 6/2008
Syria's Turmoil: What's Next for the U.S.? Brown, John 10/2013
Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey Brown, John 3/2008
Toward a New Public Diplomacy: Redirecting U.S. Foreign Policy  Brown, John 11/2009
The Foreign Policy Triangle: A Schema to Promote Understanding of the Basis for Foreign Policy Decisions Brown, John 3/2017
The Creation of the American Era Brown, John 10/2013
Fixing Alhurra: Some Small Steps Brown, John 6/2005
Hard Diplomacy and Soft Coercion Brown, John  1/2014
Public Diplomacy and Propaganda: Their Differences Brown, John  9/2008
Lincoln in the World Brown, John  5/2014
Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey Brown, John  4/2008
Cold War Modernist Brown, John  5/2015
Reminiscences of life under communism: Soviet Show trials Brown, John  1/2017
Ruling Russia: Authoritarianism from the Revolution to Putin Brown, John  1/2015
Conflict in Ukraine: The Unwinding of the Post-Cold War Order Brown, John  4/2015
No Enchanted Palace Brown, John H. 3/2010
The Dissent Papers Brown, John H. 5/2012
The Globalization of American Culture Brown, John H. 1/2013
There Is No Freedom Without Bread! 1989 and the Civil War That Brought Down Communism Brown, John H. 2/2010
Bloodlands Brown, John H. 6/2012
The Craft of Political Analysis for Diplomats Brown, John H. 2/2012
We Meant Well Brown, John H.  11/2011
Richard Holbrooke's Public Diplomacy Brown, John H.  1/2011
God and the Atlantic Brown, John H.  6/2011
But What Do You Do? Brown, John L. 9/2002
Slavery in the Sahel Brynn, Edward  11/2008
September 2001 Letter from Niger Bullington, J. R. 10/2001
Bullington on the Niger River: AIDS and Volunteer Mariage Bullington, J. R. 8/2001
Letter from Niger: March 2005 Bullington, J. R. 3/2005
Letter from Niger: Christmas in Niamey Bullington, J. R. 3/2001
Letter From Niger -- April 2002 Bullington, J. R. 4/2002
Letter from Niger: June 2005 Bullington, J. R. 6/2005
Letter Bullington, J. R. 2/2002
Joining: Token Hillbilly Bullington, J. R. 8/2005
Mythed Mythed Opportunities: Comments on Vietnam fromPersonal Experience Bullington, J. R. 8/2000
Letter from Niger: December 2005 Bullington, J. R. 12/2005
Letter from Niger: February 2006 Bullington, J. R. 2/2006
American Interests, American Values, and War in the Balkans Bullington, J. R. 6/1999
Letter from Niger: Fourth Installment Bullington, J. R. 6/2001
Letter from Niger: Peace Corps Adventures in the Sahara Bullington, J. R. 12/2000
Letter From Niger -- The War on Terrorism: The View From the Niger Front Bullington, J. R. 12/2001
Letter from Niger: September 2005 Bullington, J. R. 8/2005
Letter from Niger: Initial impressions of Niger Bullington, J. R. 8/2000
Famine in Niger Bullington, J. R. 9/2005
Coming American Retreat from Global Military Interventions, The Bullington, J. R. 9/1999
Letter from Niger: April 2004 Bullington, J. R.  4/2004
Letter from Niger, May 2003 Bullington, J. R.  6/2003
Letter from Niger, May 2003 Bullington, J. R.  10/2003
Letter from Niger, February 2003 Bullington, J. R.  4/2003
Iraq and Vietnam: Sad and Somber Rhymes Bullington, J. R.  1/2007
Letter from Niger: January 2004 Bullington, J. R.  1/2004
Warrior Diplomat: Vietnam, 1965-70 Bullington, J.R. 1/2017
Experiences of Tuy-Cam in Hue Bullington, J.R. 7/2008
Vietnam Revisited Bullington, J.R. 6/2007
Diplomatic DX: A Foreign Service Officerźs Ham Radio Memoir Bullington, J.R. 7/2009
Expand and Reinvigorate Peace Corps Bullington, J.R. 8/2008
Letter from Niger: November 2002 Bullington, J.R. 12/2002
The Great Cold War: A Journey through the Hall of Mirrors Bullington, J.R. 3/2009
America and the World Bullington, J.R. 11/2008
Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA Review by J. R. Bullington Bullington, J.R. 10/2007
Mobilizing American Soft Power for Twenty-First Century Conflict Bullington, J.R. 1/2008
A Thousand Hills Bullington, J.R. 1/2009
Iraq, the Foreign Service, and Duty Bullington, J.R. 10/2007
FDR's 12 Apostles Bullington, J.R. 11/2007
War Powers: Critical Questions of Clarity Bullington, J.R. 11/2008
Letter From Niger: June 2002 Bullington, J.R. 7/2002
Message from the New Editor Bullington, J.R. 7/2007
Letter from Niger: August 2002 Bullington, J.R. 8/2002
Bad Times in Burma Bullington, J.R. 1/2008
Why Vietnam Matters: An Eyewitness Account of Lessons Not Learned Bullington, J.R.  5/2009
Our New Section: The Spoken Word Bullington, J.R.  1/2008
The Accidental Guerilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One Bullington, J.R.  7/2009
Condi's Valedictory: A Review and Commentary Bullington, J.R.  6/2008
Vietnam Revisited Bullington, James 6/2007
Policing Disorder in Burundi Bullington, James 4/1997
Italy's Meddling... and Our Own Bullington, James 1/1998
Religion and Romance in Wartime Vietnam Bullington, James R. 7/1998
Politics and Change Bullock, James L. 5/2011
Islam vs. Christianity in Medieval Times Burgess, John  8/2007
We Even Got Paid! Burns, David 5/2006
In the Garden of the Beasts Butler, Michael 11/2011
Limits of Diplomacy Byers, Bruce 2/2011
Among the Iranians Byers, Bruce 5/2010
Old Bombay and the Mumbai Massacres Byers, Bruce 1/2009
The United States and Iran: Moving Towards a New Dialogue Byers, Bruce 2/2009
Valentine's Day Murder of U.S. Ambassador Byers, Bruce 2/2016
Engaging Iran's Silent Majority Byers, Bruce 9/2009
Chapter 17: At Sea Byers, Bruce 4/2015
Diplomacy, Analysis, and Decision Making _ the Need for a new Paradigm Byers, Bruce 10/2011
Comment on: How the Egyptian Revolution Emphasized the Sovereignty of the People Byers, Bruce 10/2011
Remembering Ambassador Dubs, and the Future of Afghanistan Byers, Bruce 3/2009
Fearing the Freedom of Speech Byers, Bruce  4/2010
A Nuclear Weapons Free NATO Byrne, Edson and Hlosek  4/2010
Kosovo Alternatives Matheron, Richard; Nasi, Andrea; Bullington, J. R. 9/1999

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