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Slavery in the Sahel Brynn, Edward  11/2008
Italy's Meddling... and Our Own Bullington, James 01/1998
Afghanistan and its Neighbors Cotter, Michael W. 12/2001
Strengthening the United Nations System Fishcer, Dietrich 09/2006
The Ideological War Within the West Fonte, John 06/2002
Hell on Earth: Life in Il Sung's Gulag: Chol-Hwan and Rigoulot's Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag Handley, John M. 12/2002
Public Opinion on Human Rights in American Foreign Policy (Part II) Holsti, Ole R. 12/1996
Public Opinion on Human Rights in American Foreign Policy Holsti, Ole R. 09/1996
Measuring Public Opinion under Political Repression Horne, Cale 04/2011
Surviving Double Jeopardy Huskey, James 04/1999
"Future of Palestine, The" Jones, Curtis F. 09/1996
Internal Security and Human Rights: Militarism and Diplomacy Lubensky, Earl H. 02/2002
Best Nightmare on Earth Mattox, Henry E. 03/2004
How to Link Democratic Governance with Economic Growth Mitchell, Robert J. 09/1998
"Trials of Concurrent Jurisdiction, The: The Case of Rwanda" Morris, Madeline H. 01/1998
The revisionist's apology: The current police chief of Norway apologizes for the arrest of the Jews in 1942 Murphree, Robert 11/2013
"The Problem of Londonistan: Europe, Human Rights, and Terrorists" Radu, Michael 04/2002
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  05/2008
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  05/2008
Torturing Ourselves over Torture Reader Comments  04/2008
Helsinki and Human Rights Richmond, Yale 02/2014
Protecting National Security and Privacy: Approaches of New Administrations in the United States and Europe Ringl, A.J. Andreas 03/2009
"El Salvador Accords: A Model for Peace Keeping, The" Roush, James L. 10/1997
Fighting Terrorism vs. Building Peace Roush, James L. 12/2001
How Many Palestine Refugees? Sullivan, Paul 04/1999
International Crisis: Female Genital Mutilation Wood, Cynthia J. 03/2015
Sinical Voters? Elections in Greater China... and the United States deLisle, Jacques 12/2002

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