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Through the Looking Glass of Berlin: The Cuban Missile Crisis & the Making of de Gaulle's Double Non  6/2001
Invisible Armies Abrahamson, James 1/2014
Problems, Problems, and the Real Problem Abrahamson, James L  8/2006
Rainbow: War Plans that Worked Abrahamson, James L. 5/2005
The Sandia Pioneers Abrahamson, James L. 7/2002
Coming War With Iraq Abrahamson, James L. 1/2003
The Hegemonic Demands of Pax Americana Abrahamson, James L. 5/2004
Iraq After Two Years Abrahamson, James L. 4/2005
Free Should be the Four-Letter Word for Iraq's Future Abrahamson, James L. 5/2004
Will the West-and the United States-Go the Distance? Abrahamson, James L.  6/2007
Crises and Evacuations: Evacuating Nha Trang Adamson, David 4/2003
Iraq in the Balance Ajami, Fouad 4/2007
Crises and Evacuations: It's a Small World Anderson, Pam 4/2003
New Book Demonstrates How Cultural Exchange Programs Helped to Raise the Iron Curtain Announcement  5/2003
Repatriation from Wartime Japan  Baker, Robin 2/2000
Warburg Conference: India & Pakistan: The Spread of Nuclear Weapons Barnes, Harry G. Jr. 8/2000
The Arm in the Right Uniform Bergesen, Bobbie 8/2001
McCarthy and His Enemies, Revisited. Book: Herman's Joseph McCarthy: Reexamining the Life and Legacy... Bland, Larry L. 8/2000
A Footnote to History: 1942 Bond, Niles W. 8/2002
What a Difference aDecade Makes Bradberry, Daivd A. 9/2006
Saved, Paradoxically, By Being Shot At Bradberry, David A. 7/2006
After Iraq: Why Conceding Defeat Would Be Good for American Foreign Policy  Brands, Hal 8/2007
Mr. Carr Goes to Prague Bridges, Peter 9/1998
The Purposes and Cross-Purposes of American Public Diplomacy Brown, John 8/2002
Mythed Mythed Opportunities: Comments on Vietnam fromPersonal Experience Bullington, J. R. 8/2000
American Interests, American Values, and War in the Balkans Bullington, J. R. 6/1999
Coming American Retreat from Global Military Interventions, The Bullington, J. R. 9/1999
Iraq and Vietnam: Sad and Somber Rhymes Bullington, J. R.  1/2007
Vietnam Revisited Bullington, James 6/2007
Religion and Romance in Wartime Vietnam Bullington, James R. 7/1998
No Exit from Pakistan Camp , Donald 3/2014
Crises and Evacuations: Adversity Brings People Together Chidester, Judy 4/2003
The Past Four U.S. Administrations Critiqued Chira, Robert 6/2004
Commentary on the Times Chuckman, John 1/2003
Agony of the Congo, The Cohen, Herman J. 8/2000
Policymaker, Know Thine Intelligence Analyst Cohen, Herman J. 5/2005
Crises and Evacuations: A Curious Definition of Hardship Connor, Julie Gianelloni 4/2003
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Tonkin Gulf Cotter, Michael W. 8/2003
Afghanistan and its Neighbors Cotter, Michael W. 12/2001
Full-Format American Dream: Amerika as a key tool of Cold War public diplomacy Crane, Elise  1/2010
Warburg Conference: African Crises: A Continent in Continuing Trouble Crigler, Frank 4/2000
Clio's Protracted War Lessons from Talibanland Daddis, Gregory 5/2005
U.S. National Security Policies in the Cold War and the War on Terror: A Comparison by William N. Dale Dale, William 6/2003
Bear v. The Eagle Over Anatolia. Joyce's Both Hunter & Hunted Dale, William N. 6/2001
Three Cold War American Diplomats: A Personal Assessment Dale, William N. 9/1996
On Lester (Mike) Pearson of Canada Dale, William N. 4/2000
Vietnam and Beyond: A Foggy Bottom View Dale, William N.  3/2005
Periclean America. Book: Friedberg's In the Shadow of the Garrison State Damin, Greg 2/2002
Sunni Centrism and the Shi'a of Iraq DeAtkine, Norvell B 6/2005
Political-Military Army Officer: Soldier Scholar or Cocktail Commando?, The DeAtkine, Norvell B. 2/1999
Iraq: Our Honor, Humanity, and Self Interest Require That We Stay the Course DeAtkine, Norvell B. 5/2004
Observations and Impressions from Iraq DeAtkine, Norvell B. 3/2004
Nothing New? Don't Be Too Sure DeAtkine, Norvell B.  2/2007
Also Present at the Creation Doenecke, Justus D. 11/2006
The Bush Doctrine and U.S. Interventionism  Dolan, Chris J. 6/2004
Uncle Sam: Supreme Guardian of the Saudi Crown. Book: Hart's Saudi Arabia and the United States: Birth of a Security Partnership Eilts, Hermann Fr. 4/2000
Wye Memorandum: Breakthrough or Band-aid? Eilts, Hermann Frederick 2/1999
American Legation Under Fire: Addis Ababa, 1936 Engert, Jane 11/2006
Release of Foreign Relations Volume FRUS 11/2002
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Vol. XX, Southeast Asia, Announced FRUS 12/2006
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Vol. XII, Soviet Union, Announced FRUS 1/2006
Two new FRUS releases from Dept. of State Historian  FRUS 2/2000
Release of Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Volume XIV, Soviet Union, October 1971-May 1972 FRUS 12/2006
U.S. Department of State Releases Volumes on Vietnam FRUS 10/2002
1964–1968, Volume XIX, Arab-Israeli Crisis and War, 1967 FRUS  2/2003
FRUS Volume Released: Guatemala 1952-1954 FRUS  6/2003
Don’t Substitute Spy Services for Leadership Feaver, Peter 6/2003
National Security in the Age of Terrorism Freeman, Chas. W. Jr. 1/2007
Americanism and Strategic Security: The Pacific Basin, 1943-1947 Friedman, Hal M. 10/1997
AID Education Efforts in East Africa, 1963-66: A Personal Memoir Fritz, Carl 4/2004
John Bull and Uncle Sam Grapple With South East Asian Nationalism: Jones' Conflict and Confrontation in South East Asia, 1961-1965 Fritz, Carl 12/2002
Focus on China: Present at the Footnote: China in 1945AD-One Man's Experience Fritz, Carl R. 9/1999
American Civilian in the Vietnam War, An Fritz, Carl R. 12/1996
Cold War's New History, The Gaddis, John Lewis 9/1998
British Perspectives on the U.S. Effort to Stabilize and Reconstruct Iraq Garfield, Andrew 10/2006
The Spirit of the New Antiwar Movement Garfinkle, Adam 4/2003
Next Middle East War, The Garfinkle, Adam 7/1998
Used and Abandoned in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey  2/2014
Robert Gates Memoir and its Impact on America's Policy in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey  1/2014
The High Cost of Our Current Counterinsurgency Policy in Afghanistan Garner, Godfrey L. 11/2012
Debate on the 'Democratic Peace' Gieseler, Steven Geoffrey 3/2004
Strategic Bombing: The Same Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow? Griffith, Thomas E. 2/2004
Knowing the Enemy Habeck, Mary 1/2006
The Promise and Peril of Our Times Haig, Alexander M. 12/2003
Conduct of American Diplomacy, The Harrop, William C. 4/2000
9/11 Intelligence Reform: An Opportunity Lost Hastedt, Glenn 10/2006
Is There Still a West? A Conference Report Hay, William Anthony 6/2004
Is There Still a West? Hay, William Anthony 9/2002
I Remember... How Berlin Mourned John F. Kennedy Heichler, Lucian 6/2002
The American Bald Eagle Heichler, Lucian 8/2002
Jefferson and Saddam Heichler, Lucien 10/2002
Psychological Bases of War, The Hinde, Robert A. 4/1998
Assessing the Long War Hoffman, Frank 1/2007
Strategic Communication Changes: It's Time to Call Evildoers Evil  Holliday, Sam 8/2007
A Philosophy of War- Warfare- Peace Holliday, Sam C.  3/2006
Modernization Theory: Ideology or Fad? Hunt, Michael H. 7/2001
Remember the Cold War? Hyland, Jason; Shear, David 7/1998
Revising the U.N. Trusteeship System-Will It Work? Inman, Harry A.; Sharp, Sr., Walter Gary 9/1999
Venture in Scholarship: Connecting Communities: Using Oral History to Bring Academics and Retired FSOs Together Jacobs, Matthew 2/1999
Recapturing the Essentials of Counterinsurgency Joes, Anthony James 6/2006
"The National Security Strategy" -- A Personal Reaction Jones, Curtis F. 4/2003
Arab-Israeli Conflict: National Politics vs. Geopolitical Reality Jones, Curtis F. 6/2001
Retrospective on the Infernal Triangle, A: Lebanon, Syria, and Israel Jones, Curtis F. 2/2000
The American Burden of Hegemony in the Middle East Jones, Curtis F. 12/2001
Iraq: Musings on Accomplishing the Mission Jones, Curtis F. 1/2005
Brief Comments on James Bamford's Body of Secrets Jones, Curtis F. 8/2001
Have We Gone to Iraq and Ruin? Jones, David T. 3/2005
Two Good Policies, Both LIkely Failures Jones, David T.  8/2006
Why Iraq Reminds of Vietnam Jones, David T.  12/2006
Israel versus Hezbollah: A Rematch Inevitable Jones, David T.  9/2006
ForgottenNear War, The: Lincoln's Civil War Diplomacy. Book: Mahin's One War at at Time Jones, Howard 3/2001
The Go Home Option Keeley, Robert V. 1/2007
Terrorism: How it is Unlike the Cold War Kenney, Nicholas Allen 1/2003
U.S.-EU Cooperation on Counter Terrorism Kerber, Frank 6/2007
False Dissenters: Manhattan Project Scientists and  Kirstein, Peter N. 3/2001
Counterterrorism and the Itegration of Islam in Europe Klausen, Jytte 7/2006
From Women at War to Foreign Affairs Scholar Kurtz, Ann White 6/2006
World War III? Ask The Economist Landis, Benjamin L.  4/2014
In the Crosshairs: Lifting the Ban on Assassination Lilly, Grant J.  6/2006
Internal Security and Human Rights: Militarism and Diplomacy Lubensky, Earl H. 1/2002
Strengthen Diplomacy for the War on Terror Lugar, Richard G. 8/2003
NATO Cooperation with Former Adversaries: The Historical Record, 1990-1997 Lungu, Sorin 6/1999
Attitudes Toward European Security, 1990-1997 Lungu, Sorin 4/1999
Vietnam Reconsidered Marks, Edward 1/1998
Stories Out of Africa! Marks, Edward 7/2001
Transitional Governance: A Return to the Trusteeship System? Marks, Edward 2/1999
Kosovo Alternatives Matheron, Richard; Nasi, Andrea; Bullington, J. R. 9/1999
Dulles and the Suez Crisis of 1956. A fifty-year-look back  Matthews, John P.C. 9/2006
Iraq: Cut and Walk? Mattox, Henry 12/2006
Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen... Mattox, Henry E. 12/2003
Best and the Rest, The Mattox, Henry E. 2/2000
Next Up--Osama? Mattox, Henry E. 6/2006
General Sherman Indubitably Was Right Mattox, Henry E. 4/2003
Changing the Story Mattox, Henry E. 2/2004
The Domino Theory Revisted Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
A Curse of Iraq? Mattox, Henry E. 11/2003
One Example of Natural Allies Mattox, Henry E. 8/2000
On the Study of War Mattox, Henry E. 4/1997
Dr. Strangelove, I Presume? Mattox, Henry E. 4/1998
Two Years of Achievements Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
Iraq is a Four Letter Word Mattox, Henry E. 4/2004
Like Father, Like Son Mattox, Henry E. 6/2004
If This be Victory Mattox, Henry E. 6/1999
Good News Mattox, Henry E. 6/2003
Between Iraq and a Hard Place Mattox, Henry E.  7/2006
Kaiser Bill and John Bull As Co-Hegemons. Book: Ferguson's The Pity of War Maurer, John H. 8/2000
Rehabilitating Diem Through Dim Saigon Eyes Maye, Paul D. 3/2005
Summit Meetings of the Second World War Mayle, Paul D.  1/2007
Trip to Iraq and Kuwait April 2006 McCaffrey, Barry R. 6/2006
Report from Iraq - November 2008 McCaffrey, Barry R. 11/2008
Visit to Iraq and Kuwait 9-16 March 2007 McCaffrey, Barry R. 4/2007
War and the Military in American History McDougall, Walter A.  4/2007
Saigon Medical Care, 1959-1961 McIntyre, Donald, M.D. 10/1997
Strategic Challenges After The 9/11 Wars McNamara, Thomas  3/2015
Venture in Scholarship: Anti-Americanisn at Ground Level: FSOs Remember the Cold War Caribbean McPherson, Alan 2/1999
Japan at War: Kobe and the Exchange Melbourne, Roy 3/1997
National Cultures & Foreign Affairs: Personal Obserations on Their Importance Melbourne, Roy 1/2003
Cultural Characteristics & Foreign Affairs Melbourne, Roy 1/1998
American Diplomatic Practice Redefined Melbourne, Roy M. 9/1996
No Cold War, No Korean War Millet, Allen R. 3/2005
George W. Bush's Theological Diplomacy Mirra, Carl 10/2003
Where Are the Cubans in This War? Book: Perez, The War of 1898 Mitchell, Nancy 9/1999
Presidential Military Service  Mitton, Bill 2/2000
Boris Yeltsin Enters the History Books Moon, Keith 2/2000
Trials of Concurrent Jurisdiction, The: The Case of Rwanda Morris, Madeline H. 1/1998
The Bush Presidency and Iraq Newsom, David D. 10/2003
Marriage 1961 Style Nixon, Jack 10/2002
On War Nixon, Jack 1/2006
War Cries: Variations on the Suez Crisis Nixon, Jack 8/2003
Post-Manhattan Project Whereabouts of Uncle Sam's Nukes Norris, Robert S. 2/2004
Wye Memorandum: The Geopolitics of the Middle East Peace Process Olson, Robert K. 2/1999
Globalism vs. Economic Nationalism: The Southeast Asian Case Palmer, Ronald D. 6/1999
Letter from Baghdad An FSO Recounts a Memorable Recent Week in Baghdad Payne, Beth 2/2004
Liberal Missionary: The 'Whole' Dean Rusk. Book: Zeiler's Dean Rusk: Defending the American Mission Abroad Perry, Jack 12/2000
Politically Correct War Peters, Ralph 10/2006
Liberalism v. Islamism Phillips, Melanie 6/2007
VENONA: The Cold War's Smoking Gun. Book: Haynes and Klehr's VENONA: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America Platt, Rorin M. 4/2000
Conference on Conflict in Africa Pumphrey, Carolyn W. 4/1999
The Enemy in Iraq Radu, Michael 2/2004
Bombs for Peace? Misreading Kosovo Radu, Michael 4/1999
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  4/2008
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  5/2008
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  5/2008
Stray Voltage: War in an Information Age Ringl, A. J. Andreas 8/2006
The Day Austria disappeared from the Map Roberts, Walter 2/2012
Years of Self-inflicted Disasters – Austria before Annexation in 1938 Roberts, Walter 2/2012
Austria Redux Roberts, Walter  9/2013
Did Stalemate Equal Victory? From the Korean to the Vietnam Wars Robinson, L. Spencer 11/2011
I Pay My Debt for Lafayette Rockwell, W.J.K. 7/2004
Technology and War Roland, Alex 4/1997
Uncle Sam and His Worlds To Restore Roland, Alex 5/2003
The Next Four Years of Middle East Policy Rubin, Barry 2/2005
El Caso Baltimore: Una contribuciā_n al esclarecimiento de la actitud argentina  Santiago Sanz, Luis 2/1999
Alliance in Doubt Sarantakes, Nicholas Evan 9/1999
Focus on China: Chinese Warfare: The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson Sawyer, Ralph 9/1999
Chinese Warfare: The Paradox of the Unlearned Lesson (Reprint) Sawyer, Ralph D. 4/2001
New Insights into the Cold War. Book: Gaddis' We Know Now: Rethinking Cold War History Schenck, Richard 4/1999
Wye Memorandum: The CAMP WYE Accords Scherman, Harvey 2/1999
On Behalf of a Grateful Nation, Honoring the American Military in Belgium Schoonover, Brenda  6/2013
Crises and Evacuations: Starting Off with a Bang Seals, Kyla J. 4/2003
Offensive Realism. Book: Mearsheimer's The Tragedy of Great Power Politics Sempa, Francis P. 6/2002
U.S. National Security Doctrines Historically Viewed: A Commentary Sempa, Francis P. 4/2004
James Burnham, the first Cold Warrior Sempa, Francis P. 12/2000
Trafalgar and the Balance of Power Sempa, Francis P. 12/2003
William C. Bullitt: Diplomat and Prophet Sempa, Francis P. 1/2003
The Bloodiest Century Sempa, Francis P.  1/2007
Strategy in the Aftermath of War: Waterloo, the Somme and Omaha Beach Sempa, Francis P.  9/2013
Ronald Reagan and the End of the Cold War Sempa, Francis P.  1/2006
Red Spies in Flight Sibley, Katherine 10/2006
Poor Forgotten Gorby: The First Bolshevik's Last Apologist. Book: Gorbachev's n My Country and the World Sibley, Katherine A. S.  8/2000
U.S. Policy in the Middle East: On the Brink Sicherman, Harvery 1/2005
Lebanon: The Two in One Crisis Sicherman, Harvey 8/2006
Observations on the War Sicherman, Harvey 3/2004
Hafez al-Assad: The Man Who Waited Too Long Sicherman, Harvey  8/2000
Warburg Conference: Simmons to Host Global Security Conference February 29 Simmons College 2/2000
Quagmire? What Quagmire? Iraq is a Black Hole Smith, Dan 9/2003
What Can We Do? Spritzer, Lola F. 9/2001
Jim Crow and the Cold War. Book: Dudziak's Cold War Civil Rights Stanke, Jaclyn 8/2002
Roosevelt and the Wartime Summit Conferences with Stalin Stefan, Charles G. 1/1998
Crises and Evacuations: Evacuation from Sanaa, Yemen Stewart, Bill 4/2003
Japanese-American Wartime Interactions: A Model Not Follwed in Iraq Straus, Ulrich 12/2007
Bosnia: A Summing Up Strausz-Hupe, Robert 4/1998
Washington-Tel Aviv Axis, The. Book: Ben-Zvi's Decade of Transition Sullivan, Paul 6/1999
How Many Palestine Refugees? Sullivan, Paul 4/1999
The Better Dead Than Red Amendment: A Tempest Bereft of Teapot Sweeney, Jerry K. 7/2004
Plans Unfolding for TISS Conference on Conflict in Africa February 5-6, 1999  TISS 9/1998
Testing American Foreign Policy: Albright's Position is Hard to Justify Thornton, David 4/1999
Man in the Street and Uncle Sam and the World, Redux, The. Book: Foyle's Counting the Public In: Presidents, Public Opinion and Foreign Policy Thornton, David 12/2000
United States Military Operations in the New World Order Tures, John A. 4/2003
New Nuclear TRIAD, A Turner, Stansfield 7/1998
Where Does Violence Come From? Underhill, Francis 7/1998
Brassed Off at NDU Underhill, Francis 1/1998
Is War Obsolescent? Underhill, Francis 4/1998
A Cold War that Unleashed a Rising Sun Van Sant, John E. 4/2004
Thai Memoir: Firsthand Observations on Countering Insurgencies: Lessons for Today? Virden, Dick 9/2012
Towards a New Strategic Imperative: From Fighting the Long War to Fighting to Win  Warburg, Bob; Andy Burton, Jose Ocasio-Santiago, Tom Stuhlreyer, John DeFoor, Blair McFarland, Anthony Stapleton 8/2007
War & Peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Weiss, Herbert 8/2000
Going to War in Vietnam: George Ball's Dissent in the 1960s White, Mark 4/2007
Warburg Conference: El Salvador's Lessons Unlearned: Heading for Trouble in Colombia White, Robert E. 8/2000
Warburg Conference: Shades of Viet Nam: The Wrong War White, Robert E. 8/2000
Presidential Military Service  Williams, J. Edgar 4/2000
Flashbacks of a Diplomat's Wife Reviewed Williams, J. Edgar  4/2003
The Pentagon's New Map Wolfe, Timothy E.  8/2007
Why Arabs Lose Wars deAtkine, Norvell B. 12/2000

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