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The Syrian Turn: Israeli-Syrian Peace and the New Moment In U.S. Grand Strategy  Brookhyser, Jason D.  8/2007
Department of State and AFSA on Reform Measures AFSA 2/2002
What Reporters Missed in that GAO Report on Visas AFSA 11/2002
Foreign Service Reform -- New AFSA Proposals AFSA 3/2002
Excerpts from Secretary Powell's Testimony on FY2003 Budget AFSA 2/2002
AFSA Submits Fourth Package of Reform Proposals AFSA 6/2002
AFSA Meeting With Secretary Powell AFSA 2/2002
Global Terrorism and the Future of Iraq Abrahamson, James L. 9/2003
"Humanistic Political Realism:" Power Politics' Via Media Abrahamson, James L. 12/2003
Reinstituting the Draft: Antiwar Activism in Disguise Abrahamson, James L. 4/2003
Facing the Islamist Challenge Abrahamson, James L. 11/2005
Iraq After Two Years Abrahamson, James L. 4/2005
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Abrahamson, James L. 11/2011
Coming War With Iraq Abrahamson, James L. 1/2003
Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the Bombs Abrahamson, James L. and O'Meara, Andrew Jr 8/2005
Contemporary Problems, Global Solutions: A Discussion with General Brent Scowcroft Aday, Sean, Brent Scowcroft, Frank Seson 2/2012
Iraq in the Balance Ajami, Fouad 4/2007
Money Crunch: We Need the Finest: America's Weakened Pillar: Finding the Resources to Do Diplomacy Albright, Madeleine K. 3/1997
CFE: Will It Remain a Cornerstone of European Security? Andres, Janet 9/2007
The Prince: A Master Translator Who Influenced a major Treaty Andres, Janet 7/2007
Iran: The West's Nuclear Bogeyman Arnold, Terrel 7/2006
Terrorism War is the Main Terrorism Generator Arnold, Terrell E. 7/2005
Thoughts of Afghanistan and the Impending Withdrawal Averna, Richard 11/2014
The Convergence We Need? President Obama and U.S. Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean Baeza, Gonzalo Baeza and Langevin, Mark S. 3/2009
Combating Islamic Terrorism in Europe Baker, Kristen; Mirchell, James; Tindall, Brian 11/2007
El Mercosur En Crisis Baldinelli, Elvio 8/2001
Integraciâ_n Latinoamericana: â_xitos y Retrocesos Baldinelli, Elvio 6/1999
For Argentina: An Offshore Central Bank? Baldinelli, Elvio 3/2002
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 6/2007
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 5/2007
LA CRlSIS POLITÍCA DE LA ARGENTINA Baldinelli, Elvio 10/2003
The Political Crisis in Argentina Baldinelli, Elvio 10/2003
Left and the Right in Latin America Baldinelli, Elvio 4/2009
Argentina: the New Kirchner Government Baldinelli, Elvio 7/2003
The Political and Economic Crisis in the Americas' Southern Cone Baldinelli, Elvio 9/2002
Con la Creacion de la CELAC se Confirma la Vocaon Latinamericana de Multiplicar Foros con Escaso Futuro Baldinelli, Elvio 6/2012
Consequences of the Meeting of Latin American Presidents in the City of Cordoba: Baldinelli, Elvio 8/2006
Latin America's Apparent Turn to the Left Baldinelli, Elvio 5/2007
El Mercosur Despues de la Devaluacion Baldinelli, Elvio 4/2002
Consecuencias de la reuniâ_n de Presidentes de America Latina en la Ciudad de Câ_rdoba Baldinelli, Elvio 8/2006
La Crisis Politica y Economica in El Cono Sur de America Baldinelli, Elvio 9/2002
Argentenia and Austrailia: Two Divergent Paths from the Same Beginning Baldinelli, Elvio 10/2001
Getting Inside Their Mind Barrass, Gordon S. 3/2009
Understanding Democratic Transitions Basora, Adrian 10/2006
Debt and Corruption Bassey, Nnimmo 7/2005
Debt and Corruption Bassey, Nnimmo 7/2005
Democracy's Impact on Civil Society in East Central Europe Beebe, S. D. 6/2002
Bush's Targeting of Iran is an Inept Foreign Policy Move Beeman, William O. 2/2002
World Court Ruling Means the Immunity Wears Off, but for Whom? Bekker, Pieter H. F.; Pell, Owen C. 4/2002
National Sovereignty through Decentralization Ben-Meir, Alon 1/2008
A Nuclear Iran Is Not An Option: A New Negotiating Strategy Ben-Meir, Alon 2/2009
Reconciling the Arab Initiative with Israel's Core Requirements for Peace Ben-Meir, Alon 7/2008
COMMON STRATEGIC INTERESTS Balancing Support for Israel Against Other American Interests Ben-Meir, Alon 5/2010
Obama's Peace Offensive Ben-Meir, Alon 9/2009
U.S. and the UN in World Affairs: Room Enough for Two?, The Berke, Jerrold 4/1997
Multilateralism and the UN: A Modest Proposal for University Training Berke, Jerrold L. 6/1999
Partners in Captial Crime Berlind, Alan 10/2012
A Critical Comment on Grant's Turkey: Support the Indispensable Ally Berlind, Alan D. 3/2002
Innocence Abroad Berlind, Alan D.  5/2006
W(h)ither State? Berlind, Alan D.  3/2006
NATO and the Environment Berlind, Alan D.  3/2009
The Last American Consul in Puerto Rico, Phillip C. Hanna Berry-Caban, Cristobal  10/2013
Public Diplomacy:Time to Debate Change Bishop, Donald M. 2/2015
Assessing Idealistic Interventions, and Elements of a Successful Intervention Strategy Blair, Tony 4/2009
From Progressive to Liberal Internationalism: Congressional Liberals and the Making of a Postwar Consensus Bloodworth, Jeff 10/2008
US Relations with a Changing China Borich, Joseph 7/1998
Africans without a privilege: Is the Maghreb the Black Swan of US diplomacy? Bousaria & Kabir  10/2013
Liberians Fear of Being Denied Refuge is a Real One Bowman, Melissa 8/2001
Civilian and Military Intelligence: A Necessary Dichotomy Bradberry, David 5/2006
After Iraq: Why Conceding Defeat Would Be Good for American Foreign Policy  Brands, Hal 8/2007
U.S.-Latin American Relations: Quiet Successes and Future Challenges Brands, Hal  8/2008
Exceptional Freedom Bratt, Hal 11/2005
Georgia and America: Early Contacts Bridges, Peter 11/2011
Civil War in America, Unification in Italy, and a Developing Relationship Bridges, Peter  6/2013
Why Jimmy Carter has Access to North Korea Brown, Aaron  10/2010
The Elder Statesman: George H. W. Bush in Retrospect Brown, Aaron and Reimer, Mirco 6/2014
Fixing Alhurra: Some Small Steps Brown, John 6/2005
The Purposes and Cross-Purposes of American Public Diplomacy Brown, John 8/2002
Our Indian Wars are Not Over Yet: Ten Ways to Interpret the War on Terror as a Frontier Conflict Brown, John 1/2006
Letter of Resignation Brown, John 4/2003
Public Diplomacy and Propaganda: Their Differences Brown, John  9/2008
Slavery in the Sahel Brynn, Edward  11/2008
Coming American Retreat from Global Military Interventions, The Bullington, J. R. 9/1999
Mythed Mythed Opportunities: Comments on Vietnam fromPersonal Experience Bullington, J. R. 8/2000
American Interests, American Values, and War in the Balkans Bullington, J. R. 6/1999
Iraq and Vietnam: Sad and Somber Rhymes Bullington, J. R.  1/2007
Vietnam Revisited Bullington, J.R. 6/2007
Policing Disorder in Burundi Bullington, James 4/1997
Vietnam Revisited Bullington, James 6/2007
Italy's Meddling... and Our Own Bullington, James 1/1998
The United States and Iran: Moving Towards a New Dialogue Byers, Bruce 2/2009
Engaging Iran's Silent Majority Byers, Bruce 9/2009
Diplomacy, Analysis, and Decision Making _ the Need for a new Paradigm Byers, Bruce 10/2011
Remembering Ambassador Dubs, and the Future of Afghanistan Byers, Bruce 3/2009
Fearing the Freedom of Speech Byers, Bruce  4/2010
A Nuclear Weapons Free NATO Byrne, Edson and Hlosek  4/2010
Money Crunch: Financing American Leadership, Protecting American Interests CFR/Brookings Report  3/1997
El Parlamento Latinoamericano: Los desafios de una alternativa hemisferica de integracion en el siglo XXI Caligiuri, Eugenio Roberto; Petit, Jorge Ramon 10/2001
La Constitucion Venezolana de 1999: Una Herramienta Eficaz para la Integracion Andina Caligiuri, Eugenio; Petit, Jorge 6/2002
Assessing Tehran's Nuclear Potential Canalety, Daniel 8/2005
Interagency Leadership Caudill, Shannon 4/2008
From the bipolar world to the challenged triumvirate: a new vision of global geopolitics Chalard, Laurent 6/2013
Internet and Diplomacy Christodoulides, Nikos 3/2005
The Paradoxes of Israel Chuckman, John 5/2002
Commentary on the Times Chuckman, John 1/2003
Policymaker, Know Thine Intelligence Analyst Cohen, Herman J. 5/2005
The United States and Africa: Non-Vital Interests Also Require Attention Cohen, Herman J. 8/2003
Hezbollah: Analysis of Violence Cohler, Sarah 3/2011
Occupational Hazards Colla, Elliot 8/2003
Parallel Systems: Thoughts for the New Year Coon, Carl 12/2005
After Gaza Coon, Carlton S. 9/2005
The Hole in the Doughnut Coon, Carlton S. 5/2004
Global Security Challenges Cotter, Michael 4/2008
The New Face of Central Asia Cotter, Michael 6/2008
Global Security Challenges Cotter, Michael 4/2008
Just Over The Horizon in An Election Year: The Top Five Foreign Policy Challenges Cotter, Michael 10/2012
Tracking Down the Terrorists: Regional Allies Have Their Own Axes to Grind Cotter, Michael W. 9/2001
Afghanistan and its Neighbors Cotter, Michael W. 12/2001
They Aren't Friendly Mr. President Cox, Jeff 12/2012
Full-Format American Dream: Amerika as a key tool of Cold War public diplomacy Crane, Elise  1/2010
Embassy Vatican under the spell of Embassy Rome Creagan, James F.  12/2013
Mirabile Dictu: A Professional Diplomat gets Rome Creagan, James F.  5/2013
Post-Copenhagen from a geopolitical perspective: the US, China and Europe Criekemans, David  4/2010
Outlook for a Middle East Peace Conference Dale, William 7/2002
U.S. National Security Policies in the Cold War and the War on Terror: A Comparison by William N. Dale Dale, William 6/2003
Sharon's Security Barrier Dale, William 3/2004
The Impact of Christian Zionism on American Policy Dale, William 4/2004
Struggle for the United Nations, The Dale, William N. 4/1998
What's a Bidet? Dale, William N. 1/2006
Middle East Water Problems Dale, William N. 8/2001
Arab as Insurgent DeAtkine, Norvell 9/2009
Reconciliation in Iraq: Don't Hold Your Breath DeAtkine, Norvell 2/2008
President Obama's Pitch to the Muslim World: Public Diplomacy or Policy? DeAtkine, Norvell 6/2009
Sunni Centrism and the Shi'a of Iraq DeAtkine, Norvell B 6/2005
Iraq: Our Honor, Humanity, and Self Interest Require That We Stay the Course DeAtkine, Norvell B. 5/2004
Ambassador Dean Brown and the Jordanian Crisis of 1970 DeAtkine, Norvell B. 10/2001
Nothing New? Don't Be Too Sure DeAtkine, Norvell B.  2/2007
Military Security, Energy Resources, and the Emergence of the Northwest Passage: Canada's Arctic Dilemma Dobransky, Steve 6/2012
Rare Earth Elements and U.S. Foreign Policy Dobransky, Steve 10/2013
The Coming Crisis in U.S. Foreign Aid: Policy Options for the 21st Century Dobransky, Steve 3/2011
The Return of Antarctica and the Origins and Future of Potential Conflict Dobransky, Steve  3/2014
Humanitarian Versus National Interests Dobransky, Steve  6/2010
The Bush Doctrine and U.S. Interventionism  Dolan, Chris J. 6/2004
The Indian Election Dorschner, Jon 6/2014
The Crying Need for a New Indian Economic Model Dorschner, Jon  11/2013
India Rapidly Becoming the WorldÍs Largest Carbon Emitter Dorschner, Jon P. 11/2015
The Myth of the Indian Middle Class Dorschner, Jon P. 9/2015
Caution and Narendra Modi Dorschner, Jon P. 6/2015
Where Will Narendra Modi Take India? Dorschner, Jon P. 10/2015
Post Afghanistan 2014: Future Battleground of Indo/Pakistan Rivalry Dorschner, Jon P. 1/2014
India Needs an Environmental Opposition Party Dorschner, Jon P.  2/2015
The International Community and Pakistan Dorschner, Jon P.  4/2014
On Venezuela Duddy, Patrick 3/2014
Venezuela after Chavez Duddy, Patrick  5/2013
Ghaddafi Had His Chance Earle, Robert 11/2011
Palestinian Psychological Operations: The First Intifada Efaw, Jamie 1/2006
Social Networking Services: The New Influence Frontier Efaw, Jamie  10/2008
U.S. -- Saudi Relations After the September 11 Debaucle Eilts, Hermann Frederick 12/2001
Democratic Benefits of a Free Trade Agreement with Central America Eiras, Ana Isabel 6/2005
American Legation Under Fire: Addis Ababa, 1936 Engert, Jane 11/2006
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Vol. XX, Southeast Asia, Announced FRUS 12/2006
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, volume XVII, China, 1969 -1972 FRUS 8/2006
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Vol. XII, Soviet Union, Announced FRUS 1/2006
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Volume XIV, Soviet Union, October 1971-May 1972 FRUS 12/2006
Supporting American Diplomacy FSO Resignation letters 4/2003
Don’t Substitute Spy Services for Leadership Feaver, Peter 6/2003
Strengthening the United Nations System Fishcer, Dietrich 9/2006
Economic and Political Troubles Plague Venezuela Fleischer, Lowell R. 4/2003
The Ideological War Within the West Fonte, John 6/2002
Task Force Report Foreign Affairs Council 6/2007
Diplomacy in the Age of Terror Freeman 10/2007
Why Not Try Diplomacy? Freeman, Charles  5/2008
Honoring Language Leaners Freeman, Chas 6/2009
Foregone Conclusions: Vested Interests and Intelligence Analysis Freeman, Chas 7/2009
America after the Meltdown Freeman, Chas 10/2008
Debt Defense and Diplomacy Freeman, Chas 11/2008
Diplomacy in the Age of Terror Freeman, Chas. 10/2007
Diplomacy as a Profession Freeman, Chas. 1/2016
National Security in the Age of Terrorism Freeman, Chas. W. Jr. 1/2007
Europe's Role in the World Fried, Daniel 5/2007
Geopolitics and the U.S. Election Friedman, George 9/2008
Indonesia on Fire  Friend, Theodore 1/1998
American Civilian in the Vietnam War, An Fritz, Carl R. 12/1996
State Gets Smart Fulton, Barry 12/2009
Flame Fulton, Barry  6/2014
Cold War's New History, The Gaddis, John Lewis 9/1998
Should the United States continue as a champion of free trade? Gady, Franz-Stefan  11/2010
Focus on Secretary Rice's First Year: Anywhere, Anytime Diplomacy Gadzinski, Peter S. 3/2006
Hurricane Katrina and Terrorism Gale, Stephen 9/2005
British Perspectives on the U.S. Effort to Stabilize and Reconstruct Iraq Garfield, Andrew 10/2006
Next Middle East War, The Garfinkle, Adam 7/1998
Germany in the Spring Garfinkle, Adam 4/2003
The Spirit of the New Antiwar Movement Garfinkle, Adam 4/2003
The Strange Disappearance of Jan Chistian Smuts and What It Can Teach Americans Garland, Gregory  6/2010
John Hope Franklin and American Foreign Policy Garland, Gregory L. 9/2009
A System of Intelligence Gone Awry Garner, Godfrey 12/2013
Afghanistan: Prospects post U.S. Withdrawal Garner, Godfrey 3/2013
The High Cost of Our Current Counterinsurgency Policy in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey L. 11/2012
Debate on the 'Democratic Peace' Gieseler, Steven Geoffrey 3/2004
Rogue State Department Gingrich, Newt 9/2003
Chain Reactions: Linking the Conflicts on the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan Strait Giovannettone, Justin R.  11/2006
The Future of the Army Goldberg, Sherwood 1/2006
Destroying the Future: Where there is no vision, the people perish Goldscheider, Calvin 5/2002
China's Grand Strategy and US Foreign Policy Goldstein, Avery 9/2005
Globalization and Our Failing Education System: A Clear and Present Danger Goodnight 12/2007
Libya -- Case Study in Fighting State-Sponsored Terrorism Goodwin, Brent Stuart 2/2004
Russian Reactions to U.S. Foreign Policy: An Emerging Security Dilemma Granger, Greg 4/2007
Turkey: Support the Indispensable Ally Grant, Thomas D. 12/2001
Righteous Foreign Policy Grantham, David  10/2013
Mexico's Southern Flank Grayson, George 3/2005
The Rule of Law or Confrontations in Selecting Mexico's Next President: Grayson, George W. 7/2006
Public Diplomacy in Uniform Greenspan, Rachel 3/2011
Art of Diplomacy Without Words Greenwood, Scott 10/2009
Implementing AFRICOM Gribbin, Robert 2/2008
Supporting Political and Economic Pluralism:  A 21st Century Diplomatic Approach Grossman, Marc  10/2010
SYMPOSIUM The Oslo Massacre: An Israel/Palestine angle? Gundersen, Jon 11/2011
Knowing the Enemy Habeck, Mary 1/2006
The Promise and Peril of Our Times Haig, Alexander M. 12/2003
Only in America Handley, John 8/2003
A Conceptual Framework for National Security Handley, John & Ziegler, Andrew 1/2004
Revitalizing U.S. Diplomacy Harrop, William C. 3/2002
Conduct of American Diplomacy, The Harrop, William C. 4/2000
Prospects for Ending North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program Hassig, Ralph C. & Oh, Kongdan 10/2006
9/11 Intelligence Reform: An Opportunity Lost Hastedt, Glenn 10/2006
George Bush's Unfinished Asian Agenda Hathaway, Robert M.  5/2005
An American Empire? An Essay on the United States as Global Power  Hay, William Anthony 6/2004
Is There Still a West? A Conference Report Hay, William Anthony 6/2004
Is There Still a West? Hay, William Anthony 9/2002
Israel: An Insoluble Problem Heichler, Lucian 3/2002
Jefferson and Saddam Heichler, Lucien 10/2002
All Quiet on the Western Front Heil, Alan L. Jr. 12/2011
Will there be peace in Somalia now? Helander, Bernard 12/2000
The Mess of American Public Diplomacy Helmke, Mark 10/2003
Acting Alone? Fidel's African Imperiadventures Hemenway, Margaret 12/2003
Afghanistan Hicks, Andrew and Diaz, Francisco 4/2014
What September 11th Taught Us Hillen, John 9/2002
Assessing the Long War Hoffman, Frank 1/2007
Afghan Federation Holliday, Sam 10/2009
Cross and Crescent Holliday, Sam 8/2008
Strategic Communication Changes: It's Time to Call Evildoers Evil  Holliday, Sam 8/2007
Peace and Security in the Levant Holliday, Sam  1/2010
Conflict of Wills Holliday, Sam C. 9/2005
A Federation for Iraq? Holliday, Sam C. 5/2004
A Philosophy of War- Warfare- Peace Holliday, Sam C.  3/2006
Is Democracy the Solution? Holliday, Sam C.  9/2006
Homage to Amb. L. Dean Brown, 1920-2001 Horan, Hume; Deatkine, Tex 1/2002
The Victors and Vanquished 2012 Hornblow, Michael 12/2012
Measuring Public Opinion under Political Repression Horne, Cale 4/2011
Obama and Afghanistan: Learning from Nixon's Vietnam Ordeal Hunt, Michael 11/2009
Responding to the China Challenge Hunt, Michael  5/2010
In the Wake of September 11th: The Clash of What? Hunt, Michael H. 10/2002
Is America Losing Its Voice Hyatt, David 6/2013
Guest Editorial: The Assessment of Colin Powell's State Department Hyseni, Mehdi 4/2003
Lost Plebiscite: It's still 1918 in Iraq Hyson, Cara W.F.  2/2010
Revising the U.N. Trusteeship System-Will It Work? Inman, Harry A.; Sharp, Sr., Walter Gary 9/1999
The Unipolar Trap Israeli, Ofer 4/2013
On Israel's Side Jacoby, Jeff 4/2006
A Nation Like Ours Jacoby, Jeff 4/2006
Frontier and Community: The Deconstruction of Jihad Jandora, John 3/2005
Neo-Imperialism and U.S. .Foreign Policy Janowski, Louis  7/2004
On Man Changed Greece and Turkey Forever Jennings, Roger  3/2010
Recapturing the Essentials of Counterinsurgency Joes, Anthony James 6/2006
The Future of Kosovo Johnson,Stephen & Dale, Helle 5/2003
The Other Side of Powell's Record Jones, Christopher M. 3/2006
The Arabic Language: It's Place in the Middle East's Culture and Politics Jones, Curtis 8/2002
Guide for the Aspiring Imperialist Jones, Curtis 6/2013
The American Trajectory Jones, Curtis 9/2012
Retrospective on the Infernal Triangle, A: Lebanon, Syria, and Israel Jones, Curtis F. 2/2000
Lost in the Middle East Jones, Curtis F. 1/2006
Brief Remarks on September 11th, 2001 Jones, Curtis F. 9/2001
"The National Security Strategy" -- A Personal Reaction Jones, Curtis F. 4/2003
Iraq: Musings on Accomplishing the Mission Jones, Curtis F. 1/2005
444 Days of "But Why Did They Seize Us?" Jones, Curtis F. 9/2003
Future of Palestine, The Jones, Curtis F. 9/1996
Arab-Israeli Conflict: National Politics vs. Geopolitical Reality Jones, Curtis F. 6/2001
The Future of Isreal Briefly Considered Jones, Curtis F. 12/2006
Army Specialized Training Program, The: Gateway to the Foreign Service Jones, Curtis F. 1/1998
Middle East: New Ambiance - New U.S. Policy? Jones, Curtis F. 12/2011
The Middle East: What Do We Do Now? Jones, Curtis F. 3/2006
The Middle East: Trying to Stop the Clock Jones, Curtis F. 7/1998
The American Burden of Hegemony in the Middle East Jones, Curtis F. 12/2001
The Implications of an Independent Kurdish State Jones, Curtis F. 7/2004
Governing Syria After Asad Jones, Curtis F. 8/2000
Arab-Israili Conflict Jones, Curtis F. 7/2001
Canada and Quebec in June 2008: On the Cusp Jones, David 7/2008
Dissent Again Jones, David T. 4/2003
Have We Gone to Iraq and Ruin? Jones, David T. 3/2005
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Jones, David T. 3/2008
Quebec enters the millenium Jones, David T. 12/2000
Canada and Quebec: Prime Minister Martin at the One-Year Mark Jones, David T. 1/2005
Election 2006: Canada Switches Gears Jones, David T. 3/2006
Panama, the Canal, and the USA Briefly (re)visited Jones, David T. 4/2006
NATO at Sixty Jones, David T. 4/2009
Canada and Quebec in 2003: A Time of Transition Jones, David T. 9/2003
Canada 2008: Winter of (Mild) Discontent Jones, David T. 3/2008
Canada and Quebec in July 2007: A Tale of Two Minorities Jones, David T. 7/2007
Curious Election: Canada in May 2011 Jones, David T. 5/2011
Slouching Away from an Election: Canada in November 2009 Jones, David T. 11/2009
In Defense of NATO Jones, David T. 3/2012
Scandal in the Great White North Jones, David T. 4/2005
Canada at Mid-Year 2001: A Period of Rumpled Tranquility Jones, David T. 8/2001
The INF Treaty Back into the Morass? Jones, David T. 2/2015
Canada at Midyear 2002 Jones, David T. 7/2002
Easter Island: What to Learn from the Puzzles? Jones, David T. 10/2007
Why Iraq Reminds of Vietnam Jones, David T.  12/2006
North Korea's Nuclear Explosion: Less Than Meets the Eye Jones, David T.  11/2006
Canada and the United States:  Civil Military Relations Jones, David T.  6/2010
Tradeoffs--and a Changing Global Climate Jones, David T.  8/2007
Death of a Dynasty: Tory Defeat in Alberta Jones, David T.  2/2014
Israel versus Hezbollah: A Rematch Inevitable Jones, David T.  9/2006
Two Good Policies, Both LIkely Failures Jones, David T.  8/2006
Quebec Elects and Creates More Questions Jones, David T.  4/2007
A Conservative Canada: 150 Days and Counting Jones, David T.  7/2006
The Curious Coincidence: U.S. and Canadian Elections Jones, David T.  9/2008
Canada Elects Jones, David T.  10/2008
It's A Cultural Thing, Pt 2 Jones, Garret 9/2005
It's A Cultural Thing, Pt 1 Jones, Garret 8/2005
The Zen of Global Warming Jones, Teresa Chin & Jones, David T. 2/2007
In Memoriam: Ambassador Hermann Frederick Eilts  Journal 10/2006
Anson Burlingame, an American Diplomat Jue, Stanton 9/2011
Two American Women Visit Beijing Jue, Stanton 11/2009
The One China Policy: Terms of Art Jue, Stanton 4/2006
The Sèvres Syndrome Jung, Dietrich 8/2003
When is a War Not a War? Keister, Todd 1/2008
Pragmatism Vs. Populism in South America Kellberg, Joen 10/2006
The Clash of Cognitions: The United States, China, and Strategic Thinking Kerbel, Josh 2/2009
U.S.-EU Cooperation on Counter Terrorism Kerber, Frank 6/2007
Humpty Dumpty Redux: Saving Public Diplomacy Kiehl, William 3/2008
Letter of Resignation Kiesling , John Brady 4/2003
Needed: A Unitary Diplomatic Service of the United States of America Kinney, Stephanie  1/2009
Counterterrorism and the Itegration of Islam in Europe Klausen, Jytte 7/2006
Economic Reforms in Cuba? Kline, Michael 10/2010
Divided Nation, United Military: The Burmese Government as Junta Par Excellence  Koo, Matthew  4/2015
United Nations and the Corporate Agenda, The Korten, David C. 10/1997
Ten Principles of Operational Diplomacy:_ a proposed framework Kreutzer, Paul 6/2014
From Women at War to Foreign Affairs Scholar Kurtz, Ann White 6/2006
Decisions Needed: ASEAN and Asian Regionalism  La Porta, Al 12/2008
Northeast Asia Regionalism and Linkages with Southeast Asia La Porta, Al 6/2008
Toward a True Strategic Partnership with Indonesia La Porta, Al  1/2009
Foundation for a Coherent Foreign Policy Landis, Benjamin 11/2011
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The Seismic Fault In Geopolitical Tectonics Landis, Benjamin  5/2010
The Time Has Come: A Prescription for the Renaissance of American Diplomacy Landis, Benjamin L. 2/2009
Watch on the Potomac: An Analysis of Forging a New Shield The Report of the Project on National Security Reform Landis, Benjamin L. 12/2009
A Foreign Service for the Twenty-First Century Landis, Benjamin L.  12/2008
The Islamic World Faces Its Future Landis, Benjamin L.  1/2015
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