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The Globalization of American Culture Brown, John H. 1/2013
The Emancipation Proclamation and U.S. Foreign Policy Teal, Christopher 1/2013
The Junior Wells Chicago BLues Band in Bamako, Mali Baker, Robert 1/2013
James Russell Lowell, US Minister to Spain Sommers, William 1/2013
Gadfly of the Gilded Age Sempa, Francis 1/2013
Teaching Kafka in China Levine, Paul 1/2013
Two Looks at America's Other Army Cotter, Michael and Litt, David 1/2013
Saba-Saba and the Fourth of July - Celebrating Independence Clark, Andrew A. 1/2013
Hot Books, Cold War Baldyga, Leonard J.  10/2013
Poison Gas in World War I Abrahamson, James  10/2013
A Salutation to Arms: Asia's Military Buildup, Its Reasons, and Its Implications Sylvester, John  10/2013
A Glimpse at Nigeria's_Ongoing Islamic Terrorist Challenges Schoonover, Brenda  10/2013
Syria's Turmoil: What's Next for the U.S.? Brown, John 10/2013
American Writers Who Were Diplomats: Bret Harte, The Frontier Writer as Consul Sommers, William  10/2013
The Last American Consul in Puerto Rico, Phillip C. Hanna Berry-Caban, Cristobal  10/2013
Iraq and the United States Jones, David T.  10/2013
The Deadliest Attack Ever Reid, John 10/2013
The Barrios of Manta Schoonover, Brenda  10/2013
Africans without a privilege: Is the Maghreb the Black Swan of US diplomacy? Bousaria & Kabir  10/2013
Imperial Designs Morris, Greta 10/2013
Scenes from a revolution: Romania after the fall Virden, Dick  10/2013
American Naval Strategy in a Time of Declining Resources Sempa, Francis P.  10/2013
US Strategic Alignments and Re alignments in the Asia Pacific Ram, Vignesh  10/2013
National Security: Terrorism and Violent Regime Change McNamara, Thomas E.  10/2013
Poor Albania After Communism Baker, Robert 10/2013
"Jaw-Jaw Better Than War-War?" Handley, John  10/2013
The Creation of the American Era Brown, John 10/2013
Soft Power, Hard Results in North Africa DeAtkine, Norvell 10/2013
Righteous Foreign Policy Grantham, David  10/2013
Rare Earth Elements and U.S. Foreign Policy Dobransky, Steve 10/2013
Inquiry About Your Products Reader Comments  11/2013
The New Iranian President and Nuclear Policy Jones, David T.  11/2013
Islamist or Nationalist: Who is Egypt's Mysterious New Pharaoh? Abrahamson, James  11/2013
GI Come Back: America's Return to the Philippines Sylvester, John  11/2013
The Crying Need for a New Indian Economic Model Dorschner, Jon  11/2013
Public Diplomacy with a high powered take-off Kennedy, George  11/2013
The revisionist's apology: The current police chief of Norway apologizes for the arrest of the Jews in 1942 Murphree, Robert 11/2013
Conservative Internationalism Sempa, Francis P.  11/2013
Avoiding Armageddon Camp, Donald  11/2013
The Case for the Palestinians and a Way Forward Ben-Or, Ruth  11/2013
The Current Middle-East Schindler, Sol  11/2013
FDR and the Jews Rockower, Paul 11/2013
What can be learned in three years of on-the-job training Marks, Edward  11/2013
NATO Matters: Ensuring the Value of the Alliance for the United States Handley, John  11/2013
Leveraging American Security Policy in the Caribbean: Rafael Trujillo, the Axis Threat, and Jewish Refugees from Europe in the 1930’s Mottale, Morris 11/2013
Potential Employee, Great Work Proposal Reader Comments  11/2013
Paranoia: American Foreign Policy Since 1948 and How to Overcome It Landis, Ben  11/2013
Core Al Qaeda Member Captured In Libya DeAtkine, Norvell 11/2013
The World's Most Dangerous Place Clare, Gwen  11/2013
Rebalancing National Security Policy After Afghanistan and Iraq McNamara, Thomas E.  11/2013
The End of Nostalgia Wilkinson, Theodore  11/2013
Nuclear Negotiations: Is it really the Fundamental Impasse between the U.S. and IRAN? Reader Comments  11/2013
Farishta McArdle, Patricia  12/2013
The Russian Far East and China: Thoughts on Cross-Border Integration Handley, John  12/2013
The First Conservative Cincotta, Howard 12/2013
Beyond Benghazi: U.S. Public Diplomacy in Troubled Times Pickering, Thomas  12/2013
A System of Intelligence Gone Awry Garner, Godfrey 12/2013
Embassy Vatican under the spell of Embassy Rome Creagan, James F.  12/2013
The Iranian Rapprochement Fantasy Abrahamson, James  12/2013
The Ambassador to Everland Cincottta, Howard  12/2013
Paranoia: American Foreign Policy Since 1948 Reader Comments  12/2013
Savarona Hart, J. Patrick 12/2013
The Three Versions of Al Qaeda Sempa, Francis P.  12/2013
Cosa Buena Earle, Robert  12/2013
Interpreting the New Iran Deal Abrahamson, James  12/2013
The Art of America Power Sempa, Francis P.  12/2013
U.S. Public Diplomacy: A Look to the Past Roberts, Walter  12/2013
Magnificent Delusions Dorschner, Jon  12/2013
The Arab Spring Jones, David T.  12/2013
Partitioning Syria DeAtkine, Norvell 12/2013
From the Archives: A Founding Father of the Foreign Service on Political Appointees Langbart, David A. 12/2013
The Other Europe Chikes, Csaba  12/2013
Seeking inforamtion from Vienna 1986  12/2013
A Diplomat's Handbook  12/2013
High Time to End Our Diplomatic Spoils System Bridges, Peter 2/2013
Good Italy Bad Italy Clare, Gwen 2/2013
Anti-Americanism: Who's to Blame Jones, Curtis 2/2013
Diplomats in the Field Creagan, James F. 2/2013
In the Line of FireAmerican Diplomacy in a Dangerous World Dorschner, John P. 2/2013
Panama and the United States Johnson, Joe B.  2/2013
Breakthrough Handley, John 2/2013
Unfinished Morass Schindler, Sol 2/2013
The Decline and Fall of USIA Dillen, Mark 2/2013
Elections in Jordan: Victory for Reform or More of the Same? DeAtkine, Norvell 3/2013
Austrian Capital "Filled with Iranian Spies" Handley, John  3/2013
China-Taiwan Relations Jones, David T.  3/2013
Japan's Daunting Challenge Sylvester, John  3/2013
Chinese Cyber Attacks: Robust Response Needed Rogers, Joe  3/2013
Munich Security Conference Ringl, Andreas  3/2013
Don’t Kill Americans and Call “Death on America Who Support You in Getting Freedom and Democracy! Reader Comments  3/2013
John Quincy Adams and U.S. Foreign Policy in a Revolutionary Era Sempa, Francis P.  3/2013
The Future of United States Public Diplomacy in Brazil Rapalyea, Blair 3/2013
Afghanistan: Prospects post U.S. Withdrawal Garner, Godfrey 3/2013
Poverty Amid Plenty Dorschner, John P. 3/2013
In Memoriam Reginald Bartholomew Kursch, Donald 3/2013
Myth Versus Reality Arcos, Cresencio 3/2013
Religion in American War and Diplomacy Sempa, Francis 3/2013
Cultural Exchange and the Cold War: How the West Won Richmond, Yale 3/2013
Remembering Van Cliburn: Despatch From the Embassy in the Soviet Union to the Department of State Moscow, July 18, 1960. Tuch, Hans 3/2013
The Relationship Through Their Eyes Wilkinson, Theodore 3/2013
From the Archives: The Department of State in Wrld War I Langbart, David A. 4/2013
Presidents are breaking the U.S. Foreign Service  4/2013
The Unipolar Trap Israeli, Ofer 4/2013
China and Africa Powell, Adam Clayton III  4/2013
In Defense of a Strategic Approach to Russia Handley, John  4/2013
Ego Gratification Schindler, Sol  4/2013
Vaccinating Mali: Posters, Pamphlets, One Slave, One Vampire Bat Baker, Robert 4/2013
Empire of Ideas Brown, John 4/2013
Global War Gone Wrong Quainton, Anthony C. E.  4/2013
The "Iron Lady" and the Cold War Sempa, Francis P.  4/2013
Script Middle East Leaders Rugh, William  4/2013
Understanding North Korea Sylvester, John  4/2013
The Russian Stake in Afghanistan Cotter, Michael  4/2013
Tensions and Diplomacy in the South China Sea Sempa, Francis P.  4/2013
Diplomacy's Public Dimension: Books, Articles, Websites #64  4/2013
America and the Middle East Jones, David T.  5/2013
The Return of a King Dorschner, Jon  5/2013
In Memoriam Arthur Bardos  5/2013
Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Cypriot Perspective Sempa, Francis P.  5/2013
Israel's Stragetic Clarity in Syria Abrahamson, James  5/2013
In Europe: A Growing Case for Banning Hezbollah Abrahamson, James  5/2013
The Russian Far East: Challenges and Opportunities Handley, John  5/2013
Realism in International Politics Sempa, Francis P.  5/2013
Venezuela after Chavez Duddy, Patrick  5/2013
Mirabile Dictu: A Professional Diplomat gets Rome Creagan, James F.  5/2013
Never Forget National Humiliation Levine, Paul  5/2013
What should we learn from the bombing in Boston? Holliday, Sam  5/2013
Losing Tunisia to the Salafis DeAtkine, Norvell 5/2013
In Europe: A Growing Case for Banning Hezbollah Abrahamson, James  5/2013
The Great Convergence Coffey, John 5/2013
Doctrine, Disinformation, and Strategic Communication Handley, John  5/2013
Terrorism Must Be Fought By All Means! Reader Comments  5/2013
The Contemporary Middle East Jones, Curtis 6/2013
For American Foreign Policy, No Good Options Marks, Wilkinson, Harrop  6/2013
Sino-Japanese Clash Jones, David T.  6/2013
_ã–Global War Gone Wrong_ã_: A Response Reader Comments  6/2013
Guide for the Aspiring Imperialist Jones, Curtis 6/2013
The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War and the Ends of the Earth Dorschner, Jon  6/2013
_ã–The Future of Public Diplomacy in Brazil" Reader Comments  6/2013
On Behalf of a Grateful Nation, Honoring the American Military in Belgium Schoonover, Brenda  6/2013
Who's More Dangerous: Sunni or Shia Islamists? DeAtkine, Norvell 6/2013
Who's More Dangerous: Sunni or Shia Islamists? DeAtkine, Norvell 6/2013
Foreign Policy Begins at Home Schindler and Coffey  6/2013
Is America Losing Its Voice Hyatt, David 6/2013
A Patchwork Puzzle: THe North Caucasus Can No Longer Be Safely Ignored Handley, John  6/2013
Small Wars, Far Away Places Beechey, David  6/2013
U.S. Strategy in the Middle East Sempa, Francis P.  6/2013
Civil War in America, Unification in Italy, and a Developing Relationship Bridges, Peter  6/2013
Foreign Policy: From Conception to Diplomatic Practice Robertson, Thomas B. 6/2013
From the bipolar world to the challenged triumvirate: a new vision of global geopolitics Chalard, Laurent 6/2013
The Inside Story of How the White House Let Diplomacy Fail in Afghanistan Wilkinson, Theodore  6/2013
Remarks by the President at the National Defense University Harrop, William  7/2013
How FDR Took the U.S. into World War II Sempa, Francis P.  7/2013
Rebalancing the U.S. Military in Asia and the Pacific Sylvester, John  7/2013
Prism and Boundless Informant: Is NSA Surveillance a Threat? Handley, John  7/2013
Syria is Iran's Stalingrad DeAtkine, Norvell 7/2013
Remembering General Ulysses S. Grant Abrahamson, James  7/2013
The Irony of American Strategy: Putting the Middle East in Proper Perspective Cotter, Michael  7/2013
What Military Officers Need to Know About Civil-Military Relations Abrahamson, James  8/2013
Western Media Misunderstanding Egypt Abrahamson, James  8/2013
Privacy, Technology and National Security Sempa, Francis P.  8/2013
Geopolitics Reborn Sempa, Francis P.  8/2013
The Contradictions of Our Cuba Policy Wilkinson, Theodore  8/2013
The Five Myths of Terrorism_ã”Including That It Works Jones, Curtis 8/2013
America's Occupation of the Philippines Jones, David T.  9/2013
Austria Redux Roberts, Walter  9/2013
Killing Without Heart Handley, John  9/2013
When is a "Coup" not a Coup? Jones, Curtis 9/2013
 AFSA's Memorial Marker 9/2013
Canada's Midterm Blues: The Harper Government Hits Rocks Abrahamson, James  9/2013
US Policy for Egypt Holliday, Sam  9/2013
A Permanent American Presence in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey 9/2013
_ã–The Future of Public Diplomacy in Brazil" Reader Comments  9/2013
An Assessment of Counterterrorism Policy Sempa, Francis P.  9/2013
If You Like Cats Richmond, Yale 9/2013
The China Fallacy Jue, Stanton  9/2013
Decisions Deferred: Balancing Risks for Today and Tomorrow Handley, John  9/2013
The Syrian Dilemma Schindler, Sol  9/2013
No, the United States Should Not Suspend Aid to Egypt Cotter, Michael  9/2013
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il Maurer , William 9/2013
Strategy in the Aftermath of War: Waterloo, the Somme and Omaha Beach Sempa, Francis P.  9/2013
The United States "War on Terror" Has Been Overtaken by Events Dorschner, Jon  9/2013
Islam and Islamism DeAtkine, Norvell 9/2013
The Last Great Senator Hawley, John 9/2013
Egypt's democracy benchmark in the 21st Century: Re-launching Direct Democracy Radwan, Abeer Bassiouny  9/2013

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