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Ambassador Henry Grady and Indian Independence: A Historical Retrospective Olson, Robert K. 4/1998
Army Specialized Training Program, The: Gateway to the Foreign Service Jones, Curtis F. 1/1998
Bijeljina, the Second Time Around Matheron, Richard 4/1998
Bosnia: A Summing Up Strausz-Hupe, Robert 4/1998
Brassed Off at NDU Underhill, Francis 1/1998
Centre for UN Management Accountability (CUNMA) Makes Its Debut CUNMA 9/1998
Cold War's New History, The Gaddis, John Lewis 9/1998
Columbus Discovers America Williams, Ed 7/1998
Conducting Diplomacy in the Age of Terrorism Stammerman, Ken 9/1998
Cultural Characteristics & Foreign Affairs Melbourne, Roy 1/1998
Dr. Strangelove, I Presume? Mattox, Henry E. 4/1998
End of an Era: The Southeast Asia Currency Crisis Palmer, Ronald D. 9/1998
Five-can Casserole: Foreign Service recipe for social emergencies Chidester, Judy 9/1998
Foreign Affairs Oral History Program Kennedy, Stuart 1/1998
Foreign Relations VolumeCovering Berlin, Cuba Crises Released FRUS 9/1998
Fulbright Interlude in Nigeria, A Mattox, Henry E. 7/1998
Glimpse of India, 1951-1956, A Fritz, Carl R. 4/1998
Historian's Office Page Added to Department of State Web Site State Dept. 4/1998
How to Link Democratic Governance with Economic Growth Mitchell, Robert J. 9/1998
Indonesia on Fire  Friend, Theodore 1/1998
Institute for Experiential Learning Announces Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Internship Program Schmiel, Gene 4/1998
Is War Obsolescent? Underhill, Francis 4/1998
Italy's Meddling... and Our Own Bullington, James 1/1998
Like WCPE, We Launch a Campaign to Improve Our Signal Crigler, Frank 7/1998
Mr. Carr Goes to Prague Bridges, Peter 9/1998
Ms. Hearst, I presume? Schmiel, Gene 4/1998
New Nuclear TRIAD, A Turner, Stansfield 7/1998
Next Middle East War, The Garfinkle, Adam 7/1998
On Board the Carrier Schmiel, Kathryn 7/1998
Our Timely Presentations on Matters Controversial Mattox, Henry E. 7/1998
Plans Unfolding for TISS Conference on Conflict in Africa February 5-6, 1999  TISS 9/1998
Poison Drug Trade, The: The U.S. has cast a blind eye to poison drug tragedies Work, David R. 9/1998
Popular Journal Authors Gene and Bonnie Schmiel Publish Foreign Service Memoirs Crigler, Frank 9/1998
Present at the Footnote Mattox, Henry E. 1/1998
Psychological Bases of War, The Hinde, Robert A. 4/1998
Religion and Romance in Wartime Vietnam Bullington, James R. 7/1998
Remember the Cold War? Hyland, Jason; Shear, David 7/1998
Rockefellers Come to Call, The: Close Calls on Protocol in Malaysia Underhill, Francis 9/1998
Roosevelt and the Wartime Summit Conferences with Stalin Stefan, Charles G. 1/1998
Safirka: Envoy to Somalia Bridges, Peter 4/1998
Sans Titre Nixon, Jack 1/1998
Struggle for the United Nations, The Dale, William N. 4/1998
TISS Conference Report. Public Opinion and Foreign Policy: Bridging the Gap Goodnight, Thomas; TISS 9/1998
TISS Conference Report: Bridging Gaps In the Study of Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy Kohn, Richard H.; TISS 4/1998
TISS Conference Report: Public Argument and the Study of Foreign Policy Goodnight, Thomas; TISS 7/1998
The Middle East: Trying to Stop the Clock Jones, Curtis F. 7/1998
Trials of Concurrent Jurisdiction, The: The Case of Rwanda Morris, Madeline H. 1/1998
U.S. Foreign Relations Series Laos Volume (1964-1968) Released by Department of State. FRUS 4/1998
US Relations with a Changing China Borich, Joseph 7/1998
Us Against Them on Terrorism Jones, Curtis F. 9/1998
Vietnam Reconsidered Marks, Edward 1/1998
We Begin to Get Serious Crigler, Frank 1/1998
Where Does Violence Come From? Underhill, Francis 7/1998

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