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What Military Officers Need to Know About Civil-Military Relations Abrahamson, James  8/2013
Poison Gas in World War I Abrahamson, James  10/2013
In Europe: A Growing Case for Banning Hezbollah Abrahamson, James  5/2013
Canada's Midterm Blues: The Harper Government Hits Rocks Abrahamson, James  9/2013
The Iranian Rapprochement Fantasy Abrahamson, James  12/2013
Interpreting the New Iran Deal Abrahamson, James  12/2013
Remembering General Ulysses S. Grant Abrahamson, James  7/2013
Islamist or Nationalist: Who is Egypt's Mysterious New Pharaoh? Abrahamson, James  11/2013
Israel's Stragetic Clarity in Syria Abrahamson, James  5/2013
Western Media Misunderstanding Egypt Abrahamson, James  8/2013
The Great Experiment Abrahamson, James  6/2008
In Europe: A Growing Case for Banning Hezbollah Abrahamson, James  5/2013
Keys to Global Success Abrahamson, James L. 11/2005
The Hegemonic Demands of Pax Americana Abrahamson, James L. 5/2004
Last Days of Europe Abrahamson, James L. 10/2007
American Empire of Openness: Bacevich's American Empire Abrahamson, James L. 12/2002
Rainbow: War Plans that Worked Abrahamson, James L. 5/2005
Other War: Winning and Losing in Afghanistan Abrahamson, James L. 11/2009
America: the Hapless Hegemon? Abrahamson, James L. 4/2003
Willful Blindness: A Memoir of the Jihad Abrahamson, James L. 9/2008
Death By A Thousand Cuts Abrahamson, James L. 10/2012
The Grand Jihad Abrahamson, James L.  9/2010
The War of All the People Abrahamson, James L.  12/2012
Myth Versus Reality Arcos, Cresencio 3/2013
Waves of Hope Armstrong, B.J 8/2008
Stars and Stripes High Over the Rising Sun. Book: Sarantakes' Keystone American Occupation of Okinawa and U.S. Japanese Relations Bacevich, Andrew J. 2/2002
Imagining India: The Idea of a Renewed Nation Baldyga, Leonard J.  1/2010
" Hot Books, Cold War" Baldyga, Leonard J.  10/2013
Turning Points in U.S. Foreign Policy Beckman, Peter 5/2011
Guerrilla Diplomacy: Rethinking International Relations Beckman, Peter R. 9/2009
Conflict for a Continent Beechey, David 12/2012
With Our Backs to the Wall Beechey, David 9/2011
Good and Evil in World War II Beechey, David 5/2011
" Small Wars, Far Away Places" Beechey, David  6/2013
"Diplomatic Sage of Monticello, The. Book: Kaplan's Thomas Jefferson: Westward the Course of Empire" Belohlavek, John M. 9/1999
Neither War Nor Peace: Uncle Sam and the Little Corporal Belohlavek, John M.  5/2006
"McCarthy and His Enemies, Revisited. Book: Herman's Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the Life and Legacy..." Bland, Larry L. 8/2000
Shooting Up: Counter-Insurgency and the War on Drugs Brands, Hal 3/2010
Options for Influence Brown, John 11/2008
Why America Fights: Patriotism and War Propaganda from the Philippines to Iraq Brown, John 9/2009
Empire of Ideas Brown, John 4/2013
Islamic Extremism and the War of Ideas Brown, John 9/2010
Condoleezza Rice: Biographies by Bumiller and Mabry Brown, John 6/2008
Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey Brown, John 3/2008
Toward a New Public Diplomacy: Redirecting U.S. Foreign Policy  Brown, John 11/2009
The Creation of the American Era Brown, John 10/2013
Practicing Public Diplomacy: A Cold War Odyssey Brown, John  4/2008
No Enchanted Palace Brown, John H. 3/2010
The Globalization of American Culture Brown, John H. 1/2013
There Is No Freedom Without Bread! 1989 and the Civil War That Brought Down Communism Brown, John H. 2/2010
We Meant Well Brown, John H.  11/2011
God and the Atlantic Brown, John H.  6/2011
The Great Cold War: A Journey through the Hall of Mirrors Bullington, J.R. 3/2009
America and the World Bullington, J.R. 11/2008
Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA Review by J. R. Bullington Bullington, J.R. 10/2007
A Thousand Hills Bullington, J.R. 1/2009
FDR's 12 Apostles Bullington, J.R. 11/2007
Why Vietnam Matters: An Eyewitness Account of Lessons Not Learned Bullington, J.R.  5/2009
The Accidental Guerilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One Bullington, J.R.  7/2009
Politics and Change Bullock, James L. 5/2011
Islam vs. Christianity in Medieval Times Burgess, John  8/2007
In the Garden of the Beasts Butler, Michael 11/2011
Among the Iranians Byers, Bruce 5/2010
Avoiding Armageddon Camp, Donald  11/2013
Journalismês Roving Eye: A History of American Foreign Reporting Canning, Michael 12/2009
The Atomic Bomb and the Origins of the Cold War Carew, Paul 1/2009
The Other Europe Chikes, Csaba  12/2013
Power Hungry Chin Jones, Theresa 10/2010
Review of Blix's Disarming Iraq Chira, Robert 7/2004
"Dennis Ross: The Very Long, Very Hard Road to Middle East Peace" Chira, Robert 11/2004
The Past Four U.S. Administrations Critiqued Chira, Robert 6/2004
The First Conservative Cincotta, Howard 12/2013
The Real Population Bomb Cincotta, Howard 11/2012
Good Italy Bad Italy Clare, Gwen 2/2013
The World's Most Dangerous Place Clare, Gwen  11/2013
Why Leaders Lie Coffey, John 2/2011
Arsenal of Democracy Coffey, John 3/2010
Dismantling the West Coffey, John 4/2010
The connection between ideas and policy and the importance of leaders’ choices Coffey, John 9/2010
Power and Willpower Coffey, John 9/2012
Bomb Power Coffey, John 4/2011
No One’s World Coffey, John 10/2012
Superpower Illusions Coffey, John 6/2010
The Great Convergence Coffey, John 5/2013
The Return of History and the End of Dreams Coffey, John  9/2008
The Return of History and the End of Dreams Coffey, John  7/2008
"Hawk and the Dove:¾ Paul Nitze, George Kennan and the History of the Cold War" Coffey, John  11/2009
Presidential Command Cofffey, John W.  4/2009
The Limits of Power Cofffey, John W.  10/2008
The Limits of Influence Cotter, Michael 1/2010
After the Taliban Cotter, Michael 9/2008
A Revisionist View of U.S. National Security Policy Cotter, Michael 6/2011
Hostile Intent: U.S. Covert Operations in Chile 1964-1975 Cotter, Michael 3/2008
U.S. Government Counterterrorism Cotter, Michael 12/2012
" No, the United States Should Not Suspend Aid to Egypt" Cotter, Michael  9/2013
The Russian Stake in Afghanistan Cotter, Michael  4/2013
The Irony of American Strategy: Putting the Middle East in Proper Perspective Cotter, Michael  7/2013
Nonpartisan Global Troubleshooting at its Best Cotter, Michael W. 5/2005
"Great Game: A Duel of Intriguing Imperialists, The. Book: Meyer & Brysac's Tournament of Shadows: The Great Game and the Race for Empire in Central Asia" Cotter, Michael W. 4/2000
Surviving the Heart of Darkness: A Consul's Tale Cotter, Michael W. 12/2003
Lessons from Vietnam: Don't Cut and Run Cotter, Michael W.  3/2006
Two Looks at America's Other Army Cotter, Michael and Litt, David 1/2013
"Lincoln, London and Emancipation Diplomacy" Crawford, Martin 5/2006
Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower Criekemans, David 8/2008
Clio's Protracted War Lessons from Talibanland Daddis, Gregory 5/2005
Cursed is the U.S. Envoy Who Tries To Bring Peace to the Middle East. Book: Boykin's Cursed is the Peacemaker Dale, William N. 9/2002
"First Line of Defense: The Ambassadorial Imperative Endangered. Book: Keely (ed.) First Line of Defense: Ambassadors, Embassies and American Interests Abroad" Dale, William N. 3/2001
"The NSA: How Much Should We Know? How Much Should We Trust?, Book: Body of Secrets" Dale, William N. 12/2001
Bear v. The Eagle Over Anatolia. Joyce's Both Hunter & Hunted Dale, William N. 6/2001
Vietnam and Beyond: A Foggy Bottom View Dale, William N.  3/2005
Attack on the Liberty: Tragic Error or Premeditated Assault? Dale, William N.  3/2006
Periclean America. Book: Friedberg's In the Shadow of the Garrison State Damin, Greg 2/2002
Handler of the Spy Who Saved the World Daugherty, William J.  8/2005
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad U.S. Cell [1988-95] DeAtkine, Norvell 2/2010
Europe's Ghost DeAtkine, Norvell 10/2010
Who's More Dangerous: Sunni or Shia Islamists? DeAtkine, Norvell 6/2013
Core Al Qaeda Member Captured In Libya DeAtkine, Norvell 11/2013
The Strong Horse DeAtkine, Norvell 6/2010
Islam and Islamism DeAtkine, Norvell 9/2013
Elections in Jordan: Victory for Reform or More of the Same? DeAtkine, Norvell 3/2013
The Sunni Divide DeAtkine, Norvell 1/2010
Who's More Dangerous: Sunni or Shia Islamists? DeAtkine, Norvell 6/2013
Losing Tunisia to the Salafis DeAtkine, Norvell 5/2013
Syria is Iran's Stalingrad DeAtkine, Norvell 7/2013
Partitioning Syria DeAtkine, Norvell 12/2013
" Soft Power, Hard Results in North Africa" DeAtkine, Norvell 10/2013
A Chronology of United States-Iraqi Relations DeAtkine, Norvell  2/2008
Divide and Perish: The Geopolitics of the Middle East DeAtkine, Norvell B. 8/2007
King's Counsel: Two Perspectives DeAtkine, Norvell Tex and Jones, David T.  10/2011
Little America Dillen, Mark 11/2012
The Decline and Fall of USIA Dillen, Mark 2/2013
Wars of Afghanistan Dillen, Mark E. 12/2011
Also Present at the Creation Doenecke, Justus D. 11/2006
Poverty Amid Plenty Dorschner, John P. 3/2013
Magnificent Delusions Dorschner, Jon  12/2013
The Return of a King Dorschner, Jon  5/2013
" The CIA, a Secret Army, and a War and the Ends of the Earth" Dorschner, Jon  6/2013
Durand reviews La mise en place des monopoles du savoir Durand, Charles 5/2002
Uncle Sam: Supreme Guardian of the Saudi Crown. Book: Hart's Saudi Arabia and the United States: Birth of a Security Partnership Eilts, Hermann Fr. 4/2000
"The U.N. of the Four Policemen, Book: FDR and the Creation of the United Nations" Ettinger, David 10/2001
"American Metternich Remembers Realpolitik, The. Book: Kissinger's Years of Renewal" Fic, Victor 4/2000
Why Do They Hate Us? Fordham, Benjamin 6/2007
The Blessings of Globalization --"Done Right" Fritz, Carl 4/2004
"John Bull and Uncle Sam Grapple With South East Asian Nationalism: Jones' Conflict and Confrontation in South East Asia, 1961-1965" Fritz, Carl 12/2002
Armed 'Ugly American' of the Oreint. Book: Cross's Born a Foreigner Fritz, Carl R. 6/2001
Group Thinking Fulton, Barry  9/2010
The Truth of the Matter Gilbert, Richard 3/2011
Foreign Service Primer¾ Gilbert, Richard  10/2009
Two Careers Gilbert, Richard  9/2008
The Great African War Gribben, Robert E.  11/2010
"Strategic Bombing: The Same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow?" Griffith, Thomas E. 2/2004
The Life of a Cold War Lightning Rod Gurman, Hannah  4/2010
The Strongman Handley, John 11/2012
Leadership Handley, John 1/2009
"Winning Turkey: How America, Europe, and Turkey Can Revive a Fading Partnership" Handley, John 9/2009
The Strongman Handley, John 10/2012
Advice to War Presidents Handley, John 5/2009
From Nyet to Da Handley, John 11/2010
States Without Citizens Handley, John 10/2008
Comrade J: Russia's Master Spy in America Handley, John 5/2008
Colin Powell: American Power and Intervention from Vietnam to Iraq Handley, John 9/2009
Present at the Footnote Handley, John 3/2011
Tropical Zio Handley, John 6/2009
English Speaking Only Spies Won't Do Handley, John 8/2005
Known and Unknown Decision Points Handley, John 5/2011
Breakthrough Handley, John 2/2013
Losing the Golden Hour: An Insider's View of Iraq's Reconstruction Handley, John 3/2008
Higher Realism Handley, John 4/2009
The Russian Far East and China: Thoughts on Cross-Border Integration Handley, John  12/2013
"John F. Kennedy, World Leader" Handley, John  5/2010
Uneasy Neighbo(u)rs Handley, John  7/2008
Decisions Deferred: Balancing Risks for Today and Tomorrow Handley, John  9/2013
British Diplomacy in Turkey Handley, John  9/2010
A Patchwork Puzzle: THe North Caucasus Can No Longer Be Safely Ignored Handley, John  6/2013
Prism and Boundless Informant: Is NSA Surveillance a Threat? Handley, John  7/2013
Austrian Capital "Filled with Iranian Spies" Handley, John  3/2013
US Foreign Policy and Islamist Politics Handley, John  6/2008
Killing Without Heart Handley, John  9/2013
The Russian Far East: Challenges and Opportunities Handley, John  5/2013
In Defense of a Strategic Approach to Russia Handley, John  4/2013
Hubris Handley, John  9/2010
"Jaw-Jaw Better Than War-War?" Handley, John  10/2013
NATO Matters: Ensuring the Value of the Alliance for the United States Handley, John  11/2013
" Doctrine, Disinformation, and Strategic Communication" Handley, John  5/2013
Hell on Earth: Life in Il Sung's Gulag: Chol-Hwan and Rigoulot's Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag Handley, John M. 12/2002
Small Wars: Serving the National Interests of Pax Americana Hanson, Thomas E. 4/2003
Remarks by the President at the National Defense University Harrop, William  7/2013
An Assessment: The Opportunity Harrop, William C. 9/2005
The Last Great Senator Hawley, John 9/2013
Slovakia on the Road to Independence Hornblow, Michael 6/2010
Living Diplomatically Hornblow, Michael 8/2008
Not the Quiwt CIrt on the Hill Hornblow, Michael 5/2007
Modernization Theory: Ideology or Fad? Hunt, Michael H. 7/2001
Constructing the New China Policy Hunt, Michael H.  9/2006
"Quintessential American Diplomat, The. Book: Briggs's Proud Servant: The Memoirs of a Career Ambassador" Jacobs, Matthews 2/2000
Panama and the United States Johnson, Joe B.  2/2013
The Contemporary Middle East Jones, Curtis 6/2013
The Five Myths of Terrorism‰ÛÓIncluding That It Works Jones, Curtis 8/2013
Brief Comments on James Bamford's Body of Secrets Jones, Curtis F. 8/2001
Peace Through Assimilation Jones, Curtis F. 4/2007
Fourth Star:¾ Four Generals and the Epic Struggle for the Future of the United States Army  Jones, David T. 10/2009
Our Man in Tehran Jones, David T. 2/2011
America's Occupation of the Philippines Jones, David T.  9/2013
Negotiating with Iran Jones, David T.  5/2010
Sino-Japanese Clash Jones, David T.  6/2013
Iraq and the United States Jones, David T.  10/2013
The Arab Spring Jones, David T.  12/2013
America and the Middle East Jones, David T.  5/2013
China-Taiwan Relations Jones, David T.  3/2013
The New Iranian President and Nuclear Policy Jones, David T.  11/2013
"ForgottenNear War, The: Lincoln's Civil War Diplomacy. Book: Mahin's One War at at Time" Jones, Howard 3/2001
Rule-ing the World Joyner, Christopher 11/2006
America's Response to China Jue, Stanton  4/2010
The China Fallacy Jue, Stanton  9/2013
Living with the Dragon Jue, Stanton  9/2010
The Go Home Option Keeley, Robert V. 1/2007
The Covert Confederacy Abroad Kickler, Troy 5/2006
Worlds Apart Kiehl, William P.  12/2011
Practice of Public Diplomacy Kiehl, William P.  6/2011
State's Adjunct 'Accidental Diplomats': Foreign Service Spouses. Book: Hughes' The Accidental Diplomat: Dilemmas of the Trailing Spouse Killen, Linda 2/2000
Covert Action and U.S. Foreign Policy Knott, Stephen 1/2007
"Arabists, The: WASP Missionaries to Arabia. Book: Kaplan's The Arabists: The Romance of an American Elite" Kolodner, Michael 4/2000
Public Opinion and International Intervention Kotok, Alan 11/2012
Consular Affairs and Diplomacy Kunsman, June 5/2011
Russia Against Napoleon Kursch, Donald 5/2011
Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America Landis, Benjamin  4/2010
The Memoir of a Cold War Spy's Daughter Landis, Benjamin L. 10/2012
Brazil as an Economic Superpower? Understanding Brazil's Changing Role in the Global Economy  Langevin, Mark S. 7/2009
Never Forget National Humiliation Levine, Paul  5/2013
"Beijing Plays the Washington Card, Book: America's Response to China" Levine, Steven I. 10/2001
America Town: Building the Outposts of Empire Loftus, Gerald 1/2008
What Spies for Admiral Nimitz Love, Robert 8/2005
Stories Out of Africa! Marks, Edward 7/2001
Age of the Unthinkable: Why the New World Disorder Constantly Surprises Us And What We Can Do About It Marks, Edward 11/2009
The Last Crusade Marks, Edward  9/2008
" For American Foreign Policy, No Good Options" Marks, Wilkinson, Harrop  6/2013
"Unlikely Lady Planter, The. Book: Carr's Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda" Matheron, Richard 2/2000
Ideology and U.S. Foreign Policy Mattox, Henry 6/2009
The American Ascendancy Mattox, Henry 6/2008
Adventures in Service with Peace Corps in Niger Mattox, Henry 2/2008
Adventures in Service with Peace Corps in Niger Mattox, Henry 1/2008
War & Diplomacy: From World War I to the War on Terrorism Mattox, Henry 9/2008
"Security First: For a Muscular, Moral Foreign Policy" Mattox, Henry  10/2008
"Art Imitating Life?, Book: Flash Point" Mattox, Henry E. 11/2001
Divide and Perish Mattox, Henry E.  1/2011
Great Negotiations: Agreements That Changed the Modern World Mattox, Henry E.  3/2010
The Last Days of Kim Jong-il Maurer , William 9/2013
Kaiser Bill and John Bull As Co-Hegemons. Book: Ferguson's The Pity of War Maurer, John H. 8/2000
Rehabilitating Diem Through Dim Saigon Eyes Maye, Paul D. 3/2005
Summit Meetings of the Second World War Mayle, Paul D.  1/2007
Rebellion of Ronald Reagan Merrit, Jeff 5/2009
"No Cold War, No Korean War" Millet, Allen R. 3/2005
"Where Are the Cubans in This War? Book: Perez, The War of 1898" Mitchell, Nancy 9/1999
The Boys from Dolores Moon, Bart 1/2008
Imperial Designs Morris, Greta 10/2013
"Religion, Terror, and Error" Morris, Greta N. 11/2011
Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy Murphy, Dennis M.  2/2010
How Enemies Become Friends Nicholson, Marc E. 1/2011
Post-Manhattan Project Whereabouts of Uncle Sam's Nukes Norris, Robert S. 2/2004
Berlin 1961 Palmer, Mark 9/2011
"Foreign Policy is Important, but This Book Isn't" Peck, Edward 5/2004
John Moncure Daniel: Dixie’s Dueling Diplomat and “Pen of Fire" Perry, Jack 6/2003
Liberal Missionary: The 'Whole' Dean Rusk. Book: Zeiler's Dean Rusk: Defending the American Mission Abroad Perry, Jack 12/2000
Review of One World: The Ethics of Globalization Perry, Jack 4/2003
"It's the Culture, Comrade!" Perry, Jack R. 1/2006
"Inside Sudan, Revolution in Zanzibar" Petterson, Don 3/2002
VENONA: The Cold War's Smoking Gun. Book: Haynes and Klehr's VENONA: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America Platt, Rorin M. 4/2000
Red Scare or Red Menace? Book: Weinstein & Vassilev's The Hounted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America-The Stalin Era Platt, Rorin M. 4/1999
China and Africa Powell, Adam Clayton III  4/2013
It Happened on the Way to War Pumphrey, Carolyn 4/2011
Global War Gone Wrong Quainton, Anthony C. E.  4/2013
America and a Changed World Quainton, Anthony C.E. 9/2010
America's Misadventures Quainton, Anthony C.E. 5/2011
The Last Three Feet Now Only Inches Away Quainton, Anthony C.E. 9/2012
Flawed Patriot Rayle, Robert 8/2008
The Confidante: Condoleezza Rice and the Creation of the Bush Legacy Riggio, Louis 11/2007
Stray Voltage: War in an Information Age Ringl, A. J. Andreas 8/2006
Munich Security Conference Ringl, Andreas  3/2013
Foreign Policy: From Conception to Diplomatic Practice Robertson, Thomas B. 6/2013
FDR and the Jews Rockower, Paul 11/2013
Chinese Cyber Attacks: Robust Response Needed Rogers, Joe  3/2013
Uncle Sam and His Worlds To Restore Roland, Alex 5/2003
Negotiating Paradise: U.S. Tourism and Empire in Twentieth Century Latin America Rubin, Daniel A.  3/2010
The United States and Public Diplomacy Rugh, William  6/2010
Script Middle East Leaders Rugh, William  4/2013
Future of Public Diplomacy Rugh, William A. 3/2010
"War of Necessity, War of Choice: A Memoir of Two Iraq Wars" Rugh, William A. 9/2009
Revolution in the Arab World Rugh, William A. 3/2011
"Dullesian Ad Hoc Raison d'¥Ë_tat Rehabilitated. Book: Immerman's John Foster Dulles: Piety, Pragmatism, and Power in U.S. Foreign Policy" Sarantakes, Nick 2/2000
New Insights into the Cold War. Book: Gaddis' We Know Now: Rethinking Cold War History Schenck, Richard 4/1999
Foreign Policy Begins at Home Schindler and Coffey  6/2013
"Forgotten 'Plumed Knight', The. Book: Crapol's James G. Blaine: Architect of Empire" Schmiel, Gene 2/2000
American Public Opinion on the Iraq War Schneider, Michael 12/2012
Future of Public Diplomacy Schneider, Michael 5/2011
"Cold War and the U.S. Information Agency: American Propaganda and Public Diplomacy, 1945 _ 1989" Schneider, Michael 11/2009
The Barrios of Manta Schoonover, Brenda  10/2013
Negotiating Democracy for Haiti Schoultz, Lars 3/2007
"Petrograd, Potatoes and Ambassador David Francis" Schumaker, James  9/2010
American Diplomat and Nation Builder Sempa, Francis 11/2012
Gadfly of the Gilded Age Sempa, Francis 1/2013
Causes and Character of the War of 1812 Sempa, Francis 5/2011
Religion in American War and Diplomacy Sempa, Francis 3/2013
God and Gold: Britain Sempa, Francis  3/2008
Offensive Realism. Book: Mearsheimer's The Tragedy of Great Power Politics Sempa, Francis P. 6/2002
"Uncle Sam: A Sheriff, Not an Emperor" Sempa, Francis P. 11/2005
The Bloodiest Century Sempa, Francis P.  1/2007
Conservative Internationalism Sempa, Francis P.  11/2013
Geopolitics Reborn Sempa, Francis P.  8/2013
The Three Versions of Al Qaeda Sempa, Francis P.  12/2013
John Quincy Adams and U.S. Foreign Policy in a Revolutionary Era Sempa, Francis P.  3/2013
Tensions and Diplomacy in the South China Sea Sempa, Francis P.  4/2013
Geopolitics in the Eastern Mediterranean: A Cypriot Perspective Sempa, Francis P.  5/2013
American Naval Strategy in a Time of Declining Resources Sempa, Francis P.  10/2013
How FDR Took the U.S. into World War II Sempa, Francis P.  7/2013
Realism in International Politics Sempa, Francis P.  5/2013
" Privacy, Technology and National Security" Sempa, Francis P.  8/2013
An Assessment of Counterterrorism Policy Sempa, Francis P.  9/2013
The Art of America Power Sempa, Francis P.  12/2013
Churchill Sempa, Francis P.  2/2010
U.S. Strategy in the Middle East Sempa, Francis P.  6/2013
Ronald Reagan and the End of the Cold War Sempa, Francis P.  1/2006
The "Iron Lady" and the Cold War Sempa, Francis P.  4/2013
Red Spies in Flight Sibley, Katherine 10/2006
Poor Forgotten Gorby: The First Bolshevik's Last Apologist. Book: Gorbachev's n My Country and the World Sibley, Katherine A. S.  8/2000
Justice Begins at Home Silliman, Scott 5/2003
Significant Book Survey Staff 8/2000
Churchillian Cold War Diplomacy: Putting Britannia First Stanke, Jaclyn 1/2006
Jim Crow and the Cold War. Book: Dudziak's Cold War Civil Rights Stanke, Jaclyn 8/2002
The Father of Containment Speaks! Stepanson, Anders 3/2006
"Washington-Tel Aviv Axis, The. Book: Ben-Zvi's Decade of Transition" Sullivan, Paul 6/1999
China and the Current Barbarians Sylvester, John 10/2011
Pacific Alliance: Reviving U.S. Japan Relations Sylvester, John 9/2009
" A Salutation to Arms: Asia's Military Buildup, Its Reasons, and Its Implications" Sylvester, John  10/2013
GI Come Back: America's Return to the Philippines Sylvester, John  11/2013
Japan's Daunting Challenge Sylvester, John  3/2013
Rebalancing the U.S. Military in Asia and the Pacific Sylvester, John  7/2013
Understanding North Korea Sylvester, John  4/2013
Power Rules: How Common Sense Can Rescue American Foreign Policy Teixeira, Carlos G.P. 7/2009
US Foreign Relations Through FSO Lenses Thornton, David 11/2005
"Man in the Street and Uncle Sam and the World, Redux, The. Book: Foyle's Counting the Public In: Presidents, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy" Thornton, David 12/2000
Saddam's Swords: The Paper Tiger of the Tigris? Thornton, David & Tryon, Jessica 4/2003
What Terrorist Threat? Book: Stern's The Ultimate Terrorist Thornton, David W. 6/1999
The Never Ending War Against Terrorism. Book: Pillar's Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy Thornton, David W. 9/2002
"No Shortage of the New Terrorists With No Place to Hide, Book: The New Terrorism" Thornton, David W. 12/2001
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A Cold War that Unleashed a Rising Sun Van Sant, John E. 4/2004
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All the Missing Souls Wenick, Martin 9/2012
The China Threat White, James W. 9/2012
Alliance Politics in Asia White, James W.  9/2011
Hawaii in U.S. Strategy and Politics White, James W.  12/2011
LBJ: Architect of American Ambition Whitt, Jacqueline 5/2008
The Relationship Through Their Eyes Wilkinson, Theodore 3/2013
The Contradictions of Our Cuba Policy Wilkinson, Theodore  8/2013
The Inside Story of How the White House Let Diplomacy Fail in Afghanistan Wilkinson, Theodore  6/2013
The End of Nostalgia Wilkinson, Theodore  11/2013
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"Electronic Herd vs. The Tortoise, The. Book: Friedman's The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization" Yarmolinsky, Adam 9/1999

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