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Resources on Public Diplomacy and related courses Gregory, Bruce 12/2012
Special Issue for 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps  09/2012
In Memoriam Reginald Bartholomew Jones, David T.  11/2012
Special Issue for 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps  09/2012
The Last American Diplomat Earle, Robert 06/2012
Putin's Statecraft Coffey, John 01/2012
A Line in the Sand Beecehy, David 04/2012
Prophet Without Honor White, James W. 05/2012
Chocolate Nations Marks, Edward 06/2012
The Future of Power Cincotta, Howard 06/2012
Putin's Statecraft Coffey, John 02/2012
Leading the Narrative Armstrong, Matt 03/2012
Armenian Genocide Evans, John M. 06/2012
Leading the Narrative Coffey, John 03/2012
Vladimir Putin Handley, John 04/2012
Balancing Moral Comitments and National Interests Kurtzer, Daniel 06/2012
The Origins of Political Order Dobransky, Steve 02/2012
American Sheikhs Jones, Curtis 05/2012
Conquered into Liberty Jones, David T. 04/2012
"Somewhere in France, Somewhere in Germany" Abrahamson, James L. 02/2012
The Dissent Papers Brown, John H. 05/2012
Bloodlands Brown, John H. 06/2012
The Brcko Experience Murphy, Dennis M.  03/2012
American Avatar Quainton, Anthony C.E. 04/2012
Obama and China's Rise Camp, Donald 06/2012
The Middle East and the United States Jones, Curtis F. 01/2012
Funding the Enemy Litt, David 05/2012
The Craft of Political Analysis for Diplomats Brown, John H. 02/2012
The Day Austria disappeared from the Map Roberts, Walter 02/2012
"Contemporary Problems, Global Solutions: A Discussion with General Brent Scowcroft" Aday, Sean, Brent Scowcroft, Frank Seson 02/2012
Americanizing the Spice Isle's Schools: Educational Development in Post-Invasion Grenada Zakula, Robert 12/2012
American Writers Who Were Diplomats: Joel Barlow Sommers, William 04/2012
Diplospeak Rugh, William 05/2012
In Defense of NATO Jones, David T. 03/2012
Partners in Captial Crime Berlind, Alan 10/2012
Turkey's New Foreign Policy in the New World Muzalevsky 04/2012
Con la Creacion de la CELAC se Confirma la Vocaon Latinamericana de Multiplicar Foros con Escaso Futuro Baldinelli, Elvio 06/2012
American Writers Who Were Diplomats: Washington Irving Sommers, William 06/2012
Years of Self-inflicted Disasters – Austria before Annexation in 1938 Roberts, Walter 02/2012
Just Over The Horizon in An Election Year: The Top Five Foreign Policy Challenges Cotter, Michael 10/2012
"Military Security, Energy Resources, and the Emergence of the Northwest Passage: Canada's Arctic Dilemma" Dobransky, Steve 06/2012
The Victors and Vanquished 2012 Hornblow, Michael 12/2012
The High Cost of Our Current Counterinsurgency Policy in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey L. 11/2012
Venezuelan Irony: A Tainted Election with the World’s Best Vote- Counting System Wilkinson, Theodore 10/2012
The American Trajectory Jones, Curtis 09/2012
"The Reception and Impact of Western and Polish Emigre Books and Periodicals in Communist-Ruled Poland Between July 1, 1956 and June 30, 1973" Reisch, Alfred A. 11/2012
The Egyptian NGO Case: Politics and Diplomacy Rugh, William 03/2012
Transition to Democracy in the Middle East Smith, Haviland 03/2012
They Aren't Friendly Mr. President Cox, Jeff 12/2012
Not (Y)our Father's Russia Jones, David T.  05/2012
A Call to Action on Public Diplomacy Jacobs, Morris E. 03/2012
The Iraqi War; Swimming against the tide of opinion al_Momen, Samah 01/2012
Syria and our Foreign Policy Schindler, Sol 10/2012
A New FSO During President Kennedy's Final Year: A Diplomat's Perspective Riggio, Louis V. 10/2012
Helen Hayes' Grouch Bag Baker, Robert 03/2012
Everything Comes to Russia Late Richmond, Yale 04/2012
Invasion of Czechoslovakia Richmond, Yale 02/2012
Blackguards in Uganda Baker, Robert 10/2012
Thai Memoir: Firsthand Observations on Countering Insurgencies: Lessons for Today? Virden, Dick 09/2012
KGB or FSB? Richmond, Yale 09/2012
Reluctantly Remembering Somalia Wentling, Mark 01/2012
2033 Earle, Robert 12/2012
"Reflections: Teaching Adventures in Cambodia, Taiwan, and Japan" Jue, Florence 02/2012
God Save the Queen Baker, Robert 05/2012
The Ageless Baba Dorschner, John P. 12/2012
Saul Bellow in Poland Richmond, Yale 06/2012
The Stumble Stones of Oslo: Memorials to Norway’s Holocaust Victims Smith, Nina Bramabani 10/2012
Breakdown on the Road to Damascus:One Indelible Memory of Syria Liske, Patricia Ann 06/2012
Polarized State Arnett, David L. 12/2012
The Philadelphia Orchestra's 1973 China Tour Tenny, Frank 09/2012
The War of All the People Abrahamson, James L.  12/2012
Public Opinion and International Intervention Kotok, Alan 11/2012
The Strongman Handley, John 10/2012
The Strongman Handley, John 11/2012
The Real Population Bomb Cincotta, Howard 11/2012
American Diplomat and Nation Builder Sempa, Francis 11/2012
No One';s World Coffey, John 10/2012
Conflict for a Continent Beechey, David 12/2012
The China Threat White, James W. 09/2012
Power and Willpower Coffey, John 09/2012
American Public Opinion on the Iraq War Schneider, Michael 12/2012
The Memoir of a Cold War Spy's Daughter Landis, Benjamin L. 10/2012
Death By A Thousand Cuts Abrahamson, James L. 10/2012
Little America Dillen, Mark 11/2012
U.S. Government Counterterrorism Cotter, Michael 12/2012
All the Missing Souls Wenick, Martin 09/2012
The Last Three Feet Now Only Inches Away Quainton, Anthony C.E. 09/2012

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