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Divide and Perish Mattox, Henry E.  01/2011
Congress and Foreign Affairs Harter, John J. 01/2011
Richard Holbrooke's Public Diplomacy Brown, John H.  01/2011
Assessing the Reporting Cable Fiasco Homan, Tom 01/2011
Submit your story: Peace Corps Experiences Journal 01/2011
Voice of America: Origins and Recollections II Roberts, Walter R.  01/2011
Comment on Ambassador Holbrook  Roberts, Walter R.  01/2011
American Diplomacy Will Have a New Editor Journal 01/2011
Europe: The New Plan Zeihan, Peter 01/2011
How Enemies Become Friends Nicholson, Marc E. 01/2011
Our Man in Tehran Jones, David T. 02/2011
Why Leaders Lie Coffey, John 02/2011
Extraordinary Resource at Your Finger Tips Journal 02/2011
Limits of Diplomacy Byers, Bruce 02/2011
National Treasure: Salvaging USIA's Historical Legacy DiPasquale, Domenick 02/2011
The War through Pakistani Eyes Iqbal, Imrana and Charles Pierson 02/2011
Copyright or Wrong Richmond, Yale 02/2011
The Rock Williams, J. Edgar 02/2011
Mideast Revolution and Diplomacy Rugh, William A. 02/2011
Egypt's Facebook Revolution Radwan, Abeer Bassiony 02/2011
Comments on VOA Broadcasting History Fearing, Jim 02/2011
"Letter from Praia, 1978" Marks, Edward 02/2011
How the Hamburger Came to Moscow Richmond, Yale 02/2011
The Coming Crisis in U.S. Foreign Aid: Policy Options for the 21st Century Dobransky, Steve 03/2011
"Letter from Praia, 1979" Marks, Edward 03/2011
Present at the Footnote Handley, John 03/2011
Secretary Clinton at Mid Term Jones, David T. 03/2011
How the Peace Corps Changed my Life Brooks, Rhoda 03/2011
"How My Peace Corps Experience Changed Me, Part 1" Various 03/2011
Public Diplomacy in Uniform Greenspan, Rachel 03/2011
Brian Kennedy's Paranoia Rugh, William A.  03/2011
Hezbollah: Analysis of Violence Cohler, Sarah 03/2011
The Peace Corps Special Section Journal 03/2011
Images of Revolution and Reality Borg, Parker 03/2011
Foreign Policy Association University Seminars Journal 03/2011
Revolution in the Arab World Rugh, William A. 03/2011
On Being an American Schoonover, Brenda Brown 03/2011
"Reflections on Sargent Shriver, Peace Corps Director Extrodinaire and the 25th Anniversary of the Peace Corps September 1986" Schoonover, Brenda Brown 03/2011
"The Peace Corps Today: Celebrating 50 years of Service Past, Present , and Future" Panel 03/2011
The Truth of the Matter Gilbert, Richard 03/2011
Bomb Power Coffey, John 04/2011
Brcko: Art as a Commitment to Peace Sommers, William 04/2011
How to Handle a Nuclear Iran: Lessons from the Soviet Union? Sarihan, Ali 04/2011
"Women in Diplomacy: An Assessment of British Female Ambassadors in Overcoming Gender Heirarchy, 1990-2010" Rahman, Talyn 04/2011
Blue Danube Leaks Richmond, Yale 04/2011
Idealist vs. Realist Foreign Policy Smith, Haviland 04/2011
It Happened on the Way to War Pumphrey, Carolyn 04/2011
Measuring Public Opinion under Political Repression Horne, Cale 04/2011
Corruption and Lack of Transparency in the Energy Sector Smith, Keith 04/2011
"Letter from Guinea-Bissau, 1978" Marks, Edward 04/2011
Comment on:Public Diplomacy in Uniform: Rockwell, James 04/2011
Comment on: Women in Diplomacy Carrington, Margot 04/2011
Comment on Measuring Public Opinion Under Political Repression David-West, Fubara 05/2011
Russia Against Napoleon Kursch, Donald 05/2011
Good and Evil in World War II Beechey, David 05/2011
"Letter from Guinea-Bissau, 1979" Marks, Edward 05/2011
Causes and Character of the War of 1812 Sempa, Francis 05/2011
Lost Libertarian Moment Cincotta, Howard 05/2011
Serving in State Richmond, Yale 05/2011
Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work published Journal 05/2011
Curious Election: Canada in May 2011 Jones, David T. 05/2011
A Role Reversal from a Military-First Approach Lyons, Joseph 05/2011
Consular Affairs and Diplomacy Kunsman, June 05/2011
Known and Unknown Decision Points Handley, John 05/2011
Turning Points in U.S. Foreign Policy Beckman, Peter 05/2011
In That Time of our Life Norris, Jerry 05/2011
"Letter from Guinea-Bissau, 1980" Marks, Edward 05/2011
New World Order Holliday, Same 05/2011
New Editor Assumes Duties with Next Issue Journal 05/2011
Egypt: The Revolution is Incomplete Rugh, William A. 05/2011
America's Misadventures Quainton, Anthony C.E. 05/2011
Politics and Change Bullock, James L. 05/2011
Future of Public Diplomacy Schneider, Michael 05/2011
Showdown at the U. S. Embassy Handley, John 05/2011
Don't Leave Counter-Terrorism to the Military Smith, Haviland 05/2011
Public Diplomacy Began in Germany Richmond, Yale 05/2011
The China Fantasy Levine, Paul 05/2011
Warsaw - My Best Post Richmond, Yale 06/2011
The Day I Owned the King Tut Exhibit Homan, Tom 06/2011
God and the Atlantic Brown, John H.  06/2011
The Heineken Factor? Using Exchanges to extend the reach of U.S. Soft Power Scott-Smith, Giles 06/2011
"Obama, Netanyahu And the Middle East" Abrahamson, James L. 06/2011
Does History Take Sides? The Problem of Evoking the Past to Justify Policy Santos, Michael W. 06/2011
Perils in U. S. Mediation of the Arab-Israeli Conflict: What History Has Taught Us Tenembaum, Yoav J.  06/2011
A Revisionist View of U.S. National Security Policy Cotter, Michael 06/2011
Practice of Public Diplomacy Kiehl, William P.  06/2011
Comment on New World Order Landis, Benjamin 06/2011
My Picks: A Top 10 List Chikes, Csaba  09/2011
Circus Attach_ in Moscow Richmond, Yale 09/2011
Launching American Diplomacy Mattox, Henry E.  09/2011
"Anson Burlingame, an American Diplomat" Jue, Stanton 09/2011
"How My Peace Corps Experience Changed Me, Part 2" Bates, Ralph 09/2011
With Our Backs to the Wall Beechey, David 09/2011
A Regional Solution to the Syrian Uprising Vira, Varun 09/2011
Alliance Politics in Asia White, James W.  09/2011
Berlin 1961 Palmer, Mark 09/2011
How the Egyptian Revolution Emphasized the Sovereignty of the People Radwan, Abeer Bassiony 09/2011
Israel-Palestine Conflict: 1967 Lines With Mutually Agreed Roberts, Walter R.  09/2011
King's Counsel: Two Perspectives DeAtkine, Norvell Tex and Jones, David T.  10/2011
Two Hundred Years of American Painting: the Nuts and Bolts of mounting a Major Bicentennial Celebration in Germany Baker, Robert 10/2011
"Diplomacy, Analysis, and Decision Making _ the Need for a new Paradigm" Byers, Bruce 10/2011
Comment on: How the Egyptian Revolution Emphasized the Sovereignty of the People Byers, Bruce 10/2011
China and the Current Barbarians Sylvester, John 10/2011
Is It the End of the End? Jones, David T. 10/2011
In the Garden of the Beasts Butler, Michael 11/2011
"Religion, Terror, and Error" Morris, Greta N. 11/2011
We Meant Well Brown, John H.  11/2011
Ghaddafi Had His Chance Earle, Robert 11/2011
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Smith, Keith C. 11/2011
Tale of Two Georges Richmond, Yale 11/2011
Foundation for a Coherent Foreign Policy Landis, Benjamin 11/2011
"Reluctantly Remembering Somalia, Pt 1" Wentling, Mark Gregory 11/2011
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Gundersen, Jon 11/2011
Did Stalemate Equal Victory? From the Korean to the Vietnam Wars Robinson, L. Spencer 11/2011
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Abrahamson, James L. 11/2011
Georgia and America: Early Contacts Bridges, Peter 11/2011
Worlds Apart Kiehl, William P.  12/2011
All Quiet on the Western Front Heil, Alan L. Jr. 12/2011
Comment on: Did Stalemate Equal Victory? Williams, J. Edgar 12/2011
Iraqi Refugees and Their Uncertain Future VargasToro 12/2011
Wars of Afghanistan Dillen, Mark E. 12/2011
American Writers Who Were Diplomats: Nathaniel Hawthorne Sommers, William 12/2011
"A Christmas Tale of Swans and Trains, of a President, Kings and Queens" Baker, Robert 12/2011
Middle East: New Ambiance - New U.S. Policy? Jones, Curtis F. 12/2011
Nation Building in Laos Richmond, Yale 12/2011
"Reluctantly Remembering Somalia, Pt 2" Wentling, Mark Gregory 12/2011
Hawaii in U.S. Strategy and Politics White, James W.  12/2011
Interweaving of Public Diplomacy and U.S. International Broadcasting Lipein, Ted 12/2011
Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy in One Country: Poland during and after the Cold War Virden, Dick 12/2011

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