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The Ambassador to Everland Cincottta, Howard  12/2013
Bear v. The Eagle Over Anatolia. Joyce's Both Hunter & Hunted Dale, William N. 6/2001
The Ageless Baba Dorschner, John P. 12/2012
2033 Earle, Robert 12/2012
A Visit to Bethlehem from In the Blood of Herod and Rome Earle, Robert 12/2015
Cosa Buena Earle, Robert  12/2013
Flame Fulton, Barry  6/2014
Chapter 9: La Dolce Vita Fulton, Barry  10/2015
Savarona Hart, J. Patrick 12/2013
Moral Hazards- A Short Story Linderman, Patricia 4/2000
Stories Out of Africa! Marks, Edward 7/2001
Art Imitating Life?, Book: Flash Point Mattox, Henry E. 11/2001
Farishta McArdle, Patricia  12/2013
Riding Free, Into and Out of Haiti: Foreign Service fiction Nixon, Jack L. 2/1999
The American Mission Palmer, Matthew 9/2014
Becoming a Writer: A Foreign Service Background Ruge, Helga 7/2006
Cacao cum Cocoa Wentling , Mark 10/2014

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