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Quebec enters the millenium Jones, David T. 12/2000
Canada at Mid-Year 2001: A Period of Rumpled Tranquility Jones, David T. 8/2001
Canada at Midyear 2002 Jones, David T. 7/2002
Dissent Again Jones, David T. 4/2003
Canada and Quebec in 2003: A Time of Transition Jones, David T. 9/2003
Canada and Quebec: Prime Minister Martin at the One-Year Mark Jones, David T. 1/2005
Have We Gone to Iraq and Ruin? Jones, David T. 3/2005
Scandal in the Great White North Jones, David T. 4/2005
Comment on the Origins of the Species Jones, David T. 6/2005
Joining: Out of Science Jones, David T. 8/2005
North Korea's Nuclear Explosion: Less Than Meets the Eye Jones, David T.  11/2006
Why Iraq Reminds of Vietnam Jones, David T.  12/2006
Election 2006: Canada Switches Gears Jones, David T. 3/2006
Panama, the Canal, and the USA Briefly (re)visited Jones, David T. 4/2006
A Conservative Canada: 150 Days and Counting Jones, David T.  7/2006
Two Good Policies, Both LIkely Failures Jones, David T.  8/2006
Israel versus Hezbollah: A Rematch Inevitable Jones, David T.  9/2006
Easter Island: What to Learn from the Puzzles? Jones, David T. 10/2007
Quebec Elects and Creates More Questions Jones, David T.  4/2007
Canada and Quebec in July 2007: A Tale of Two Minorities Jones, David T. 7/2007
Tradeoffs--and a Changing Global Climate Jones, David T.  8/2007
Canada Elects Jones, David T.  10/2008
Taking the King's Shilling Jones, David T. 2/2008
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Jones, David T. 3/2008
Canada 2008: Winter of (Mild) Discontent Jones, David T. 3/2008
Canada and Quebec in June 2008: On the Cusp Jones, David 7/2008
The Curious Coincidence: U.S. and Canadian Elections Jones, David T.  9/2008
Editorials and Op-Eds Jones, David T. 1/2009
Fourth Star:_ Four Generals and the Epic Struggle for the Future of the United States Army  Jones, David T. 10/2009
Slouching Away from an Election: Canada in November 2009 Jones, David T. 11/2009
Chas Freeman and the Perils of Articulate Partisanship Jones, David T. 3/2009
NATO at Sixty Jones, David T. 4/2009
Feckless Posturing Jones, David T. 4/2009
Hanged as a Sheep Jones, David T. 7/2009
AFSA Election 2009 Jones, David T.  10/2010
Negotiating with Iran Jones, David T.  5/2010
Canada and the United States:  Civil Military Relations Jones, David T.  6/2010
Is It the End of the End? Jones, David T. 10/2011
Our Man in Tehran Jones, David T. 2/2011
Secretary Clinton at Mid Term Jones, David T. 3/2011
Curious Election: Canada in May 2011 Jones, David T. 5/2011
In Memoriam Reginald Bartholomew Jones, David T.  11/2012
In Defense of NATO Jones, David T. 3/2012
Conquered into Liberty Jones, David T. 4/2012
Not (Y)our Father's Russia Jones, David T.  5/2012
Iraq and the United States Jones, David T.  10/2013
The New Iranian President and Nuclear Policy Jones, David T.  11/2013
The Arab Spring Jones, David T.  12/2013
China-Taiwan Relations Jones, David T.  3/2013
America and the Middle East Jones, David T.  5/2013
Sino-Japanese Clash Jones, David T.  6/2013
America's Occupation of the Philippines Jones, David T.  9/2013
The Pivot to Asia  Jones, David T. 10/2014
Unrest in China  Jones, David T.  11/2014
The Morning After Jones, David T.  11/2014
Death of a Dynasty: Tory Defeat in Alberta Jones, David T.  2/2014
Diplomacy  Jones, David T.  2/2014
Al Qaeda's Grand Strategy  Jones, David T.  3/2014
Revitalizing NATO for a Changing World  Jones, David T.  4/2014
Understanding Tahrir Square  Jones, David T.  5/2014
U.S. Entry into World War I  Jones, David T.  8/2014
Free Speech During World War I  Jones, David T.  8/2014
Lenin on World War I  Jones, David T.  8/2014
Defending Britain' Participation in World War I  Jones, David T.  8/2014
The Challenge of Islamic Terrorism  Jones, David T.  9/2014
The INF Treaty Back into the Morass? Jones, David T. 2/2015

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