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President's Note: Diplomacy under heavy fire Pearson, W. Robert  12/2017
The General & the Ambassador A Conversation Journal 12/2017
Ten former Directors General ask the SFRC to oppose Stephen Akard's nomination as DG AAD 12/2017
Krasno Events: YouTube Channel Larres, Klaus 12/2017
President's Note: AAD Letter Pearson, W. Robert  10/2017
In Memoriam: William A. Bader Kiehl, William P. 05/2016
Is April Truly The Cruellest Month Journal 04/2016
In Memoriam: Henry Mattox Journal 03/2016
State Department Releases Annual Fiscal Transparency Report Announcement 01/2016
America's Diplomats on PBS March 2016 Journal 01/2016
Letter: US Diplomacy Center Foundation Elects New President: Thomas McNamara Journal 05/2015
2015 AFSA Lifetime Contributions to American Diplomacy Award Winner: Ambassador William C. Harrop (Ret.) Announcement 05/2015
In Memoriam Victor B. Olason Announcement 03/2015
In Memoriam Theodore Stark Wilkinson Announcement 02/2015
The Mark Palmer Award for the Advancement of Democracy Journal 02/2015
State Department Releases Annual Fiscal Transparency Report Announcement 01/2015
UN Yearbook Announcement 01/2015
In Memoriam Walter Roberts Journal 09/2014
Senior Diplomats Call for Rejection of Ambassadorial Nominees: Minimal Demonstrated Qualifications for Their Posts Announcement 03/2014
Political Appointments to Ambassadorships Announcement 03/2014
In Memoriam Bill Dale Journal 03/2014
Seeking inforamtion from Vienna 1986 Announcement 12/2013
A Diplomat's Handbook Announcement 12/2013
AFSA's Memorial Marker AFSA 09/2013
In Memoriam Arthur Bardos Announcement 05/2013
Presidents are breaking the U.S. Foreign Service Announcement 04/2013
Diplomacy's Public Dimension: Books, Articles, Websites #64 Announcement 04/2013
In Memoriam Reginald Bartholomew Kursch, Donald 03/2013
Resources on Public Diplomacy and related courses Gregory, Bruce 12/2012
In Memoriam Reginald Bartholomew Jones, David T.  11/2012
United Nations issues sixty-second volume of 'Yearbook of the United Nations' Announcement 09/2012
AFSA Statement on the Tragic Deaths of American Diplomatic Personnel in Libya AFSA 09/2012
New Editor Assumes Duties with Next Issue Journal 05/2011
Inside a U.S. Embassy: Diplomacy at Work published Journal 05/2011
Foreign Policy Association University Seminars Journal 03/2011
Extraordinary Resource at Your Finger Tips Journal 02/2011
American Diplomacy Will Have a New Editor Journal 01/2011
Submit your story: Peace Corps Experiences Journal 01/2011
USAME Call for Applications Announcement 11/2010
AJPSIR Call for Papers Cold War Studies in Europe 09/2010
Summer Hiatus Journal 06/2010
Peace Corps Improvement and Expansion Act Announcement 04/2010
Future of U.S. Public Diplomacy McHale, Judith  03/2010
The Foreign Relations Authorization Act  Announcement 02/2010
2011 Budget Announcement 02/2010
Peace Corps Anniversary Features Journal 02/2010
State Department Releases New History Volume FRUS  01/2009
A Foreign Affairs Budget for the Future: Fixing the Crisis in Diplomatic Readiness AAD 11/2008
Inside a U.S. Embassy: Call for Author Submissions AFSA 11/2008
The United States Meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders ICD 09/2008
Project on National Security Reform Releases Report PNSR  09/2008
Foreign Affairs Professional Reading List Editor 07/2008
Foreign Affairs Professional Reading List Editor 07/2008
Summer Publication Schedule Editor 05/2008
Obituary: Richard C. Schoonover Announcement  03/2008
2008 West Point Summer Seminar Announcement 01/2008
State Department Releases New History Volumes FRUS 01/2008
Transformational Diplomacy: Report of State's Advisory Committee Announcement  01/2008
Attention Foreign Service Authors Announcement 11/2007
State Department Launches Blog Announcement 09/2007
British Diplomatic Oral Histories Now Available on Internet Editor 08/2007
Diplomats on Stamps Journal 06/2006
FRUS Volume released in electronic format: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Volume VI, Vietnam, January 1969-July 1970 FRUS 04/2006
FRUS Volume released in electronic format: Foreign Relations of the United States, 1969-1976, Volume E-5 FRUS 12/2005
FRUS Volume released in electronic format FRUS 09/2005
FRUS Volume released in electronic format FRUS 08/2005
1964-1968, V XXXIII Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Guyana FRUS 04/2005
FRUS Voulme XXXIII FRUS  06/2004
Israel/Palestine: Healing the Rift Loyola Conference  03/2004
We Need Your Suppport Moon, Bart 02/2004
Sharon's Barricade Briefly Considered Jones, Curtis F. 10/2003
Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities Announcement  08/2003
FRUS Volume Released: Guatemala 1952-1954 FRUS  06/2003
United States Chiefs of Mission Listed by Country or Organization Announcement  06/2003
Inside a U.S. Embassy AFSA  06/2003
New Book Demonstrates How Cultural Exchange Programs Helped to Raise the Iron Curtain Announcement  05/2003
FRUS Volume Relased: Foundations of Foreign Policy 1969-1976 FRUS  05/2003
1964-1968, Volume XIX, Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1967 FRUS  02/2003
Subscriber Info Publisher 01/2003
Foreign Relations Series Released: Foreign Assistants, International Development, Trade 1969-1972 FRUS 01/2003
Conference and Call for Papers Announced Research Institute for European and American Studies 12/2002
Permanent U.S. Missions Announcement 12/2002
An Appeal for Support Publisher 11/2002
Release of Foreign Relations Volume FRUS 11/2002
U.S. Department of State Releases Volumes on Vietnam FRUS 10/2002
Congress Questions State's Visa Responsibility AFSA 09/2002
DACOR Conference on India Announced DACOR 08/2002
Esprit de Corps: Fifth AFSA Foreign Service Reform Proposal AFSA 07/2002
List of Chiefs of Mission as of April 15, 2002 AFSA 07/2002
Horowitz Research Grant Applications journal 07/2002
Powell Testimony on Homeland Security AFSA 07/2002
The Journal's Editorial and Publication Policies Editor 06/2002
AFSA/AAFSW Announce 2002 Merit Award Winners AFSA 04/2002
Conference on Security Challenges After September 11 (April 11-12, 2002) TISS 03/2002
University Announces New International Program Publisher 03/2002
Conference: Assessing the Presidency of George W. Bush at the Midpoint Publisher 03/2002
Reform of U.S. Public Diplomacy Publisher 03/2002
Indian Scholar Publishes Security Study Publisher 03/2002
U.S. Department of State Releases Volumes on Nixon, Kennedy FRUS 03/2002
Long time U.S. Ambassador Dies FPRI 03/2002
American Foreign Service Issues Call for Essays Publisher 02/2002
American Diplomacy Publicizes Essay Contest Publisher 02/2002
TISS Conference on Terrorism: Threat and Response (Feb 27-28, 2002) TISS 02/2002
An Invitation Issued Once Again Editor 01/2002
Contributions to American Diplomacy are Tax Deductable Publisher 12/2001
FRUS Volume on Indonesia, Malasia-Singapore, Philippines FRUS 08/2001
About ADST -- The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training ADST 08/2001
American Diplomacy Announces New Volunteer Staff Members Publisher 08/2001
Congress Begins Budget Process AFSA 07/2001
Note from the Publisher Moon, Bart 07/2001
Foreign Relations Volume on Arab-Israeli Dispute Released FRUS 05/2001
Senior Diplomats Address Letter to Secretary of State (& The Secretary's Reply) Boyatt, Thomas; Adair, Marshall P.; Powell, Colin 05/2001
U. S. Department of State Releases Volume XII of FRUS FRUS 04/2001
New Publisher Enters On Duty Mattox, Henry E. 04/2001
U. S. Department of State Releases FRUS volumes on the Soviet Union, 1964-1968, the Near East Region and Arabian Peninsula, 1964-68; and South Korea, 1964-68 FRUS 03/2001
Oral History Project Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training 03/2001
Department of State releases FRUS volume on Mainland Southeast Asia FRUS 12/2000
Essay Competition on U.S. - China Relations National Committee on United States-China Relations 08/2000
Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Internship Program: Schmiel, Gene 04/2000
U. S. Department of State Releases Foreign Relations Volume on Arab-Israeli Dispute FRUS 04/2000
Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide Debuts New Website AAFSW 02/2000
Political terrorism research interest at Duke Univ. Miller, Martin 02/2000
Two new FRUS releases from Dept. of State Historian  FRUS 02/2000
Warburg Conference: Simmons to Host Global Security Conference February 29 Simmons College 02/2000
China Conference Announced Announcement 09/1999
Taiwan Earthquake: Appeal for Help Publisher 09/1999
FRUS Volume on Energy Diplomacy and Global Affairs FRUS 09/1999
Uganda Book Drive Initiative Cook, Daniel 04/1999
Last microfiche supplement to Kennedy administration Foreign Relations volumes released FRUS 04/1999
Microfiche supplement to Eisenhower administration Foreign Relations volume released  FRUS 02/1999
Conference on Conflict in Africa.  TISS 02/1999
Plans Unfolding for TISS Conference on Conflict in Africa February 5-6, 1999  TISS 09/1998
Foreign Relations VolumeCovering Berlin, Cuba Crises Released FRUS 09/1998
Centre for UN Management Accountability (CUNMA) Makes Its Debut CUNMA 09/1998
Popular Journal Authors Gene and Bonnie Schmiel Publish Foreign Service Memoirs Crigler, Frank 09/1998
U.S. Foreign Relations Series Laos Volume (1964-1968) Released by Department of State. FRUS 04/1998
Historian's Office Page Added to Department of State Web Site State Dept. 04/1998
Institute for Experiential Learning Announces Embassy and Diplomatic Scholars Internship Program Schmiel, Gene 04/1998

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