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Vienna Snow and Soviet Meltdown Baker, Robert 11/2016
Notes for American Diplomacy on Civil-Military Relations Litt, David C. 11/2016
Report on Hazards of the American Foreign Service, 1942 Langbart, David A. 11/2016
The American Chief of Mission Harrop, William C. 11/2016
Books of Interest November 2016 Books of Interest  11/2016
Spoken Word links November 2016 Sempa, Francis P. 11/2016
Blinking Red Handley, John 11/2016
Countering Pakistan-Supported Terrorism: The Military Options Droschner, Jon 11/2016
Africa's Great Hunger Handicap Wentling, Mark  11/2016
Links November 2016 Clack, George 11/2016
In Defense of the Obama Doctrine: A Sober Reappraisal of the Limits of American Power Murnane, John R. 11/2016
Diplomatic Amateurism and Its Consequences Freeman, Charles  10/2016
Celebrating American Diplomacy Publishers 20th Anniversary And Honoring Its Founders Schoonover, Brenda Brown 10/2016
US Foreign Policy Since WWII Staten, Cliff 10/2016
A Political Advisor in Wartime Brown, Gordon 10/2016
A High Iron Railing Chester, Lucy  10/2016
The Conduct of Foreign Policy in the Information Age Roberts, Walter R.  10/2016
Robert Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis White, Mark 10/2016
Why India is not a Great Power (Yet) Dorschner, Jon P. 09/2016
Books of Interest September 2016 Kiehl, William P. 09/2016
Links September 2016 Clack, George 09/2016
When will we learn: Drawing public and private lines in the sand? Young, Johnny 09/2016
Spoken Word Links Septmber 2016 Sempa, Francis P. 09/2016
Basketball In Mali 'Red' Verderame Baker, Robert 09/2016
Beyond Benghazi: U.S. Public Diplomacy in Troubled Times Earle, Robert 09/2016
Too Quick on the Draw: Militarism and the Malpractice of Diplomacy in America Freeman, Charles  05/2016
Angola Terrorist Report Baker, Robert 05/2016
Links May 2016 Clack, George 05/2016
In Memoriam: William A. Bader Kiehl, William P. 05/2016
What are We Talking About When We Talk About Brazil Virden, Richard 05/2016
Spoken Word links May 2016 Sempa, Francis P. 05/2016
Books of Interest May 2016 Books of Interest  05/2016
Spoken Word links April 2016 Sempa, Francis P. 04/2016
Non-Military Contributions to National Security Freeman, Charles  04/2016
Chapter 3 from Maggie Minds Her Business Simms, Allie  04/2016
Obesity in Foreign Affairs Bridges, Peter 04/2016
Links April 2016 Clack, George 04/2016
Books of Interest April 2016 Books of Interest  04/2016
Communist Secret Police Uncloak the Love of a Lifetime Nagy, Ernest 04/2016
Are South Asian Arms Sales in the U.S. National Interest? Dorschner, Jon P. 04/2016
Is April Truly The Cruellest Month Journal 04/2016
It's Simple-the Cyprus Negotiations Will Fail A Case Study Jennings, Roger  04/2016
Getting Sick in Africa Baker, Robert 04/2016
Russian Hybrid War Reaches the UN Christy, Tatiana 03/2016
Non-Military Contributions to National Security Freeman, Charles  03/2016
What We Talk About When We Talk About Cultural Diplomacy Brown, John 03/2016
In Memoriam: Henry Mattox Journal 03/2016
Books of Interest March 2016 Books of Interest  03/2016
The Case Against Military Intervention Ringl, Andreas 03/2016
The Ineffectiveness of American Covert Regime Change Operations During the Struggle Against Islamist Terrorism Cooley, Jason 03/2016
Uganda and triggered observations Baker, Robert 03/2016
Spoken Word links March 2016 Sempa, Francis P. 03/2016
Links March 2016 Clack, George 03/2016
Part 1: Falling Cincotta, Howard 02/2016
Why Not Try Diplomacy? Freeman, Charles  02/2016
Links February 2016 Clack, George 02/2016
Why India is not a Great Power (Yet) Dorschner, Jon P. 02/2016
Books of Interest Fenruary 2016 Books of Interest  02/2016
Spoken Word links February 2016 Sempa, Francis P. 02/2016
Gloria Irene (Wasielewski) Kreisher: English Language Teaching Officer Extraordinaire and the English Teaching Officer Profession at the Department of State Gosende, Robert 02/2016
Pushing Cookies at the Coal Face Baker, Robert 02/2016
Valentine's Day Murder of U.S. Ambassador Byers, Bruce 02/2016
Green Signals Dorschner, Jon P. 01/2016
Call Me Nino Baker, Robert 01/2016
Diplomacy as a Profession Freeman, Charles  01/2016
The Necessity of a World Leader Garner, Godfrey 01/2016
State Department Releases Annual Fiscal Transparency Report Announcement 01/2016
America's Diplomats on PBS March 2016 Journal 01/2016
Tijuana: First Assignment -The Good, the Bad, the Bizarre Smith, Keith C. 01/2016
Final Tribute to 'My' Ambassadors Wentling, Mark 01/2016
Old Times on the Soviet Desk Bridges, Peter 01/2016
Books of Interest January 2016 Kiehl, William P. 01/2016
Links January 2016 Clack, George 01/2016
Spoken Word links January 2016 Sempa, Francis P. 01/2016

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