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Books of Interest December 2017 Books of Interest  12/2017
Unlce Sam, Matchmaker East, B.A. 12/2017
The state of the State Deparment is concerning but not dire Kiehl, William P. 12/2017
Ten former Directors General ask the SFRC to oppose Stephen Akard's nomination as DG AAD 12/2017
President's Note: Diplomacy under heavy fire Pearson, W. Robert  12/2017
To the Secretary: Leaked Cables and America's Foreign Policy Disconnect Earle, Renee 12/2017
Krasno Events: YouTube Channel Larres, Klaus 12/2017
Into the Dark Soil from She Receives the Night Earle, Robert 12/2017
The Voice of America and Public Diplomacy Tuch, Hans N. 12/2017
Eyewitness: John D. Negroponte Foreign Affairs Oral History Project  12/2017
Warm Beer and Green Wine from Behind the 7th Veil Fulton, Barry 12/2017
Amendments to the Governance Structure of the Holy See and Canon Law during the European Migration Crisis Ujhazi, Lorand 12/2017
Venezuela: A Situation Report Duddy, Patrick 12/2017
Africa and the Politics of Possibiity Segesvary, Louis S. 12/2017
The General & the Ambassador A Conversation Journal 12/2017
On foreign threats and 'the calm before the storm' Kiehl, William P. 12/2017
How to Save Trump's State Department Neumann, Ronald E. 12/2017
Moment of Truth: Ch 17 of Cotton Fields to Summits Kennedy, George  12/2017
Jihad as Grand Strategy Dorschner, Jon P. 10/2017
A Retrospective in Humility: Lessons for Young Development Professionals Knight, Elizabeth 10/2017
An Atlantic Council Roadmap for State Department Reform Ansley, Rachel 10/2017
Angola - an ambassador's daily diary Pinto da France, Antonio 10/2017
President's Note: AAD Letter Pearson, W. Robert  10/2017
Authoritarian Backlash: An Interregional Comparison of Turkey & Venezuela Pearson, W. Robert 10/2017
Winning in Afghanistan Smith, Haviland 10/2017
Afghanistan is not Our Longest War Jones, David T. 10/2017
Peace Corps' early days: The day the FBI came knocking Long, John C.  10/2017
Reimagining the Middle East Freeman, Charles  10/2017
Eyewitness: John Whitehead  Foreign Affairs Oral History Project  10/2017
Building Enduring Support for the Foreign Service Stephenson, Barbara 10/2017
Relocating the US Embassy in Israel: A cost benefit analysis for Trump administration
 Hodgkins  10/2017
Water as a Basic Human Right within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Weinthal, Erika 10/2017
Why Keep State Department Special Envoys? Calamur, Krishnadev 10/2017
Who Holds the Trump Cards? Tragi-comedies of Error Across the Pond Cox, Robert 10/2017
Nuggets of Wisdom Schoonover, Brenda Brown 10/2017
Turkey's complicated relationship with the Middle East, explained by one word Cagaptay, Soner and Nick Danforth 10/2017
Confusing Signals Rugh, William A. 10/2017
India: Policy Implications for the United States Dorschner, Jon P. 10/2017
Spoken Word Links Fall 2017 Sempa, Francis P. 10/2017
Books of Interest October 2017 Books of Interest  10/2017
Commitment to the Diversity of the Future State Department Workforce Glazeroff, Josh  10/2017
Books of Interest May 2017 Pearson, Margaret 06/2017
Edmund DeJarnette Reader Comments  06/2017
Can Science Diplomacy Advance STEM Education Particularly for Women in the Middle East? Greenbaum &Hajjar  06/2017
Possible Future of Drone Warfare Scarborough  06/2017
Eyewitness: Marc Grossman Foreign Affairs Oral History Project  06/2017
Observation on Receiving the 2017 Foreign Service Cup McNamara, Thomas E.  06/2017
Eyewitness: Stephen F. Dachi Foreign Affairs Oral History Project  06/2017
Re-Engagement and US-Cuban Space Cooperation LaFleur, Christina 06/2017
For Volos Jennings, Roger  06/2017
Globalization: Made in the USA Grappo, Gary A. 06/2017
Donald Trump, Humanitarian? Stranger Things Have Happened Renouard, Joe 06/2017
Skegness is So Bracing Baker, Robert 06/2017
John Lothrop Motley: The Fall from Grace Sommers, William 06/2017
Hipster Hamburger Heaven Dorschner, Jon P. 06/2017
Eyewitness: John Gunther Dean Foreign Affairs Oral History Project  06/2017
H. R. McMaster's road to the White House: Reflections personal and historical Hunt, Michael H. 06/2017
Two Pumps for the Body Man, Chapter 11 East, B.A. 06/2017
Zbiegniew Brzezinski (1928-2017) Larres, Klaus 06/2017
The Great Play: The Carter Administration's Response to the Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan  Libro, Brandon J.  06/2017
Reimagining China and Asia Freeman, Charles  06/2017
Why Diplomacy Neumann, Ronald E. 06/2017
Spoken Word links May 2017 Sempa, Francis P. 05/2017
Links May 2017 Clack, George 05/2017
Global Adventures on Less-Traveled Roads East, B.A. 05/2017
Applying Diplomacy Harrop, William C. 03/2017
Eyewitness: Paul Jerry Bremer Foreign Affairs Oral History Project  03/2017
Presenting Credentials in Tonga Hall, Vance and Julia 03/2017
From the Archives: The Value of Consular Work, 1947 Langbart, David A. 03/2017
The Foreign Service- A Unified Voice for America Abroad Jeffrey-Corker, Frances 03/2017
The Foreign Policy Triangle: A Schema to Promote Understanding of the Basis for Foreign Policy Decisions Brown, John 03/2017
John Lothrop Motley: The Witty US Minister to Vienna  Sommers, William 03/2017
Reimagining Great Power Relationships: International Environment Freeman, Charles  03/2017
Beyond the Basics: Holistic Humanitarian Assistance for Syrians Berends, Margo 03/2017
The Evolving Terrorism Threat from Nixon to Trump Marks & Kraft  03/2017
Let's Not Get Distracted by Shiny Objects Murnane, John R. 03/2017
The French Flag, a Symbol of Patriotism or Nationalism? Anyse, Alex 03/2017
Spoken Word links March 2017 Sempa, Francis P. 03/2017
Links March 2017 Clack, George 03/2017
How the Diplomatic Community Can Help Solve the Health Workforce Crisis Gaye, Pape 03/2017
Cuban Missiles and Operation Dragon Rouge Baker, Robert 03/2017
Making Peace in Syria Al Dardari  01/2017
Reminiscences of life under communism: Soviet Show trials Brown, John  01/2017
A US Citizen by Surprise Kunsman, June 01/2017
Warrior Diplomat: Vietnam, 1965-70 Bullington, J.R. 01/2017
Dead Cow Road - Life on the Front Lines of an International Crisis Wentling, Mark 01/2017
Runs, Hikes, and Cops in Bohemia Bridges, Peter  01/2017
Why the Peace Corps? Coyne  01/2017
Books of Interest March 2017 Pearson, Margaret 01/2017
How the Presidential Transition Process Works Cotter, Michael W. 01/2017
India's Wars Dorschner, Jon P. 01/2017
Moon Rocks at Home Baker, Robert 01/2017
Reflections on Vietnam Keiswetter, Allen 01/2017
Links January 2017 Clack, George 01/2017
Murrow's Cold War Earle, Renee 01/2017
The National Security Debate and Classical Geopolitics Sempa, Francis P. 01/2017
Books of Interest January 2017 Pearson, Margaret 01/2017
Eyewitness: Amb. Avis Thayer Bohlen Foreign Affairs Oral History Project  01/2017
World War Two Provides the Indo/British Breaking Point Dorschner, Jon P. 01/2017

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